Coronavirus in Czechia: What Is the O-N-T System and Where to Find Your Certificates

While the vast majority of the COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, some matters still need clarification. You can especially get confused if you’re an expat in Czechia, since some of the official Czech coronavirus websites have not yet been translated into English. For example, do you know which certificates you need to present for which activities? And where to actually get these certificates?


ONT system

Getting vaccinated is the easiest way to get access to places and services.


The O-N-T system

You may have heard this acronym before but felt confused about what it actually means, since the initial letters do not correspond with the English translation. The O-N-T system stands for “Očkování, prodělaná Nemoc, Test”, which translates to “vaccination, past disease, test”. 

This is the system restaurants and other services in Czechia have adopted to be able to let their customers and guests in after the lockdown. In other words, these are the conditions to which you as a customer need to adhere to be able to be let in. 

Let’s look at each of these conditions individually below.




1. Vaccination (O)

You can use your vaccination certificate if it has been: 

  • At least 22 days since your first dose in case of a two-shot vaccine
  • At least 14 days since your vaccine in case of a one-shot vaccine

To prove your vaccination status, you can either show your vaccination card or present your certificate.


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2. Past disease (N)

You can use your past disease status if you prove that you have undergone COVID-19 within the last 180 days. 

You can prove your past disease status by presenting a lab-certified confirmation. This confirmation needs to be based on a PCR test

You can present either a text message from your lab or a certificate.




3. Test (T)

The third option is to present a negative COVID-19 test result. This can be either:

  • A PCR test undergone 7 days ago maximum 
  • An antigen test undergone 72 hours ago maximum 

You can prove your negative test status by presenting a text message from your lab or a certificate.

In most situations (including restaurants, body care services, etc), you can also undergo a self-test. Make sure the service you want to use accepts self-testing before you use the services! In this case, you need to present a written and signed solemn declaration where you solemnly declare that the self-test you undertook was negative. This self-test cannot be more than 72 hours old.




Where to get your certificate

Since the vaccination and testing system in Czechia became unified and centralized, you can now download your vaccination status and/or test result as a certificate result online. You can do this anytime after you undergo your test in an official lab. The certificate will typically show up on the website within 24 hours.

You can download all your certificates at the ocko uzis website. Unfortunately, the website is currently in Czech only. However, the process is very easy. All you need to do is sign in – in your case this will probably mean inputting your email address, phone number, and date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY) (see below).


ocko uzis


Once you’re in, you can scroll down to find your current certificates. All of these certificates are in both Czech and English and are also equipped with a QR code

These certificates are EU-certified (they are the base of the so-called EU COVID-19 pass) so you can also use them to travel (all of the information necessary for travel is in the QR code)




Move your second Pfizer dose

According to the Minister of Health, it is now also possible to move your second vaccination appointment to an earlier date. You can move your date by as many as 8 days. All you need to do is call the vaccination hotline at 1221.


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Tereza Walsbergerová

Hello! I'm Tereza and I'm a wordsmith and literature nerd from Brno. Although I was born and raised in the Czech Republic, I know all too well from my time living in Texas what it's like to be a "stranger in a strange land." I am excited to share all kinds of information with y'all!

14 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: What Is the O-N-T System and Where to Find Your Certificates

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I just tried it and it’s the “DD.MM.YYYY” format.
      Hope this helps!


  1. Hi Tereza,
    Thank you for checking. I had tried that one, I think this is the issue.

    “During the vaccination, I stated both the mobile phone and e-mail (preferred option for foreigners and children without an identity card)” Note: nothing about the date of birth.

    Depends where they are gathering the date of birth. I was able to log back on to the reservation system which does not help. Why add another field, one they did not collect in the reservation process?

    The error message is – Unknown input.
    Seems nothing is ever easy.


    1. Hi Jeff,
      That’s unfortunate, I’m sorry :(. Did they not collect your date of birth at the vaccination center?
      I guess the only option for you would be to call the hotline at 1221 and ask them about how you can log into the system. Maybe you’ll be able to give them your date of birth and they can match it with your other info. You can also email the uzis office at

      I hope some of this works for you!


  2. Very recently it was announced that one must have the 2 full vaccine shots plus 2 weeks (as of July 8 or so) to be let into the country, etc. (No longer 20days after 1 shot due to the Indian (Delta) varient)

  3. Tereza,
    I had a similar experience with the post-vaccination certificate system. After entering all my information correctly, the system replied that I had entered ‘unknown input’. The phone contact at ‘1221’ has a Czech message on it with no follow-up call back in English. I finally emailed the contact at O2 (my vaccination center) at this email: One week and five (5) emails later they emailed me my certificate to prove 2 shots have been administered. And, this morning I tried again, unsuccessfully to download and print my certificate from the system, and received the same ‘unknown input’ response. Odd

    1. Hi Thelma,
      Thank you for letting us know! That’s definitely worrisome!
      Another option for you would be to email the úzis helpdesk (they are the people who created the portal where you can download the certificate) and ask them for answers. Maybe they inputted your information wrong. They forgot to save my first dose completely and only fixed it when I called them super worried. The email address is and the number is +420 222 269 999.

      I hope you can solve your issue so that you can download the app and use your certificates electronically. Keep us posted!


  4. Hello Tereza,

    I have had my first Pfizer vaccine in the UK and plan to have the second here too.

    When I return to Czech Republic, will I face difficulties in proving my vaccine status?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Tom!
      According to the most recent news, Czech citizens and those with a Czech residence permit vaccinated in third countries (so, the UK as well) should be ok to use their certificate in Czechia :-). I’m not sure if you’ll be able to download a Czech version of your certificate yet from, but the Minister of Health had said, it should be possible soon.


  5. Is it true that vaccination certificates from other countries (EU countries) are not accepted even though it’s in English and it shows the European Union flag at the top?

    1. Hi Margarita!
      As far as we know, the EU pass is identical in all of the EU, so all certificates from EU countries should be fully accepted in Czechia. Your certificate is a part of the COVID-19 EU Pass system. If you encounter any problems personally, let us know and we’ll try to find out more.


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