Coronavirus in Czechia: Masks Off in Schools and Offices from 8 June, EU and Serbian Citizens Allowed to Czechia from 21 June

As of 8 June, teachers, students and preschool children will no longer have to wear masks during class and exams. Employees sharing one office can also take off their respirators. The number of people who are allowed to gather for events and sports has gone up. The government has also decided that as of 21 June, people from all of the EU and Serbia will be allowed to enter Czechia. 

These restriction relaxations do not apply to the South Bohemian, Liberec, and Zlín regions where masks remain mandatory in both schools and offices. Other restriction relaxations include the increasing of capacity in swimming pools, the increasing the number of people who can gather at events and for sports, and a partial relaxation of borders.


office employees

Employees can now take off their masks in shared offices.


Masks off in schools

Eleven regions in total are getting rid of the mask mandate during class and exams as of today. However, it is still mandatory to wear them during recess and in communal spaces (e.g. hallways or restrooms). The Minister of Education said this on Twitter on Monday, 7 June.

The relaxation hasn’t been extended to all Czech regions, because not all regions have met the condition of the incidence of 25 cases per 100 000 inhabitants. These regions are: South Bohemia, Liberec, and Zlín.




Masks off at universities and in preschools

The relaxation has also been extended to universities for students who are re-sitting their exams under the condition of social distancing of 2 m. 

Preschool children do hot have to wear masks as of 8 June either. This relaxation used to only be valid for younger children (below 2 years of age) and now applies to all.


Pools and wellness centers

You can now also take off your mask in pools and wellness centers where they used to be mandatory after their reopening last week.

Pools and wellness centers can also accept more customers as of today (8 June). The capacity can go up to 50 customers maximum. Saunas, wellness, and salt caves can fill their capacity to up to 30 percent.




Events, gatherings, and crowds

Celebrations, weddings, and funerals can now host up to 500 people. If the event takes place inside, however, it can only host 200 people.

If these people do not have any kind of confirmation about not being infectious, the maximum number of people at the event can only be 10.

If you go to a restaurant, the rules have not changed. The tables need to be socially distanced (at least 1.5 m) and there can only be 4 people sitting at each table.

Sports are allowed in groups of up to 30 people under the condition of social distancing and the rule of one person per 15 m2.




Testing system

The government has also unified the testing system.

The government also decided that in some places, at some events, and some situations, people can only prove their non-infectious status by presenting a negative antigen test done by a medical professional or a PCR test done in a lab. You can still visit a restaurant with the confirmation you were given at school or at work.

As of 1 June, you can only take  one free antigen test per week. You can also take 2 free PCR tests per month.

From 1 July, mandatory testing in companies will likely end.


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Travelling to Czechia from EU countries (and Serbia)

The government has also decided that as of 21 June, people from all EU countries and Serbia can freely come to the Czech Republic. They will need to present either a negative COVID-19 test, vaccination form (and be at least 22 days after their first shot) or a certification of having gone through COVID-19 within the last 180 days.

According to the Minister of Health, these countries should all at the beginning of July unified under one COVID-19 pass.




Changes in the Moderna vaccine administration

The government has also changed the amount of time between the first and the second shot of the Moderna vaccine.

The second shot of Moderna will now be administered after 25 to 35 days.


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Article source: ct24, the Minister of Education’s twitter
Picture source: fauxels,

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