Bára and Mohy: Story of Successful Obtaining Residence Permit

Bára and Mohy are a couple living in the Czech Republic with truly a great zest for life.  As you may have noticed, the couple is of mixed nationality. Bára is Czech and Mohy comes from Syria and they live together in Prague. Now this international couple may have a solution for those who struggle with finding a job in the Czech Republic or are not students anymore and may find choosing the right kind of residence permit difficult.

Bára and Mohy in Prague
Bara and Mohy live together in Prague.

When asked where these young people met, they both laughed and answered: “Internet”. At that time, ironically, Mohy was the one who was studying masters, in the Czech Republic, although he originally comes from Syria. Bára was studying in France so in a way, she was the one coming from abroad. Due to this fact, they met only a few times when she visited her homeland for Christmas.

At the very beginning they had to put up with being in a long-distance relationship. Maybe, also because of this, rather hard, situation they had experienced they were not afraid of bounding something as important as a residence permit, to their relationship. 

Since Mohy´s student visa had its due date soon, the couple decided to get the most of their relationship and applied for a residence permit that was connected to their relationship.

This type of residence permit is not very typical as not everybody is familiar with this option. Many people assume that this applies only to spouses and children, etc. However, it is also applicable for partners who are not married. Besides that, you also need to keep in mind that this type of permit is relevant only for those whose partner is an EU citizen. Because of that, the residence permit is very beneficial for those who are in a long-term relationship and live together but still do not feel like getting married.

Process of Accessing the Temporary Residence Permit

“The process itself didn’t take a long time at all,” says Bára, “It was the 60th day we sent the MOI the speed up letter. Then we got the statement within a week.” Though, the most important and time-consuming part of the process was the preparation indeed. (So this option may not be the best for those whose visas are expiring in a short time.)

Since this residence permit is connected to the relationship status, couples really need to persuade the government about the length and seriousness of their bond.

The evidence Bára and Mohy provided MOI with, were enough photos and short texts/essays their friends wrote about them. They wanted to prepare all the necessary evidence so they could avoid the interview because the questions are often, simply too personal and uncomfortable.

Luckily, their honest work and preparation did pay off! The process, after all, was very smooth. “The only thing we had to undergo was one visit from the police officers, so they could see we are sharing a household” added Bára and Mohy.

Bára and Mohy
The couple visiting Lisbon.

Residence Permit Connected to Relationship Status

To conclude, this type of residence permit is a “Temporary Residence Permit for a family member of an EU citizen” and it lasts 5 years. It is connected to the partner, who is an EU national. Therefore, if the relationship ends before the residence permit does, they are expiring, practically, too.”If you do not notify the Ministry, of course,” laughs Mohy.

But hopefully this is not the case! For the final question “If they are happy in Czech republic and planning to stay”, both agreed that the most important thing for them is to live a happy life, no matter where. They love living in Prague but are still open to new options.

So we are keeping our fingers crossed for them and hope that their relationship stays at least as strong and happy as the MOI officers think!

3 tips on visas from Bára and Mohy:

  • USE SERVICES OF A RELOCATION AGENCY– It is much easier when there is someone who helps you understand all sides of the process 
  • HAVE YOUR NAME ON YOUR MAILBOX – This is a true evidence of the fact that the two of you are sharing the same household. Also, it is useful if the MOI sends you a registered letter.
  • BE NATURAL – The best persuading strategy is acting natural! And it is no different in this case. Do not “over-choose” photos, hand as much as possible to support the longevity of the relationship (e.g. It is a good idea to choose photos with different hair lengths to show how the time have passed)

Are you an international couple in the Czech Republic who would like to proceed the same way? We can help you with any paperwork related to the residence permit or visa arrangement.

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