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What is Foreigners Development when all I hear about all the time is Foreigners Services? Who is behind all this? What can this company offer me? How can I invest with Foreigners Development? Why choose our real estate? And much more in this article. 

The Mill Yard – 150 apartments

Foreigners Group consists of 4 basic divisions:

Foreigners Services provides comprehensive immigration and relocation services to expats – foreign clients or employees of multinational companies.

Foreigners Reality offers classic real estate services ranging from leasing, sales to management of large residential complexes.

Foreigners Development provides development and construction of custom residential projects for sale or rent.

Foreigners Foundation supports those in need. We focus on children from orphanages and help them succeed in adult life.



The founders of Foreigners Group are CFO Vojtěch Stehno and CEO Andrea Tkačuková. Andrea Tkačuková is primarily responsible for the first established division, Foreigners Services, and Vojtěch Stehno is in charge of the Development and Reality division.

CFO Vojtěch Stehno a CEO Andrea Tkačuková


Foreigners Development is one of the 4 divisions of Foreigners Group and now offers the possibility of investing in real estate from 50 000 CZK with a yield of up to 12% p.a. It offers the possibility of cooperation from bonds to cooperation on specific projects. The duration of the investment is 4 years and interest is paid semi-annually. We now have 300 apartments to be built within 5 years. Of this, we will have approximately 13,200 m2 of residential space in 2028.


We already own the properties. We primarily use the invested money for construction = for projects with already valid building permits.

Residence Fryčajova – 9 apartments


We are facing a long-term shortage of apartments on the market, which creates a strong and stable demand and thus represents a great investment opportunity. This shortage is set to intensify in the coming years.

We are building in attractive parts of major cities where the demand for quality housing is most desirable, where investment opportunities are most attractive and where property values are least likely to fall during crises.

You can touch your investment. You’ll see it grow floor by floor.

We already own the property. We primarily use the invested money for construction = for projects with already valid building permits.

Residence Šmeralka – 18 apartments


We are a standard development company, we buy land with the potential to build apartment buildings. We buy, permit, build and then sell off the apartments.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience in relocating foreigners to the Czech Republic and then arranging accommodation, we have learned how important the layout of apartments is. We have adopted this into our development activities. Apartments, even the smallest ones, must be functional and energy-efficient.

– We build large projects that have a positive impact on the whole locality.
– We care about the urban values of projects.
– We build medium-sized residential buildings that make sense.
– We are interested in quality architecture, but that doesn’t just mean a nice facade.

Read more about our projects and bonds.

Interested in investing with us? Contact us at or attend a webinar to learn more about our projects and how you can invest with us.

Kristýna Varhaníková

Hello! My name is Kristýna and one of my biggest hobbies is travelling and meeting new people. I was an expat in Germany for two years. Thus I know what it takes to live abroad. Let me show you the benefits of this advantageous life and help you with your difficulties.

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  1. Hello Kristyna,

    Thanks for your article with information in details. I have read all details and pdf also.

    I would like to know whether investor can invest directly in property than bonds. Chances of getting residency are higher in property investment.

    How much minimum investment required for such investment ?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hello Rajesh, if you are interested in investing, even if not in bonds, email and Vojtěch Stehno will get back to you as soon as possible.

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