Tip for a Trip: Bílovice nad Svitavou, the Land of the Cunning Little Vixen

If you ever head north-east of Brno, you’re bound to pass through Bílovice nad Svitavou. At first it may seem there is not much to see in this little town aside from its unique red brick church and the Svitava river. But Bílovice has so much more to offer! Let us introduce you properly to this magical storybook place – the land of The Cunning Little Vixen and Forest, Hills and Waters.

Have you ever taken the train from Brno to Prague (or vice versa)? If yes, you probably passed through the town of Bílovice nad Svitavou without even noticing. This municipality is situated in the South Moravian region approximately 7 kilometers north-east of Brno and has about 3,700 inhabitants. Sitting right at the border of the Moravian Karst, Bílovice offers many options for trips related to both culture and nature.


neumann bílovice

The author S.K. Neumman’s monument in Bílovice nad Svitavou


The bike trail from Brno to Bílovice

If you are an avid biker, you can hop on and bike all the way from Brno to Bílovice. This fun trail leads through Obřany and its surface is nice and smooth. Historically, this path used to be a part of the Amber Road, leading from Krakow to Vienna. 

Bike through the gorgeous Svitava river valley, parallel to the train tracks leading from Brno to Česká Třebová. On your way to Bílovice, you’ll be able to see the ruins of the Obřany castle

Is biking not your thing? Worry not, because this trail is also perfect for inline skating and walking.


Těsnohlídek, Neumann, Janáček

Bílovice nad Svitavou is also connected to several famous Czech personalities, including the author Rudolf Těsnohlídek, the author Stanislav Kostka Neumann, and the composer Leoš Janáček.


Rudolf Těsnohlídek’s Cunning Little Vixen

Born in 1882, Těsnohlídek became famous for his story The Cunning Little Vixen, published in 1920. Its main character is a rather cheeky female fox called Bystouška who experiences adventures in the Bílovice woods. This story was later turned into an opera by Leoš Janáček.

Těsnohlídek also started the tradition of Brno’s christmas trees on Náměstí Svobody. Brno’s christmas trees are traditionally taken from the Bílovice woods.

You can find a plaque of Těsnohlídek on the wall of the Municipality Office in Bílovice. You can also visit a tiny museum of Těsnohlídek in the corner of the Těsnohlídek square, situated in the town library. The library is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 


S. K. Neumann’s Forests, Hills and Waters

Born in 1875, the poet and writer Neumann lived in Bílovice in the early 1900s when he worked for the Lidové noviny newspaper. He was extremely happy here, especially due to the peaceful effect of Bílovice’s nature.

His most famous work The Book of Forests, Hills and Waters celebrates the beauty of Moravian landscape. In this book he says that you should live your life fully as a part of nature. Only then you can become completely free.

You can find his monument at the most famous crossroads in Bílovice, near Výletní restaurace Sokolovna. There’s no way you can miss it, especially if you’re passing through Bílovice on your way to the town of Adamov.


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Woodland springs and wells

Bílovice also hides many treasures within its thick woods. Not only adorable but also very popular with hikers are its many woodland springs and wells. They offer fresh spring water and sometimes even tell you a story! 

Among the most popular woodland springs and wells of Bílovice belong:

  • Trpaslíkův pramen (Dwarf’s Spring) – this truly adorable woodland spring resembles a little house for fairytale characters to live in. To get there, you’ll need to take about an 1-hour hike from Bílovice. But it’s truly worth it!
  • Studánka Leoše Janáčka (Leoš Janáček’s Well) – if you’re a fan of the phenomenal musical composer Leoš Janáček, you might want to visit this well built in 1976 in his honour. It is much bigger than the Dwarf’s Spring (maybe because it’s for humans and not little dwarves) and all made of stone with the words “Jak je les divukrásný” (“How wonderful forest is”) engraved on it. This well is situated very close to the town center, only about 11 minutes of casual walking
  • Studánka Mufloní (Mouflon Well) – if you’re more into animals than classical music, this well might be your favourite of the three. Situated close to the city of Adamov, the Mouflon Well may currently be dried up, but the gorgeous construction from 1971 with a beautiful painting of a mouflon is still worth seeing.


Bílovická křižovatka

If history or fairytales aren’t your cup of tea – worry not. There’s also some fun to be had in Bílovice! You can come to its annual musical festival Bílovická křižovatka.

Bílovická křižovatka is a multi genre family festival. This year’s edition will take place on 4 September 2021. It will open at 3 p.m. and close at 10 p.m. 

The acts you can look forward to include The Tap Tap (popular student band), Brno’s chansonnier Čadek, O5 a Radeček (another popular band), and Progress 2 (another Brno band established in 1968). You can get tickets here.


sokolovna bílovice

The restaurant Sokolovna in Bílovice where most cultural events take place.


Intrigued by the magic of this quirky town? Take a trip there this summer! 

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