Coronavirus in Czechia: Two PCR and Four Antigen Tests for Free and More Easements

Based on the government’s decision, people in the Czech Republic will have a right to two PCR and four antigen tests per month for free starting in June. The deputies also discussed the reopening of more services, although the original topic of the meeting was the wearing of masks in the summertime.

In the case of a positive antigen test, a confirmatory PCR test will be mandatory.
In the case of a positive antigen test, a confirmatory PCR test will be mandatory.

Two PCR and four antigen tests for free

The government decided that from June, people who have Czech insurance will be entitled to two PCR and four antigen tests per month. So far, the insured are entitled to one antigen test per three days and no PCR test.

PCR tests are valid for 7 days and are way more precise than the antigen ones. Additionally, many countries require them on arrival.

In the case of a positive antigen test, a confirmatory PCR test will be mandatory, but will not be included in the total number of free tests.




Restaurants, saunas and wellness

Originally, restaurants, saunas and wellness services are to reopen at the beginning of June. The date had originally been postponed because the government’s priority is currently the return of all children to schools and the opening of hotels without restrictions.

However, a few days ago, chief hygienist Pavla Svrčinová told the deputies at a meeting of the health committee that indoor pools, as well as wellness centres, could potentially open on 14 June. Also, the Prime Minister stated that as of 14 June, restaurants will be able to operate indoors. As well as opening changing rooms in fitness centres.


The reopening of outdoor pools

The outdoor pools will open at 50 percent capacity from 31 May. However, it will not be allowed to use the indoor showers, only locker rooms.


Choir singing allowed for 30 people

Choirs will be allowed to meet with the participation of 30 people maximum. They will be allowed to take their masks off, but a record of participants will be mandatory. Additionally, people should be two meters apart and also meet one of the conditions for vaccination – testing or a certificate of overcoming covid.




Respiratory protection

According to the Chief Hygienist, respiratory protection should be mandatory during the summer in medical facilities and social services facilities. Wearing masks in the shopping centres and public transports will be discussed later.


Other easements

  • Group tours in museums and monuments will also be possible for a maximum of ten people or up to 30 people with a certificate of overcoming covid, test or vaccination.
  • From the end of May, school trips will be possible. 
  • Outdoor sports will be allowed for up to 150 people, indoors for 75 people.


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Viktoria Solarova

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6 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: Two PCR and Four Antigen Tests for Free and More Easements

  1. Hi Viktoria,

    I recently sent the following message to our VZP Public Health Insurance:
    Dear VZP Personnel,

    My wife showed her VZP Public Health Insurance Card and her Permanent Residence Card yesterday when she received her April 30, 2021, COVID PCR Test in preparation for travel.
    We were surprised that she had to pay 1700 CZK.
    I am almost certain I read somewhere or someone answered by email to me that VZP would pay for one test every 24 months.
    She had a PCR test in February for travel to Germany. We paid cash for that test but we did not show the VZP Public Health Insurance Card at that time.
    Can you enlighten us as to VZP’s policy regarding reimbursement of self-paid COVID testing?
    Thank you for your time.

    They replied with the following:
    Dear client,
    PCR test
    This type of test is paid by health insurance if your GP (general practitioner), or Regional Hygiene made a recommendation. If there is no such recommendation, the costs are paid by you.
    VZP ČR does not offer any contribution for the PCR test in this year 2021.

    So this obviously begs the question. How does the information in today’s blog about free tests square with my email communication with VZP?

    Take care and stay safe,

    1. Hi Dwight!
      I would have to pay for PCR test as well at this point (unless, as VZP told you in the email, I get sent to get one by my GP or Hygiene). However, this should change for the summer and everyone under the public health insurance should be able to get 2 free PCR tests per month. Up until then, the free testing only applies to antigen. I haven’t heard about any free PCR tests until now.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi team, i have checked in few locations since i need to make a PCR test tomorrow (1st of June) and i have not found any location that confirmed they do 2 free PCR with VZP since goverment has not yet announced them how it works.

    any advise/place where PCRs are actually for free with VZP?


    1. Hi Ruben!
      Apparently (they also said this on the news yesterday), the health insurance companies are a little behind on the government’s decisions, so it might take a while for them to be able to cover these tests. I would check in with them again in a couple of days.


  3. Hi, do you know if the free test is at any testing point? I have VZP and am an EU citizen, many thanks!

    1. Hi Trevor!
      If you’re covered under public insurance, you should be able to get a free test at all locations.
      Unfortunately, not all testing points have manage to apply this new system yet, so you’ll need to ask at specific locations when you make your appointment and make sure they already provide this service.


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