Interest in Study Programme Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Exceeds All Expectations

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). The study programme targeting women entrepreneurs already started on March 1 with the interest of 193 study applicants.


AWE is a joint educational project of the USA embassy in the Czech Republic and a non-profit organization Business & Professional Women CR z.s (BPWCR). The project itself started on March 1 with its first “lecture” taking place this Wednesday, on March 10.

Throughout the upcoming three months (i.e. the duration of the program), students can look forward to 13 online lectures in English with weekly follow-up meetings with local facilitators. The facilitators for The CZ are successful entrepreneurs – Ingrid Šůrová, Bohdana Goliášová and Lenka Daňková. Additionally, the AWE students can also participate in the 12th annual Equal Pay Day conference. This conference is also organized by the BPWCR and is held online from March 26 to April 1, 2021.

Those students who will successfully finish the programme will obtain a certificate from the prestigious state university Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. This American institute developed the programme DreamBuilder upon which the AWE study programme is established.

“Originally, the AWE project was planned for 30 Czech businesswomen who would be selected based on their submitted business projects. The current 47 participants are the result of the really great interest that this attractive project received,” says Lenka Štastná, the president of Business & Professional Women CR.

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47 women entrepreneur beginners were chosen to join the programme.

Suddenly, a spontaneous community of active businesswomen was created. Anybody can join in. This can be done by, for instance, joining the project’s Facebook group of mutually supportive women with similar mindsets. This group offers inspiration and opportunities to develop your business or prepare for it, as a beginner of an active businesswoman.

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