Coronavirus in Czechia: Changes in the O-N-T System, New COVID-19 Status App, and More

Due to the growth in the delta variant of COVID-19 infections, the government has decided to amend the O-N-T system (the vaccination-disease-test system). Specifically, one dose of the two-dose vaccines will no longer be sufficient to travel and use services from 9 July. Blanket testing in companies has ended, but some testing will still be required. Two different mobile apps were launched to help display and check one’s COVID-19 status.


1st dose insufficient for travel

If you aren’t fully vaccinated, you now have to get tested upon returning to Czechia.


Changes in the O-N-T system

The R number (reproduction number – how many people get infected by one person) has gone up to almost 1.3, which means that the epidemic in Czechia is accelerating once again. This is mainly due to the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19 (formerly known as the Indian mutation), which is much more viscous and easier to catch.

For this reason the Ministry of Health has come up with some amendments concerning the O-N-T system – specifically, vaccinations and testing.

Those who aren’t yet fully vaccinated will no longer be able to use services without presenting a valid test

Only those who have been fully vaccinated for 14 days can use services and travel without restrictions from 9 July.




Blanket testing over, some testing still necessary 

Blanket testing in companies ended at the end of June. Freelancers don’t have to get tested anymore either. However, according to the Minister of Health Vojtěch, people will need to prove their non-infectious status to their superiors upon their return from vacation abroad. If they do not present a negative test, they will not be allowed to return to the office. This rule is valid from 9 July.

Another area that abandoned blanket testing is school environments. However, universities have the right to create their own systems. For example, if you study at Masaryk University in Brno, you still need to upload your test or vaccination certificate into the university information system to be able to enter the premises.

Blanket testing in companies may return in the future if the incidence of cases per 100 000 inhabitants goes up to 25.


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Traveling after one shot now more complicated

Due to the increase in infections, the Ministry of Health has also announced that all those vaccinated with only one dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine will need to get tested upon their return from abroad. This rule applies to all countries and is valid from 9 July.

The only people who do not have to get tested after crossing the border are those who have been fully vaccinated

If you’re not yet fully vaccinated, you will also need to complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form upon every arrival to Czechia, including green countries




Two COVID-19 apps launched

You can now download a smartphone app that will significantly simplify the way you present your COVID-19 status in restaurants or when purchasing various services and travelling. 

This app is called Tečka and is available for both Apple and Android

It displays the QR code from your certificates. You can download your codes into the app by logging in through your ocko uzis account. You can use this app without internet access once you’ve downloaded your codes. The app is available in English and is very easy to use.

Those needing to check their others’ COVID-19 status can download the app čTečka, which can read the COVID-19 pass QR codes. Once the app reads the code, it will either light up green or red, depending on the validity of the certificate. 




Vaccinations without registration in Prague

Within two weeks, two special locations should open in Prague for people who want to get vaccinated without registration. These “walk-in” vaccination spots will be situated in the Chodov shopping center and at the main train station.

If you come to these locations, you should be able to get vaccinated with the one-shot vaccine from Johnson & Johnson

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: Changes in the O-N-T System, New COVID-19 Status App, and More

  1. Dear Tereza,
    Does this (Traveling after one shot now more complicated) only apply to people who live in the Czech Republic that are returning from abroad?
    How about for example our daughters from Germany who will come here to visit during the last week of July. They have had their first vaccinations but are not scheduled for second vaccination until August 6.
    In other words, does this apply only to Czech residents returning from abroad or also to anyone coming into the Czech Republic? You see how this causes confusion from the words “upon their return from abroad”? The word “their” being the keyword describing who as if it applies to Czech people returning from abroad.

    Take care and stay safe,


    1. Hi Dwight!
      We mainly aim at expats living in Czechia, hence the wording (return, etc.) :-).
      But it is my understanding that the same rule apply to any kind of “crossing” of the border in this direction. So yes, anyone coming to Czechia will need to be tested unless they’ve been FULLY vaccinated + 14 days.


  2. Hi Tereza,

    I understand, thank you.
    Hope the rest of your day is awesome.

    Stay safe,

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