Coronavirus in Czechia: End of Certificate Checks in Restaurants and Mass Testing Coming Soon

The numbers of new COVID-19 infections per day are still quite high. Still, countries all over Europe have slowly begun relaxing ongoing restrictions, including the Czech Republic. The Czech government is canceling the obligation to present a COVID-19 certificate in restaurants and other establishments. The Ministry of Health is also ending mass testing in schools and companies.

people without certificates

Restaurants will officially allow entry to people without certificates from 9 February.


Certificate checks in restaurants canceled

In agreement with the Supreme Administrative Court, the government canceled the obligation to present your COVID-19 certificate upon entering restaurants, clubs, casinos, and hotels. The obligation is also canceled for sports events and cultural events.

This cancelation will be valid from Wednesday, 9 February.


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The end of mass testing

The government has decided to end mandatory mass testing in companies and schools from 18 February. 

The Chamber of Commerce indicated that a certain portion of self-employed individuals and businesses might night to continue testing, however. They are currently carrying out a survey amongst businesses so they can agree on the details with the government.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health approved the option of “work quarantine” in children’s homes and diagnostic institutions. 


New type of vaccine available

As we already reported, a new type of vaccine called Novavax is about to become available in the Czech Republic. This vaccine works on a different principle than the mRNA vaccines known as Pfizer and Moderna and is partially produced in the Czech Republic

Pre-registrations have already been opened. 

According to the Minister of Health, Novavax administrations will begin at the end of February.

This vaccine also consists of 2 shots, so don’t forget to go twice! The interval between the two shots is 21 days.

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Article source: CT24, CT24
Photo source: Pavel Danilyuk,

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: End of Certificate Checks in Restaurants and Mass Testing Coming Soon

  1. What about the wearing of masks? Are they
    canceling the requirement to wear masks?

    1. Hi Roy,
      Not yet. Masks are still mandatory inside public spaces, e.g. shops, public transports, hospitals, etc.

      We will inform you when this rule changes.


  2. The decision to end certificate checks in Czech restaurants and the upcoming cessation of mass testing reflects a significant shift in the country’s approach to managing the ongoing challenges posed by the Coronavirus. It suggests a cautious optimism, with authorities possibly adapting strategies to balance public health concerns and the need to ease restrictions, signaling a step towards normalcy. However, ongoing monitoring and flexibility will remain crucial as the situation evolves.

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