What Factors Affect the Apartment Price in the Czech Republic?

If you’re planning to purchase an apartment in the Czech Republic in order to rent it out, we strongly recommend you to draw your attention to such things as furnishing, facilities, building, big or small rooms and so on. It can play a major role in the rental price you’ll establish for those who would want to live in your apartment.

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While looking for a proper accommodation to rent, you have surely encountered loads of details which more or less affected your choice. Some of them were extremely important to you, while the rest of them could have an impact on your decisions without you even noticing it. The availability of the utilities, the renovation of apartment, big rooms – all of these and even more influence the price and thus the attractiveness for future tenants:

  • Air-conditioning

Pay close attention to apartments which are located under the rooftop (penthouse apartments) – they might need special settings to keep such an apartment in order. A high quality air-conditioning will maintain it in good condition, prevent unnecessary humidity or mold and create a favourable atmosphere for future tenants.

  • Furniture

A good-equipped apartment can undoubtedly be fairly high-priced: thus, a future tenants will have no need to buy extra shelves, a wardrobe, tables, chairs, a bed etc. Besides, the price of an apartment with no furniture is usually reduced. Furnished apartments are greatly welcomed by expats, because they often come with just a suitcase and have no desire to deal with buying new furniture.

  • Facilities (electricity, gas, water, heat)

Will facilities costs be included in a monthly rent or should a tenant pay it for themselves? Does it have gas system or not? Is there a washing machine? It’s up to you, but you should keep in mind that all of this affects the total price. If you’re going to pay facilities fee instead of making tenants do that, the offer will be more appealing to potential clients.

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  • A new / reconstructed / long time used building one

A life in a run-down building with other tenants would be more suitable for students who are looking for lower prices, whereas an apartment in a brand new building will be highly appreciated by people whose focus lies on renovation, convenience and comfort.

  • Pass-through rooms

If you’re planning on renting separate rooms for different people, bear in mind that so-called “pass-through” rooms should be lower in price than other rooms. They’re not very comfortable for people who value their privacy, therefore the price is usually reduced.

  • A terrace or a balcony

A nice and pleasant addition for summer grill or gathering with friends: some tenants are specifically looking for apartments with a terrace or a balcony which will make their living more comfortable and enjoyable.

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