Free Internet Connection around Europe

UPC internet provider is introducing Wi-Free: wireless network, which UPC customers can use for free even outside of their homes. The wi-free network is created by wi-fi modems of existing UPC customers. Every modem becomes a wi-fi hotspot, allowing to use its second bandwidth, this way the internet speed for the initial customer is not affected in any way. The more customers use Wi-Free by UPC, the more Wi-Free access points are available around the Czech Republic and thus more opportunities to connect to the internet outside of your home. With Wi-Free you will stay online and connected for free not just in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.



What happens when we’re out of 3G/4G coverage? We get rather nervous, immediately starting to look for a wi-fi hotspot. However, sometimes we don’t get lucky. The times when you’ve been desperately looking for a free wi-fi hotspot are over now! With Wi-Free network, all UPC customers will be able to stay connected for free throughout 220’000 hotspots in the Czech Republic (over 140’000 in Prague, over 50’000 in Brno and 27’000 in Ostrava) and 5.5 million (!) hotspots around the EU.

The benefits of UPC Wi-Free are pretty obvious, but let’s sum them up anyway:

  • Wi-Free service is free
  • You can save money on data transmissions from your mobile operator
  • Wi-Free gives the ability to connect up to 5 mobile devices (such as smartphone, tablet or notebook)
  • You stay connected outside of your home
  • Wi-Free is available in Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

How to get UPC Wi-Free?

If you’re already a customer of UPC, first create a password to UPC customer portal. Through the portal, you then simply create a new password for the Wi-Free network. If you’re not with UPC yet, it’s never too late to join and enjoy the benefits of Wi-FreeGet connected today, it will only take 5 min!

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