6 Online Groceries that Will Make Your Life Easier

We do almost everything online, especially nowadays when the global pandemic is at its peak. So, why not go grocery shopping online? It’s fast and convenient in several ways. Don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Do you have more important things to do than wasting your precious time on shopping? Don’t want to drag heavy bags? Go online shopping! This article introduces six online grocery services that are definitely worth trying!


Košík is an online store where you can buy basically anything you can buy in a supermarket. You can choose from various types of goods, starting with groceries, baby products, drugstore supplies, household and garden equipment, and ending with the pets section.

All you need to shop at Košík is to make a profile. After the registration, you can choose goods from their sortiment.

Your shopping bag can be delivered wherever you want every weekday. The delivery price differs from the place you choose. Current available delivery dates and prices of delivery can be found here



Košík uses its own credits that are usually used as a form of compensation. If there is any problem with the goods you purchased, Košík either sends money to your bank account or compensates you using credits. These credits can be used as a discount for your next purchase. (1 credit = 1 czk).

Facebook: Košík.cz

Instagram: kosik.cz



Rohlik is a very similar concept to Košik. Rohlík also offers a wide range of goods such as groceries, drugstore goods and cosmetics, baby supplies, and much more.

Unlike Košík, Rohlík delivers every day from 7 am to 11 pm, including during weekends and holidays. 


“Rohlik do kanclu”

Rohlik do kanclu, in translation “Rohlik to the office”, is a special delivery for offices which can be delivered right to the reception. For offices, Rohlik offers not only groceries but also coffee breaks and meeting refreshments but also stationery supplies. Besides, the whole purchase can be done as an invoice payment. Therefore, it is very convenient for companies.

If you do not feel like paying for the delivery services. You can also choose some of Rohlík´s pick up points where the delivery is for free.

Facebook: rohlik.cz
Instagram: rohlik.cz



Everli is a very popular concept of online groceries mainly in Italy and Poland. In Czechia though, this service is available in Prague and recently, they started to operate also in Brno and Ostrava.

Everli is a bit different concept than Rohlik or Košík. Instead of choosing groceries and other products from their range, in Everli you choose an exact shop where you want to buy your groceries.  Right now you can choose from five different supermarkets. These are: Billa, Albert, Kaufland, Tesco, and Globus. After selecting your prefered shop, you put your goods in “the online basket” and an Everli shopper will buy everything on your shopping list for you from the selected shop. If the product is not available in the shop the shopper either chooses a replacement product or the shopper calls you and you can discuss the next step.


After successful shopping, your shopping bag will be delivered right in front of your door. You can choose the delivery time so it suits your schedule best.

Facebook: Everli – CZ (Czech)
Instagram: everli.cz



Scuk.cz is an online grocery shop focused on supporting the local economy.

Scuk offers high-quality groceries from only local farmers and producers. Goods are purchased only via “shopping groups”. Each shopping group has its own pick-up point where the delivery is for free. The nearest shopping group and pick up point can be found here.


By making a purchase via Scuk.cz you will not only support local small and medium businesses in your area but will also thanks to shopping groups you can meet new interesting people with whom perhaps you could share a passion for food and experiences.

Facebook: scuk.cz
Instagram: scuk.cz


Svět Bedýnek

Svět Bedýnek is an online Czech groceries that focuses, similarly to Scuk, on goods from local farms. Svět Bedýnek also offers a wide range of “special groceries” e.g. Gluten free, Superfoods, Raw, Vegetarian, and Vegan. You can even find a seasonal goods category.

Svět Bedýnek

In Svět Bedýnek you choose your preferred delivery address as well as the time of the delivery. Your purchase is then delivered in small boxes (hence the name Svět Bedýnek = World of Boxes) which evokes the feeling of shopping at a traditional farmers market. In addition, if you do not feel like choosing each product one by one, you can also choose pre-prepared boxes. These boxes differ in size as well as the content. Svět Bedýnek offers specialized boxes with everything needed for delicious nutritious Smoothies,  Family Boxes, boxes suitable for the Offices, and much more.

Facebook: Svět Bedýnek
Instagram: svetbedynek.cz



For those, who enjoy shopping at iTesco, the shop created its online supermarket. If all your products can be purchased here you can order them online on their pages and the products can be delivered right in front of your door every day from 8 am to 10 pm. 


The price range of your purchase is the same as if you would shop personally, plus you can return any product you do not want.


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