How Can Masaryk University’s New Electronic Diplomas Make Life Easier for International Students

Masaryk University Brno recently announced that they are about to launch a new life-hack for graduating students – electronic diplomas. If you are studying at this university, you will therefore be able to download a digital copy of your degree in addition to receiving your paper diploma. This digital copy will have the exact same content as the hard paper copy and will be equipped with a qualified seal.

Masaryk University has decided to launch electronic diplomas as part of their long-term digitalisation strategy. Digitalisation of universities is especially useful for international students who want to leave Czechia after finishing their program here. But even if you decide to stay, it’s still good to know that if you for any reason lose your physical diploma, you can always access it online.


digital diploma at masaryk university

Your digital diploma will be available in the Information System after you’ve passed all your exams.


How will it work?

According to the university itself, once you have completed all of your final exams, you will receive an email about the option of downloading your electronic diploma. You will be able to download this digital copy in the Information System (known as the IS). You can do so repeatedly, anytime you want.

As we’ve been told by the rectorate of Masaryk University, it is not yet possible to generate these diplomas retrospectively (as in, you can’t download any old diplomas yet). This means that only new graduates will be able download these copies. They did, however, inform us that this might be an option in the future. So, stay tuned.


Fully certified document 

There are many pros to digital diplomas, including things that can help expat students. The main benefit is that you can acquire the document from the IS any time you need from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Masaryk University has already had the option of downloading a copy of your diploma from the internet for a while. You can download a simple (uncertified) copy of your diploma in either Czech or English from your retrieval box in the IS (you can get there through the path “student > during studies > other”). 

However, this copy is not certified and you still need to take it to the study department to get it stamped and signed by an official. That is the only way to use it as an official document (if you, for example, want to apply to another university abroad).

The new digital copy should be fully certified already, so there’s no need to go anywhere. Therefore, if you’ve already left the Czech Republic, you don’t need to come back to make sure you can use this document.


Accessible from anywhere

Electronic diplomas will also significantly make your life easier if you decide to leave Czechia after finishing your studies but later decide to get your diploma legalized. The reason why is because thanks to the advantage of digitalisation.

Want to go back to your country and give yourself time to re-energise and start looking for a job without having to think about legalizing any documents back in Czechia? No problem, because with an electronic diploma, you can do the entire legalization process remotely with a snap of your fingers.

You can simply email your electronic diploma to one of our immigration consultants instead of having to mail the original through the post. This will save you both time and money. Once our consultants have received your electronic diploma, they will simply have it converted to paper (using a service called an authorized conversion) and start the legalization process

As a bonus, you don’t have to part with your physical diploma at all and leave it hanging on the wall in your parents’ living-room. 

According to our information from the Ministry of Education, it is not yet possible to legalize the electronic diploma directly. However, as long as our consultant has it converted to paper, there should be no problem at all.



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Legalize your diploma

If you’re not sure what legalization is and how to do it – we are here to explain everything. In order to use your Czech diploma abroad, you will need to get it essentially certified (and often translated). Legalization is a special document with a stamp attached to your original document that certifies its validity.

You can legalize your diploma by getting an apostille or a higher verification for super-legalization (which is required for most non-EU countries). 

We at Foreigners can help you with the legalization of your diploma as a part of our immigration services.

This particular service includes:

  • Going to the Ministries for you
  • Acquiring official stamps
  • Making verified copies of your diploma
  • Making verified copies of your diploma supplement

Again, thanks to the new option of digital diplomas at Masaryk University, we won’t need to wait for the paper original of your diploma but use the electronic copy in this case which you will simply email to us.

Sounds like a service you want to use? Get in touch with us and we will take care of everything. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for more useful tips for expats!


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