Stabat Mater Premiere Heading to Brno. Don’t Miss this Breathtaking Ballet!

Theaters in Brno are finally reopening after the pandemic restrictions being relaxed with exciting programs to make your evenings unforgettable. This fall, discover the first of the National Theater Brno (NdB) ballet this season, Stabat Mater. It has now been five years since an awe-inspiring legend of Czech choreography, Pavel Šmok, passed away. To commemorate his iconic talent, the NdB has decided to dedicate the premiere to this choreographer, who was essential to the Czech independent dance scene of the second half of the 20th century. The premiere will take place on 3 September at Mahen Theatre. And thanks to our partnership with the theater, we are bringing you information on how you can purchase tickets a whole month in advance!


Come enjoy the premiere of the Stabat Mater ballet in Brno.
Come enjoy the premiere of the Stabat Mater ballet in Brno.

A tribute to the  iconic Czech choreographer Pavel Šmok

The performance will be celebrating Šmok with a selection of his most extraordinary works in three parts. Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) by Arnold Schoenberg is a score based on a poem by Richard Dehmel. Šmok sets the story of a pregnant woman in the post-WWII era. A Jewish girl is returning from a concentration camp, she meets her new love but he needs to face a secret from her past – she bears a child of another.

The second part of the evening concert is a score by Bedřich SmetanaTrio in G Minor. In this piece, Smetana is coming to terms with the death of his daughter, Bedřiška. Šmok follows the score order and adds to it his famous musicality, transformed into the urge to express the thoughts and emotions hidden in it. The cherry on top of this celebratory evening is one of the most acclaimed works by Pavel Šmok, Stabat Mater, danced to the well‑known oratorio of the same name by Antonin Dvořák.

You can already book your ticket online

Further performances are scheduled on 4., 5., and 11. September as well as on 4. October.

Stabat Mater, a tribute to the legendary Czech choreographer, Pavel Šmok
Stabat Mater, a tribute to the Czech choreographer, Pavel Šmok

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  1. Absolutely thrilled about the upcoming tribute to Pavel Šmok! The lineup of his extraordinary works, especially the emotional pieces like Verklärte Nacht and Stabat Mater, promises an unforgettable evening. Booking my ticket online right away! Can’t wait to be part of this celebratory experience.

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