Coronavirus in Czechia: Restaurant Interiors and More Services Open on 31 May

The government decided that restaurant interiors should open this upcoming Monday, on 31 May. This decision happened in reaction to the Supreme Administrative Court’s verdict regarding this issue. Aside from restaurant interiors, music clubs, casinos, swimming pools, saunas, and wellness centers will also open on the same day.

While the old-new Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, disagrees with the court’s decision, restaurant interiors will open on 31 May. He would have preferred to fully open restaurants in mid-June.

Restaurant interiors open on 31 May.

Restaurant interiors open on 31 May.

Restaurant interiors to reopen

Restaurant-goers will have to adhere to the following restrictions:




Pools and saunas to reopen

31 May will also mark the reopening of swimming pools, steam rooms, salt caves, and wellness centers – with the following restrictions:

  • 15 m2 of surface (water or floor) per person for pools
  • Respirators mandatory only at the entrance and in the chill-out zones
  • Entry under the condition of a negative covid test shown at the entrance (done in an official lab; 7 days for PCR, 72 hours for antigen), vaccination certificate, or a confirmation about having been through COVID-19 in the last 180 days
  • Maximum 30% capacity in saunas and wellness centers


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Other services reopen

  • Casinos will also reopen on 31 May
  • Conferences and conventions can take place with the limitation of 250 people inside and outside
  • Clubs and discotheques can operate under the condition of no dancing and having a negative COVID-19 test from an official lab
  • All sports can resume under the condition of 1 person per 15 m2, it is allowed to use locker rooms




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