Utilities in the Czech Republic and How Much Will You Pay for Them

Paying for utilities can be pretty confusing. Some landlords in the Czech Republic have fixed prices that they use for paying the utilities and tenants pay it as a part of the rent or they pay for the utilities themselves. But what is really hidden behind the word, utilities? What do you need to watch out for? How to save money for utilities? What is the approximate price that you would pay? Let’s find out!

The prices? Depends.

When searching for an apartment for the very first time, you probably have no idea what to expect regarding prices. Much less for prices of utilities. However, generalizing these prices is extremely hard. There are several things that you need to consider while you count your utilities:

  • Do I have central heating?
    Some buildings do, some don’t you should ask your landlord about this.
  • Is the heating powered by electricity?
    Some are powered by electricity, some are powered by a boiler. Depending on this your price of either electricity or water will be higher.
    Generally speaking, 6,550 CZK a  year for a 2-bedroom apartment is a realistic estimation. In winter you may spend more money on the heating, whilst in summer you won’t have to use the heating at all.
  • In what area am I living?
    Your location is a big factor that influences the prices of utilities the most. A person living in a village will pay a very different price compared to someone living in the centre of Brno. 
  • Am I living in the city centre?
    Even areas in big cities vary greatly. For example Wi-Fi in Brno: one would assume that such a big city will have great coverage everywhere but that’s not the case! Some rural areas, for example, don’t even have the possibility to have optic cables.
    The cheapest plans for Wi-Fi is around 450 CZK a month.
  • Do you cook on a gas stove or on an electrical one?
    If your stove works with electricity, gas is something that you don’t have to concern yourselves with. However, if it is powered by gas, it is one more energy source that you should count with.
  • How big is my apartment?
    Of course, studio apartments will have much lower expenses than 2-bedroom apartments, therefore the size of your apartment is something that you should take into consideration.
  • In what group of the Energy Performance Certificate is my apartment?
    Is your apartment in an old apartment building from the last century or is it in a newly built/reconstructed building? That is also something that influences how much you pay for heating your apartment. 
Do you live in the city centre? It can influence the prices of energies greatly!

What can I do to influence this?

As I’ve mentioned, the price of your utilities is highly influenced by the location of your apartment, however, there are some ways how you can influence it and even predict your expenses.

  • Lightbulbs – Especially if you have more rooms in your apartment, it is useful to get more ecological light bulbs. Some apartments still have old lightbulbs that nobody thought to replace and getting new ones can do wonders to your electricity usage. 
  • Broken tap or broken toilet – It happens sometimes that water tap or toilet breaks – they start leaking water a little bit but not enough to call it a disaster. However, if any of them are leaking, this little detail can add even 20,000 CZK to your water expenses!
  • Pick a good Wi-Fi provider – Depending on your area, different providers have different packages and different coverage, scout the providers wisely!
  • Don’t let light/water on unless necessary – It may seem like an obvious fact but leaving light or water on for no reason is surprisingly common and it will affect the price for utilities greatly.

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6 thoughts on “Utilities in the Czech Republic and How Much Will You Pay for Them

  1. Hello Anna,
    I am not sure if this question can be discussed here, but I would highly appreciate if You can help me to know:
    The landlord of the flat inform me now, June 2022 year, that I have to pay additional money (amount is over 20 000 cz/kr) for utilities for 2019, 2020, 2021 years. He pretend that he has already paid them in time as Czech Law required, but could not ansuer me why he did not ask me for this amounts at the right time when he paid them? He did not provide me any original invoices althought I asked several times for this. As reason for this requested money he explained me “I have done some wrong calculations”. And he provided me some Excel tables created by him. He treth me to give me on Court if I do not pay. What can I do?
    Thank You in advance for Your kind cooperation

    1. Hi Mariya,
      I am so sorry this is happening to you. I discussed this with my colleagues and we believe your landlord has no right to ask you for this money retrospectively ASIDE from the year 2021, which is calculated and billed typically in 2022. If he didn’t send you any calculations for 2019a and 2020, that’s his mistake.

      Additionally, you should request the original invoices of ALL OF THE utilities from all of these past years. Do not pay anything on the basis of some hand-made spreadsheets.

      Hope this works out for you. If you need further assistance, I’d encourage you to talk to lawyers or reach out to Integration Centre Prague and ask them for free help with this matter – https://icpraha.com/en/.



      1. Dear Tereza,
        Thank you very much for essential information!
        Highly appreciate your help and will follow your advice! Wish you a lovely day!

        1. No worries, Mariya! I hope it works out! Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. Hello,
    If asking about my issue is inappropriate here I am sorry, but I found this blog helpful, however still cannot find answer for my problem.
    I was living in the apartment from September 2022 until end of April 2024. I signed the contract for one year and I renewed it in September 2023. In the contract payment for the rent is fixed and the advance payment for utilities is separate. Now landlord sent the statement from 2023 for utilities usage and I was shocked that the price for advance payment was higher for approx 1400czk/month. I paid the amount which was written in the contract and I didn’t know about increase. Now in the statement I see – nedoplatek almost 16000czk for the difference in advance payment change. Landlord each month was paying the amount which I was sending him but I suppose he knew about this increase already in 2022. I guess I probably have to pay the difference anyways, cause I used it. But my question is – Shall landlord inform me about increase in deposit utilities charge?
    In September 2023 I extended my contract and he increased my rent, we changed the contract with new rent amount but amount for utilities in the contract remained the same.
    Is this legal that he didn’t mention anything that the advance service payment increased?

    1. Hello, thank you for your question. Usually, it is not illegal to do so. Here it seems that the advance payments were not changed if you see he paid the same amount. If you do not want to pay such one time payment, then ask him if he can increase the advance payment himself.

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