Find Colourful Stones in Olomouc and Join in This Nationwide Pastime

You may have come across some painted stones while walking through the city of Olomouc nowadays. No, they’re not homework from art class forgotten by random kids but a nationwide pastime. You can join in and have fun by painting stones and/or placing them in different locations so that other people could notice them. The person that finds the stone could move it somewhere else. This way, the painted stones can travel, for example, to the other end of the country or even abroad.

The principle of the pastime is simple – you just collect and move painted marked stones, so anyone can participate. You can start your participation either by finding such a stone or by painting your own ones. The only thing that you must not forget is to share a photo of the stone in a Facebook group created for this purpose. You need to add the place where you found the stone and also the postal code on the other side of the stone. This way, the author can find the location of his piece of work.

The aim of this activity is to develop creativity and have fun with your families. “My daughter and I are excited about it. We spent this afternoon looking for travelling stones and collecting stones that we will paint on and further spread the joy. It’s a perfect and creative way to entertain your children. They will also improve their painting skills and they will not only sit in front of the computer all the time,” an Olomouc mother praises the fun in one of the Facebook groups.

You can find or paint the stones to participate in this nationwide fun.

Start creating

Find a perfectly flat stone that will be comfortable for you to paint on. Wash it, dry it, and paint any picture you wish on it with non-washable paints. Don’t forget to provide the necessary information such as the name of the Facebook group Kamínky and your postal code on the other side of the stone. All you have to do is take a photo of the travelling stone on the group’s page and place it in a visible and safe place during your walk so that someone else could find it.

You can also take part in various challenges that the authors of this entertainment publish in the group, e.g. during October, people painted pictures of birds and ghosts. 

What to do if you find a painted stone

When you discover a stone, take a photo of it and share the photo in the Facebook group together with the place of the finding and the given postal code. Then move it to another location. If you find a travelling stone somewhere in the park, move it to the square, for example. You can also take it with you to a different city or even abroad. There are no limits to your imagination. Nevertheless, you can also just enjoy the sight of it and leave it where you found it.

You have to admit that there is not so much fun during this difficult coronavirus time. So, why not to join in this one and have at least some fun! And if you don’t want to miss other news or fun facts in the Czech Republic, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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Source of the image: Facebook group Kamínky 

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