Which Clothes to Choose for the GALA Night 2018

Are you confused on how to dress for a ball? Read further. There is a bunch of tips you should take into account for our GALA Night 2018. The multicultural event is coming in less than a month. Go over your wardrobe with us.

The atmosphere of the international evening GALA Night is noble. The aim is to feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. To keep a polished atmosphere, a dress code is required.

Look in your wardrobe.  In case you do not feel well in your clothes, ask your friends and try their hidden treasures. Another way is to go buy a new dress. It does not have to be an expensive one. In the Brno downtown, there are many stores offering elegant evening dresses and other accessories such as Mahdall, or you can visit online shops. There is still time for it.

The colors of the GALA Night are gold and black, however, you do not have to stick to them. Girls may want to put on ball gowns or floor-length evening dresses, topped up with an elegant haircut and makeup.

Men, you will have a chance to become gentlemen both inside and outside the GALA Night. Dress a dinner jacket, a tuxedo or a dark suit with tie or bow tie. In case you want to be stylish, put on a tailcoat.



The photos were taken by Photo Nejedlí at the GALA Night 2017.


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