How Having a Permanent Residence Permit Saves Your Insurance Money

If you have been living in the Czech Republic for over 5 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. Wondering which benefits it can bring? This article represents the first steps towards an answer. For a few months now, there has been a new version of the Czech immigration law. As of 2 August 2021, expatriates who are not covered by their company insurance won’t have another choice but to buy the PVZP insurance. In order to get the same health care insurance as any Czech citizen, you can apply for your permanent residence permit. And save some money.


A permanent residence permit comes in handy when going to a family reunion.
A permanent residence permit comes in handy when going to a family reunion.


Before relocating to a new country, it is essential to arrange health insurance. But you can quickly get overwhelmed by different types of insurance. In the Czech Republic, the employer covers the insurance of his employees. In this particular case, you have the same healthcare insurance as a Czech citizen. However, if you lose your job or if you are not currently working in Czechia, you have to pay your insurance by yourself. This also applies to family members of non-EU citizens who are not employed in the Czech Republic and do not have a permanent residence permit


Get better health care insurance with a permanent residence permit 

Czech citizens and holders of permanent residence permits can choose between different Czech public health insurance providers, including the most famous one, the VZP. Since 2 August, expats without a permanent residence permit have no choice but to get Comprehensive Health Insurance (from the PVZP)

Nevertheless, the PVZP insurance does not offer you the same health coverage as Czech public insurance. If you apply for a permanent residence permit you can participate in public health insurance. Therefore, you can have the same options of care as a Czech citizen. In other words, you will participate in the public health insurance system and if you lose your job, you’ll be able to have it covered by the state as you search for a new one. And it also allows you to choose between different types of insurance


Some additional benefits you might not have thought of: 

-With a permanent residence permit, you can register to an employment department that will cover your insurance until you find a new job. 

  • The permanent residence permit is definitely useful in the case of a family reunion. Family members can get public insurance and become self-payers. Once they get their permanent residence permit, they will have to specify the insurance and will only pay the medical insurance.  
  • While with comprehensive insurance some categories of people, such as retired people, have to pay more, the Czech public insurance offers them the same medical coverage at a lower price. 
  • Additionally, a permanent residence permit is one of the requirements to apply for Czech citizenship


Other benefits of a permanent residence permit 

Applying for your permanent residence permit is a huge asset, especially for third-country citizens. In fact, with a permanent residence permit, you can move to any country inside Europe (for a period of 90 days). Additionally, it allows you to be outside of the Czech Republic for 6 years and outside of Europe for 1 year. 


Want to apply for your permanent residence permit?

If you’ve acquired a temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence), once you decide to apply for permanent residency, the process will be much smoother. 

When applying for a permanent residence permit, you need to prove that you’ve been living in the Czech Republic for 5 years. Your temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence) will help you out with that. 

Want to know more? Find all the information regarding permanent residence permits in our previous article

Estelle Loussouarn

Hi everyone! I'm Estelle, freshly arrived from France. I am crazy about traveling and discovering new cultures! I am starting a new adventure here in the Czech Republic. I am very excited to write about this new country! I hope you will appreciate this journey with me.

40 thoughts on “How Having a Permanent Residence Permit Saves Your Insurance Money

  1. Hi Estelle,
    I have a permanent residency in the Czech Republic and currently living and working in Norway. How long I can be outside Czech, 1 year or 3 years? According to you, I can be outside the Czech Republic for 3 years if it’s a European country. So, it doesn’t matter if this European country is not an EU country but just an EEA country like Norway which is not in the EU?
    Thanks for your clarification soon.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Parwez,
      I double-checked with our immigration specialists and apparently, it only applies to EU countries (and does not to the EEA). Norway is not in the EU, so if you stay there for longer than 1 year, you’d lose your permanent residency. If you were in the EU, it would be 6 years.

      Hope this info helps!


  2. Hello
    I am a third country national and have completed 5 years in CZ on 2nd September. I have already cleared CZ exam in 2020 and have A1 Czech Exam Certificate.
    The question is can I apply for Permanent Residency with A1 Czech Certification or I need to clear A2 Czech language exams and only then apply for PR?

    1. Hi Purvi,
      Sadly, from 1 September, you need the A2 certificate if you’re to apply for permanent residency. You can’t use your A1 one anymore.


  3. Hi , how long it takes to process permanent residency ?
    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Oksana,
      Thanks for asking! It can differ, but typically 1-2 months. Slightly longer for third-country citizens.


    1. Hi Joseph,
      Yes, as a student, you have to divide your time spent in CZ by 2.


  4. Hi, I just picked up my new permanent residence card. I understand by reading your article that I can now choose from different health insurance providers. Q1: What insurance provider is better for expats? I currently have VZP (through my employer) and I do not see a particular benefit. I still struggle to find a family physician in English as well as other medical specialists. The dental coverage is minimum and I cannot use it with my current dentist as this person doesn’t take public insurance for payment processing. Q2: How can I get a EU coverage insuranc card? -cards with the EU logo and blue background on the back. My current card is green on both sides and doesn’t feature the EU logo-.
    Q3. Can I find a job in any other EU country with my new CZ permanent residency status? Where do I have to pay income taxes? How does it work?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Yan,
      -VZP has one of the best coverages in CZ, so we wouldn’t recommend switching providers. When it comes to dental, nothing is really covered by any health insurances in CZ aside from dark fillings and checkups in CZ, so switching to a different provider won’t help you there. Health insurance is highly individual, people make their choices based on what benefits each provider provides according to what they want.
      -You’d only get the blue EU card if you were an EU citizen –> check out this link
      -You can’t find a job in another EU country unless you become a Czech/EU citizen. Permanent residency won’t help you there. You’d have to become a resident of that particular country first to be able to work there.

      Hope this helps! Let us know if you need any assitance.


  5. Hi there!
    I have a permanent residency but living in non-EU country. As I understand, I can be outside of Czechia not more than 1 year. How long should I stay in Czechia during this period? Would it be enough to visit for a week or two during 1 year? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ferhet,
      That’s a tricky question that I’m not equipped to know, plus we’d need to know more details. Please email us at You can also contact the Immigration Office of the Ministry of the Interior with this question.

      Hope you’ll find your answer!


    2. Hello, I am Ashesh, citizen of non- EU, from Nepal. I have the son, minor- born in 2015. He has been living in CZĚ since 22 Sep 2020 under family reunification resident permit. Can he apply for Permanent Resident? Or, how long does he need to wait to be qualify for PR? Also, it is necessary to appear for Czech language exam for child?
      Waiting for your answer
      Have a nice day

      1. Hi Ashesh,
        You can apply for permanent residency for your son after 5 years unless you yourself have a permanent residence permit. If you have a permanent residence permit, then your son doesn’t have to wait (more here). And no, he doesn’t have to pass the exam if he’s below 15 years of age. More on this here.


  6. Hi I m living in Czech Republic 5 August 2014 till now I have vzp insurance card I give 4th time permanent residence exam bat I m nat clear my exam have any other questions me please ask me

    1. Hi Sushil!
      I’m a little confused about what your question is. Can you clarify?


  7. Hello i just changed my employer and my visa renewal under process from a new employer if I changed employer again is it effect renewal ? Because i find much batter job in another company…please give me some information about this

    1. Hi Harwant, I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you please email us at One of our immigration consultants will advise you.


  8. Hello, iam Naraa
    I am third country long term residence in Czech, according to new law about for foreigners we must get VZP health insurance for my 9 years son. This VZP insurance cost is about 33000 CZK for a year.
    But in reality our monthly salary 19000-21000 CZK so it is difficult for us, therefore is there possibility for pay this 33000 amount by quarterly? 33000/4=8250czk?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Naraa! I am so sorry you are struggling with your insurance payments.
      I am not sure what is the VZP’s policy when it comes to installment payments, but we can definitely try and get you a contract with the best conditions for your situation. Please contact us in accordance with your location on one of the email addresses/phone numbers you can find here: and we’ll take care of you.

      Best wishes,

  9. Hello,

    Can i work in another EU country with my czech permanent resident (trvaly pobyt) ? Im non EU.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Hi Sezar,
      It would be better to check this with the EU country you’d like to work in, but generally you have to be an EU CITIZEN to be able to work anywhere in the EU, permanent residency won’t help you.


  10. Hello,

    Is Czech Medical insurance mandatory to have for all PR holders, even if he lives in another country(non-EU)?

    1. Hi Nizami,
      that’s a good question. As a Czech citizen, I have the choice to de-register from my insurance if I decide to live abroad, but it might be more complicated with your permanent residency card. I’d recommend you take a look at this website via google translate:,trvat%20pouze%20velmi%20kr%C3%A1tkou%20dobu and subsequently call your health insurance company in CZ to double-check.


  11. Hi Tereza,
    I am living and working in CR since 2016 but I applied for the temporary residence only in 2019. Can I apply for the permanent residency based on my employment contract, rent agreement or some other document?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anita,
      Yes, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after you’ve lived here for 5 years. Having a temp residence permit for the whole time would make the process easier, but it’s not necessary.

      Let us know if you’d like help applying.
      More at


  12. Hello My name is Pam and I’m on long term visa in Czech Republic. I’m working here from dec 2017 ,now this month I’m getting my 3rd residency card. When can I apply for permanent residency.

  13. Hello my name is Kally I am applying for family reunification and the insurance is just expensive for 3people 80 000ck does vzp offer installments or possible to 1st apply for 3months for the visa then do the 1year after they arrive? VZP is expensive for us foreigners comparing to our salaries that we also get per month

    1. Hello Kally,

      Thank you for your question! We understand your concerns. Your long-term visa will be issued for the same time-period as your insurance. The Comprehensive Health Insurance from PVZP can be issued for a minimum of 4 months. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in installments. This type of insurance has to be paid in a lump sum (one-time payment). I am sorry for not bearing better news in this matter.


  14. Hi,
    I have permanent residence (as a citizen from a EU country). I don’t quite understand if I’m allowed (in order to keep the PR status) to be outside of the Czech Republic, in another EU country, for 90 days or for 6 years. That’s quite a difference so can you explain? Thanks.

    1. 1) The MOI revokes the validity of a permanent residence permit, if the foreign national has resided outside of the Czech Republic (within the EU) for longer than 6 years. So if you are on the territory of European countries for no longer than 6 years, you won’t lose the permanent residency.
      2) The MOI revokes the validity of a permanent residence permit, if the foreign national has resided outside the territory of the EU countries for longer than 12 months, unless justified by serious reasons, in particular pregnancy and childbirth, serious illness, studies or professional training or a foreign work posting. So if you live more than 12 months in the countries which are not in the EU, you can lose the permanent residency in the Czech Republic.

      You can find more information regarding this topic on the official website of the Ministry of Interior.

      If you are a holder of a Blue Card before obtaining a Permanent Residence permit, you can stay outside of the EU for up to 24 months.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hello,
    I have been in Czech Republic since December 2016. It’s been already 5yrs and I want to apply for my permanent residence.. and it is required that we have to get A2 certificate from the limited schools which are always filled… In this moment, almost all schools are filled till December 2022. Could you please help me to get schools for an exam? Or can MOI provide more schools.. so that there are a lots of people who wants to give an exam before 2022 so they can have permanent residence?

    1. Hi Asmita!
      Unfortunately, we do not have the power to get schools to open more slots for these exams :-(.
      It looks like they are backed up at the moment. Also right now it’s currently final exams in high schools so maybe they’re busier than usual. All you can do is keep trying. And calling the MOI from time to time or the schools to double-check shouldn’t hurt.

      Best of Luck,

  16. Hello,
    Can you please clarify something? If one has PR and spends for example, 2 months in Mexico annually and 2 months in the US, can the PR be revoked?

    Second question, similar to first. What is the case if a person spends 3 months annually in the US with the 10 year PR? Thank you in advance.

  17. Thank you Teresa. I think it’s not clear to me. I am referring to visiting the US not moving back there for a couple of months each year.

  18. The article was very helpful thanks a lot, I just would like to make sure, regarding your article basically PR holder doesn’t need to pay for insurance? “Therefore, you can have the same options of care as a Czech citizen. In other words, the government will pay insurance for you.”

    in this case, the PR holder receives a higher salary because the insurance payment is not reduced?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Shim,
      Thanks for your question. Not quite – you still participate on the health insurance system and this participation is deducted from your pay. The state will only cover your insurance in full if you lose your job (and you do have PR) and you register with the Labour Office.

      Sorry, it’s not written accurately in the article, I will correct it.

      All the best,

  19. Hi Tereza,
    Thank you for the article. Very informative.

    I have a question which I am not sure how to answer.

    I now have lived in the Czech Republic long enough to qualify for the PR.
    However, I may move to Italy for work in 2025.

    I am trying to understand the benefit of me getting a PR before I move to Italy for work. I think I would spend minimum 2 years in Italy working.

    Does it make sense for me to still go for the PR? Are there any benefits?

    Please, thank you very much.

    Kind regards,

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