Tomivo Gelato: Fancy a Scoop of Artisanal Ice Cream Made with Fresh Ingredients?

The tropical temperatures have been hitting full force in recent days in the Czech Republic. But with a scoop of ice cream like this, it’s easier to handle the heat, don’t you think? If you’re wondering where to go in Olomouc for this cold treat, make sure you go to Ztracená Street, where you’ll find a relatively new ice cream parlour called Tomivo Gelato in the vicinity of Horní náměstí. And you won’t regret your visit! 

The idea is to offer quality and fresh ice cream to customers. - photo by Jan Prochazka
The idea is to offer quality and fresh ice cream to customers. – photo by Jan Prochazka

The Tomivo Gelato shop opened in the center of Olomouc later in the spring and in less than three months of operation it has already found many satisfied and regular customers. The owner, Vít Nágl, makes no secret of the fact that people like to come back here regularly. After all, there are as many quality ice creams that are truly made only from fresh ingredients such as saffron.

“When we were checking what ice cream was on offer in Olomouc, we somehow missed really honest, quality, and fresh artisan ice cream. We want to change that with our product. The idea of quality and fresh ice cream is simple – when you sell fresh fruit sorbet, you can’t have the base in some powder or syrup like many ice cream shops do, but the base should always be fresh ingredients. We pride ourselves on freshness, and all of our ice creams are made with fresh ingredients. Whether it’s fruit sorbets or cream forming the basis of all our cream ice creams. We take Czech milk and cream from local suppliers, and with chocolate and salted caramel we always try to ensure that the ingredients are of the highest quality and that the customer is not deprived both in taste and class,” says Vít Nágl, the owner of the shop.


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Source: Tomivo Gelato: Je libo kopeček domácí řemeslné zmrzliny z čerstvých surovin? – OLOMOUC.CZ

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