How Having a Permanent Residence Permit Saves Your Insurance Money

If you have been living in the Czech Republic for over 5 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. Wondering which benefits it can bring? This article represents the first steps towards an answer. For a few months now, there has been a new version of the Czech immigration law. As of 2 August 2021, expatriates who are not covered by their company insurance won’t have another choice but to buy the PVZP insurance. In order to get the same health care insurance as any Czech citizen, you can apply for your permanent residence permit. And save some money.


A permanent residence permit comes in handy when going to a family reunion.
A permanent residence permit comes in handy when going to a family reunion.


Before relocating to a new country, it is essential to arrange health insurance. But you can quickly get overwhelmed by different types of insurance. In the Czech Republic, the employer covers the insurance of his employees. In this particular case, you have the same healthcare insurance as a Czech citizen. However, if you lose your job or if you are not currently working in Czechia, you have to pay your insurance by yourself. This also applies to family members of non-EU citizens who are not employed in the Czech Republic and do not have a permanent residence permit


Get better health care insurance with a permanent residence permit 

Czech citizens and holders of permanent residence permits can choose between different Czech public health insurance providers, including the most famous one, the VZP. Since 2 August, expats without a permanent residence permit have no choice but to get Comprehensive Health Insurance (from the PVZP)

Nevertheless, the PVZP insurance does not offer you the same health coverage as Czech public insurance. If you apply for a permanent residence permit you can participate in public health insurance. Therefore, you can have the same options of care as a Czech citizen. In other words, the government will pay insurance for you. And it also allows you to choose between different types of insurance


Some additional benefits you might not have thought of: 

-With a permanent residence permit, you can register to an employment department that will cover your insurance until you find a new job. 

  • The permanent residence permit is definitely useful in the case of a family reunion. Family members can get public insurance and become self-payers. Once they get their permanent residence permit, they will have to specify the insurance and will only pay the medical insurance.  
  • While with comprehensive insurance some categories of people, such as retired people, have to pay more, the Czech public insurance offers them the same medical coverage at a lower price. 
  • Additionally, a permanent residence permit is one of the requirements to apply for Czech citizenship


Other benefits of a permanent residence permit 

Applying for your permanent residence permit is a huge asset, especially for third-country citizens. In fact, with a permanent residence permit, you can move to any country inside Europe (for a period of 90 days). Additionally, it allows you to be outside of the Czech Republic for 6 years and outside of Europe for 1 year. 


Want to apply for your permanent residence permit?

If you’ve acquired a temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence), once you decide to apply for permanent residency, the process will be much smoother. 

When applying for a permanent residence permit, you need to prove that you’ve been living in the Czech Republic for 5 years. Your temporary residence permit (or a certificate of temporary residence) will help you out with that. 

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Estelle Loussouarn

Hi everyone! I'm Estelle, freshly arrived from France. I am crazy about traveling and discovering new cultures! I am starting a new adventure here in the Czech Republic. I am very excited to write about this new country! I hope you will appreciate this journey with me.

8 thoughts on “How Having a Permanent Residence Permit Saves Your Insurance Money

  1. Hi Estelle,
    I have a permanent residency in the Czech Republic and currently living and working in Norway. How long I can be outside Czech, 1 year or 3 years? According to you, I can be outside the Czech Republic for 3 years if it’s a European country. So, it doesn’t matter if this European country is not an EU country but just an EEA country like Norway which is not in the EU?
    Thanks for your clarification soon.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Parwez,
      I double-checked with our immigration specialists and apparently, it only applies to EU countries (and does not to the EEA). Norway is not in the EU, so if you stay there for longer than 1 year, you’d lose your permanent residency. If you were in the EU, it would be 6 years.

      Hope this info helps!


  2. Hello
    I am a third country national and have completed 5 years in CZ on 2nd September. I have already cleared CZ exam in 2020 and have A1 Czech Exam Certificate.
    The question is can I apply for Permanent Residency with A1 Czech Certification or I need to clear A2 Czech language exams and only then apply for PR?

    1. Hi Purvi,
      Sadly, from 1 September, you need the A2 certificate if you’re to apply for permanent residency. You can’t use your A1 one anymore.


    1. Hi Oksana,
      Thanks for asking! It can differ, but typically 1-2 months. Slightly longer for third-country citizens.


    1. Hi Joseph,
      Yes, as a student, you have to divide your time spent in CZ by 2.


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