Block Cleaning: What Is It and How to Avoid Getting Your Car Towed

#LifeInCzechia Have you ever heard of the so-called “block cleaning”? Maybe you’ve seen the road signs saying “čištění komunikací” with a date underneath on your street before but you didn’t quite know what they meant or what you should do. Maybe you even got your car towed because you didn’t act in time. Fear not, we’re here to explain everything.


Block Cleaning

Block cleaning sign marking the end of the tow away zone.


What is block cleaning?

Block cleaning is simply what the words say – the cleaning of communications such as roads, pavements, and canalization on a particular block. These cleanings are important because thanks to them we get to live in a nice and clean environment. It also includes:

  • Application of herbicides
  • Cleaning up of dirt and rubbish from the road and pavement
  • Weeding of unwanted grass and herbs
  • Sweeping of the road and pavement with a street sweeper
  • Fixing the surface
  • Painting posts and lamps
  • Snipping hedges

What’s really important is that to be able to do all these things, the city needs people to park their cars somewhere else for the time of the cleaning.



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How will I know it’s happening on my street?

7 days before the cleaning takes place, your city will put special signs on the block that is about to get cleaned. The signs will typically look like regular red-and-blue no stopping signs saying “ČIŠTĚNÍ KOMUNIKACÍ” with information about the date and time underneath. The time of the cleanings may differ, but it usually takes place between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

You may also notice big white rectangular signs marking the zone that will be cleaned (see title image of this article). The zone marker is important because you can re-park your car outside the zone to avoid getting it towed during the cleaning.


What happens with the cars?

If you don’t park your car somewhere else during the time of the block cleanings, it will get towed away. The city may either tow it to a different street or a car park or hoist them up on a tow truck while they clean the road and pavement underneath. They might also have to tow the car away to a special car park for towed cars.

Once the city is done cleaning that spot, they put the car back. However, you will have to PAY A FEE! These fees can cost you anywhere between 1 000 CZK and 5 000 CZK, depending on how far away your car was towed.


How do I avoid getting my car towed?

  • Keep your eyes peeled for the block cleaning signs and mark down the date and time on your phone or in your diary
  • Keep your eye on your city’s website to find out the block cleaning dates ahead of time (use Google Translate if necessary)
  • Prague and Brno have a special application marking street cleaning zones.


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