DANCE BRNO 2021: A Festival of Czech Professional Ballet Is Here and Tickets Are Still Available!

Are you a fan of ballet? DANCE BRNO festival is back after a hiatus of two years and it will surely make you want to put on your fancy clothes! The event, taking place on 18-23 October, offers a showcase of almost the entire Czech professional ballet scene. The programme includes performances by companies from Prague, Pilsen, Ostrava, Olomouc, České Budějovice, and Brno. Audiences will be able to see both original works and famous pieces by world-renowned choreographers.

The J. K. Tyl Theatre Ballet ensemble performing One Flew Over

The J. K. Tyl Theatre Ballet ensemble performing One Flew Over


Get excited about both classics and new pieces

Do you like Miloš Forman’s 1975 film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, based on Ken Kesey’s novel? Then you will definitely enjoy the opener of the festival by J. K. Tyl Theatre Ballet – One Flew Over. Apparently, the piece follows in the film’s footsteps and offers an energetic and rhythmic choreography that will help you dive into the psyche of the characters. 

The Czech National Ballet in Prague will present a dance triptych of three important names in contemporary ballet – Forsythe, Clug, McGregor. You are invited to witness how all three of these choreographers have pushed the boundaries of ballet as we know it. These three pieces will act as an introduction to the complex language that these choreographers have created through their art.

In the South Bohemian Theatre’s Radio Free Cunning Little Vixen, choreographer Petr Zuska takes the audience into a world of fantasy. Inspired by the story of The Cunning Little Vixen, Zuska has created a piece where dancers turn words into movement. You may even forget your everyday reality as you watch this piece.


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Best productions of the past two years

Three Moravian ensembles will bring a trio of contemporary work, ballet classics, as well as ballet theatre to the stage. Performing Rossini Cards, a mixed-bill of works by Mauro Bigonzetti and Juanjo Arqués, Ballet of the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre presents the contemporary side. This performance is followed by Ballet of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc who will perform Michal Štípa’s interpretation of the classical ballet Giselle

The festival will be closed by Ballet of the National Theatre Brno, who will present Valentina Turcu’s Lady of the Camelias based on the novel by Alexander Dumas. According to Mário Radačovský, the artistic director of the NdB Ballet, this all-Czech roster will present you with the best productions of the last two years performed by the largest ensembles in the Czech Republic.

After the performances, you are invited to attend post-show discussions that will present panels with both artistic directors and dancers. 


Ballet of the National Theatre Brno, who will present Valentina Turcu’s Lady of the Camelias

Ballet of the National Theatre Brno performing Valentina Turcu’s Lady of the Camelias


How to attend

Tickets for DANCE BRNO 2021 are available online, but you can also buy them in person by visiting the NdB Customer Centre at Dvořákova 11 in Brno. The festival takes place at two venues – Janacek Theatre Brno and Mahen Theatre Brno.

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