Slight Relaxation of COVID-19 Restrictions from 22 March

Although the number of new COVID-19 cases in Czechia has been steadily decreasing, the situation in hospitals is still critical. Therefore, the Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, decided to extend current coronavirus restrictions to at least the end of the Easter holidays – including the ban of movement between districts. Still, a slight relaxation of some of the current rules will be effective from 22 March.

Exercise and sports beyond the borders of your municipality

The main relaxation of the current COVID-19 restrictions concerns free-time activities and sports. The recently-implemented restrictions of movement did now allow leaving your municipality except in special cases or with a special note. This should change effective from Monday, 22 March. 

Come Monday, you are allowed to exercise or hike beyond the borders of your municipality. You must, however, remain within the borders of your district.

You can exercise and hike beyond your municipality borders from 22 March

From 22 March, you are allowed to exercise outside your municipality.

Face masks and social distancing

Blatný also confirmed that all those who are engaging in exercise and sports activities will be exempt from wearing a face mask from 22 March. This exemption only applies if you maintain a distance of two meters from other citizens.




Moreover, the minister stressed that in regular situations (if you are not engaging in exercise), you must still wear a face mask even if there is no one else on the street except you. Otherwise, you may get fined.

Other easements

Other relaxations Blatný mentioned at his press conference include for example:

  • Visitations of children living in social institutions beyond the borders of your district – now allowed for all citizens
  • All vaccinated citizens are allowed to visit their relatives in social institutions without a COVID-19 test

Aside from these relaxations, all of the other COVID-19 restrictions remain valid! 


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State of emergency extension?

Because the situation in hospitals still hasn’t improved, Blatný also confirmed that the government will ask the Chamber of Deputies for another extension on the current state of emergency. The extension should last until the end of Easter, at least. The Chamber of Deputies will vote on this matter on Monday, 22 March.

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Tereza Walsbergerová

Hello! I'm Tereza and I'm a wordsmith and literature nerd from Brno. Although I was born and raised in the Czech Republic, I know all too well from my time living in Texas what it's like to be a "stranger in a strange land." I am excited to share all kinds of information with y'all!

10 thoughts on “Slight Relaxation of COVID-19 Restrictions from 22 March

  1. Hi Tereza,
    Incredible that you have lived in Texas. Beautiful state. Did you ever get to see the fields of Blue Bonnet flowers? Where in Texas did you reside? Were you a student? Which university?

    I have been in and through Texas many times, having been a long-distance over-the-road trucker hauling household goods mover. But then you would know that if you were to read my memoirs. My memoirs chronicle my travels in addition to many other life events. Includes many photos of my 15 years trucking throughout all 48 states.

    1. Hi Dwight!
      Yes, it was an incredible experience. I did get to see the bluebonnets indeed! I was a grad student (of English) at Texas A&M University and they were obsessed with them over there :). But I also got to see Austin and that was unforgettable. What an amazing city. Have you ever been there?


  2. Hi Tereza,
    Yes, I have been to Austin many times. Moving family’s household goods brought me to all corners of the US. I’ve been in every major and most minor cities of significant population and numerous small towns and villages. I got to move families into Canada as well, specifically Vancouver and surrounding areas in British Columbia.
    Stay safe

    1. Hi Dwight! Thank you for all your messages – I’m jealous that you got to see so much of the US. I was so busy with my studies and teaching I only got to go to D.C. for a couple of days for an academic conference. I spent the rest of the time in Texas, haha. I’d love to go to Canada as well one day.

      Take care,

      1. Hi Tereza,

        You can see more of America through my memoirs, many pictures. I mean very many, about 850 photos from all over America. And these photos only tell part of the story, I do hope you will want to read my memoirs. Let me know by sending an email to my Gmail account.
        Take care and stay safe,

  3. Hi Tereza,
    I suspect many are quite anxious to no longer be under extreme mandates as a result of this pandemic.
    Patience is a virtue not to be overlooked but practiced with much endurance to get past this pandemic.
    While it is a good thing to be able to get out and about as concerns free-time activities and sports we must not forget to be vigilant when it comes to our safety and the safety of those around us.
    The wearing of masks, social distancing, and abiding by the measures put in place by our government and health experts will certainly require patience, but we can and must do it for our sakes and for our fellow citizen’s sakes.

  4. This can be added to my last message so it all flows.

    Postscript to the above message. While some individuals may feel that the wearing of masks is something that they need not do, they should remember that even though they may not contract the virus they could still pass it on to others via the absence of mask-wearing. In addition, the CDC and other health experts are warning against not wearing masks even though you have been vaccinated. Why? For the same reason as stated above, namely that even though they may not contract the virus they could still pass it on to others via the absence of mask-wearing. This is vital until the virus has become defeated to the point that humanity has developed significant, sufficient herd immunity.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Tereza,

    I just came upon this YouTube I feel indicates the underlying reason for the negative response to masks by, unfortunately, an overwhelming and significant portion of populations around the world.
    Titled: Republicans Aren’t Going To Like This Mandate
    No matter the group description. Republicans or whatever group in whatever country, denial of science and requisite measures proposed by health experts will only lead to more misery and death.
    And who loses? Good question. Yesterday I went out for a walk and encountered roughly 2 dozen people during my short time. About 75% were not wearing masks. What is it going to take for those who disregard wearing masks to realize they put not only others around them at risk but as the saying goes; what goes around comes around. Eventually, it so easily could come back to roost on those who disregard the importance of mask-wearing.

  6. Hi Tereza,
    Here is an excellent YouTube explanation by Dr. Fauci for why it is important to still wear a mask when out in the public arena even after you have been vaccinated. I have mentioned this before regarding having been vaccinated and yet having the capacity to inhale viral propellant from passersby who are not wearing masks along with you the vaccinated person not wearing a mask and then inadvertently exhaling those viral elements onto or near the vicinity of those passersby who are not vaccinated thus causing them to become infected. JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE!!
    Dr. Fauci on what we can do to help prevent another surge

    1. Hi Dwight,
      Once again, thank you for this info! I wholeheartedly agree.


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