Gender Pay Gap in Czechia One of the Highest in EU

Women in the Czech Republic earn on average 18,9 % less than men. Based on this, the Czech Republic belongs to the worst countries in the EU in this matter. The conference Equal Pay Day (EPD), taking place from March 26 to April 1, 2021, is trying to fight this serious issue. 

equal payd day
EPD supports women at all professional levels.

As mentioned in the previous article the Gender Pay Gap between women’s and men’s wages in the Czech Republic is 18,9 %. Considering these facts, women in 2021 have to work for additional 69 days to be equal to men’s 2020 wage (until March 10). Although in comparison to the previous year, it is three days less, the difference is still alarming. The pay gap impacts not only the current financial situation of Czechwomen but most importantly it can result in financial problems in the future. This is because your pension depends on the salary you earn throughout your career.

What is the main reason for the difference?

The main reason is underestimating the unpaid work of women, such as housekeeping and childcare for too long. This is just simply too big an amount of time that women can not dedicate to their professional development or a specific career.Sadly the current coronavirus situation only expands this problem,” says Lenka Štastná, the president of Business & Professional Women CR. 

Impacts of unequal salaries in real life

One of the fields with the biggest gender pay gap in healthcare. The healthcare system currently lacks professional staff. This is because its majority has traditionally consisted of women. Due to the current pandemic situation, many female doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff are forced to stay at home with their children instead of saving lives. 

The pay gap between men and women in health and social care is currently at 24%. Therefore, a number of families choose “to budget” and women are the ones who stay at home with the children. This results in them missing where they are truly needed.

Equal Pay Day

Every year, the Business & Professional Women CR z.s. (BPWCR) organizes Equal Pay Day to fight this serious issue. This time, the 12th edition of the annual Equal Pay Day conference will be held online from March 26th to April 1st. 

The aim of this conference is to present topics that have a great impact on society in a rather unconventional way. Still, they are keeping it clear and professional through stories from real life about people who are not afraid to share their experience and fully functional Czech international experience.

EPD was established in 2009 by Business & Professional Women International.

Did this campaign catch your attention?

For more information, we recommend that you check our blog post about the Equal Pay Day conference: Czechia Fights Against Inequality Between Women and Men’s Wages

All tickets and passes for the 12th annual Equal Pay Day conference can be purchased here.

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