21st Century Housing For Students & Young Adults Now Available in Prague

Are you looking for a cool and comfortable place to live in Prague? Are you a student who is not particularly eager to move into a dormitory or a young professional who cannot afford to buy their own apartment yet? We have a solution for you: super modern apartments in a new generation co-living building located in the vibrant Holešovice district.

Modern Living in an Attractive Area

Co-living may not be perceived as the perfect option for accommodation seekers. This 21st-century residence is, however, every young person’s “dream come true” as it offers everything they may need for living. And there is another great thing about this place: It offers its inhabitants the opportunity to be surrounded by an international community of like-minded people!

Fully furnished apartment
One of the best things about these apartments? They are fully furnished!

What else makes the residence a must move in? Let’s start with the location. The building is situated in Holešovice (Prague 7) not too far from the Holešovice Train Station and a few tram and bus stops, so it’s really easy to get around, especially if you don’t have a car or a bike. Those who do have a car or a bike car or bike don’t have to be worried either – their vehicles will be safe in the residence’s parking areas. And the building’s inhabitants will be safe as well because it has its own house management and security service!

Tenants have privacy in their own units but if they’re in the mood for a little friendly chat with others or some fun activities, here they have many options to choose from. They can have fun in the gaming area, relax in the movie lounges, or be productive in the study rooms. And if the tenants like to chat when cooking, they can use the community kitchen. The keyword here is “can” because each unit has its own kitchenette perfect for those who prefer silence or like to cook rather aromatic meals.

Obviously, this residence being located in a busy city might make one ask “But where is nature?” Fortunately, greenery is just around the corner. Quite literally because the building has its own garden.

Single person kitchenette
Each unit has its own kitchenette.

Fully Furnished Apartments

Every place can be beautiful at first glance but first impressions will sometimes change once the tenant moves into their unit, do you agree? Well, this residence offers brand new fully furnished studios, which come with a modern kitchenette, private bathroom, and a desk. In the kitchenette, there are induction hobs, sink, microwave, and a small fridge/freezer which is all one might need for cooking.

Needless to say, the furniture is of high quality so there is no risk of backaches caused by sleeping on uncomfortable beds. And before you ask, the thing everyone needs for a fully-fledged living – that is the high-speed internet – is available too, of course. Wondering where you can wash your clothes? Good news. The residence has its own washroom which means that the tenants won’t be bothered with the “angry metal box full of water” kind of sounds in their apartments.

Single person bed
The brand new studios come with a comfy bed, of course!

Considering that these apartments are already fully furnished, one can arrive simply with their clothes, notebook and other personal things, so it’s really easy. 

Are you looking for accommodation in Prague and find this option appealing? Learn more about the studios on our website and book yours before they are all taken!

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