Enter The Fairy Woodland Café in Olomouc: 100% Approved by the Foreigners Team

Today, many of us enjoy working in a nice coffee shop. But it can be a bit tricky to find a quiet place with wi-fi to work efficiently. If you are on a hunt for the perfect coffee place in Olomouc, we might have what you need! Our local team fell in love with a gorgeous coffee place called V Lese, located just a few steps away from the office. They hold many of their team meetings there. Let us introduce you to this amazing place. 

You definitely won't be barking up the wrong tree if you visit this fairy woodland café.
You definitely won’t be barking up the wrong tree if you visit this fairy woodland café.

In September 2017, Aneta and Gabriela Dudkovičová opened their dream coffee called V Lese (which translates to “In the Woods”. The two sisters did not want a simple café but wanted to introduce a unique concept. And that’s what they did! As soon as you push through the door of this intriguing café, you will feel like you’ve entered a fairy woodland.  

These young mothers have created the perfect place for both children and parents. It is not a traditional café with a play area where the kids are tucked away, but a big open playroom with room for great coffee and quiet corners to drink it.


A glimpse of their delicious coffee from their Instagram
A glimpse of their delicious coffee from their Instagram

On the menu, you will find a selection of coffees from a small roastery, homemade cakes, and wine. Our colleagues have a particular weak spot for their kombucha. Most importantly,  there is no plastic junk to be found in the café, just beautiful toys from Czech makers such as Utukutu, Domdom, or ŠIMIDO – and handmade pieces from Daddy Dudkovič. 

As this original concept has quickly become a great success, there is usually a queue of people leading all the way outside to the pavement. And a few months ago, the founders were interviewed by Forbes magazine


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The city of Olomouc has numerous historic religious buildings and contains several large squares designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are planning to visit the city, we have written an article full of tips on the city and places to visit. Go check it out!


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