Coronavirus in Czechia: Vaccine Registration for Self-Paying Foreigners from 11 June, Surgical Masks from 1 July, “COVID-19 Pass” Approved by the EU

Foreigners living in Czechia who do not have public insurance should finally be able to register for their COVID-19 vaccine. This should be possible from 11 June. People may be allowed to wear surgical masks in shops and on public transport as of 1 July. The European Union has approved the so-called “COVID-19 pass”. It should launch at the beginning of July.

The Czech government as well as the European Union have made a number of new decisions regarding the COVID-19 situation in Czechia and in Europe. These decisions include vaccinations for self-paying foreigners, an amendment of the mask mandate, and an approval of a common EU certificate for traveling.


Self-paying foreigners should be able to register from 11 June.

Self-paying foreigners should be able to register from 11 June.


Self-paying foreigners to register from 11 June

According to the Ministry of Health and the Czech TV, self-paying foreigners should be able to register for their COVID-19 vaccine from Friday, 11 June. The registration system is currently being tested. There should be at least one special vaccination location available in each region. According to the Mayor of Prague, there will be 6 locations available in Prague. The full list can be found here.

This special registration will open to all foreigners who aren’t covered by public insurance. The price of the vaccine (which is Pfizer/BioNTech) should not exceed 810 CZK per 1 dose.

Foreigners will be asked to enclose their phone number and email address to verify their registration. Once you register, all you need to do is wait for your PIN2 to arrive to your phone so that you can reserve a time-slot for your first dose. The time-slot for your second dose will be generated automatically.

Going to your appointment, do not forget to bring your ID/passport and your residence permit. You will be able to pay with a card (in fact, it is preferable and some vaccination locations will only accept cards)

Foreigners will also be able to download certificates concerning their COVID-19 sickness, vaccination, or a negative test result. These will be available at You will be able to access them by inputting your birth date, email address, and a phone number




Surgical masks may be allowed from 1 July

According to the minister of Health, we may be able to take off our respirators in public transport and in stores and put on surgical masks instead soon. 

However, this restriction relaxation will depend on the current incidence (number of cases per 100 000 inhabitants in 7 days). This decision will be made at the end of June and will be valid from 1 July.


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COVID-19 passes approved by EU

The European parliament has approved COVID-19 certificates – the so-called “COVID-19 passes”. These should make travelling significantly easier from 1 July

Everyone who’s eligible will be granted a digital or a paper certificate which will allow them to travel to other EU countries

These eligible individuals will include:




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