Lex Ukraine IV: Refugees Can Now Extend Temporary Protection in Czechia until 31/3/2024

#LatestNewsCzechia Good news for Ukrainian refugees! You now have the option to extend your Temporary Protection (TP) until 31 March 2024! The Czech government has finally passed the new amendment of Lex Ukraine, known as Lex Ukraine IV. How do you extend? And what is the deadline for extension? We’ve summed it all up for you.


Refugees in Czechia can extend their Temporary protection until 31/3/2024.


Register online by 31 March 2023

If you want to extend your temporary protection, you have to do so in an active way. The process will take place in several waves to make sure the MOI Office doesn’t get overwhelmed.  

If you’re interested in extending your TP, you have to register online first. This electronic registration will be open until 31 March 2023 (= the expiration date on your old TP label in your passport). Make sure you adhere to this deadline or your TP will expire on this day!

Once you’ve registered online, you’ll be given an appointment at the MOI office where you’ll get a new label for your passport. The re-labeling will should place all the way until 30 September 2023.

If you do not register online by 31 March 2023 or miss your appointment at the MOI office, your TP will automatically expire. Make sure to take both these steps! 


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Other amendments of Lex Ukraine

Aside from TP, the 4th amendment of Lex Ukraine amends other things related to the residency of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. 

These include:

  • Simplification of rules for qualification in the field of psychology.
  • Amendment of rules for registering children in schools and kindergartens for the upcoming school year.
  • Simplification for releasing a child from a school in case of return to Ukraine.

It is also important to remind you that for now, Ukrainian refugees cannot apply for any other permit aside from Temporary Protection. The only exception concerns long-term residence permit for the purposes of family reunification, for which they can apply after 6 months of living in Czechia on TP.


Another wave of refugees?

Winter is here and regular blackouts and heat cuts in Ukraine may cause another wave of the refugee crisis. If this happens, the MOI has said that they might need to scrap the in-person appointments for extensions and just keep the online registrations. We will keep informing you about this topic. In the meantime, keep an eye on our weekly newsletter and follow us on facebook.

Article sources: MVČR, ct24 

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