Tenant’s Manual: Feel at Home in the Czech Republic

Are you moving to the Czech Republic? Living abroad is an exciting but challenging experience at the same time. Sometimes, renting an apartment can be complicated and we certainly want you to feel at home abroad! That’s why it’s useful to have someone or something to help you out. We prepared the tenant’s manual to make it easier for you and we have summed up some important points.

Guidance for easier living in your new apartment:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even repeatedly! If you forgot something or even if you just aren’t sure about something, it’s always better to ask. You can avoid all kind of unpleasant misunderstandings.

2. Let in the fresh air every once in a while, daily, if possible! Especially in the kitchen after cooking and in the bathroom after you had a shower. Even during winter! Mould isn’t a great home decoration.

3. If you can’t find a manual for some of your devices, you can find it easily online! Try searching “name of the device – manual”, and you will be able to find it very quickly.

4. Only shower in the shower corner/bathtub! You don’t want to pay the bills for flooding not only your apartment but also somebody else’s.

5. Don’t flush anything else besides toilet paper! Dealing with a clogged toilet isn’t pleasant.

6. Report even the tiniest problem! The sooner, the better. Inform your landlord ideally by e-mail and take pictures if possible.

7. Hand over your flat like you found it! Keeping your apartment in good condition ensures no fees after you move out.

8. Clean your apartment regularly! People are better company than bugs and other unwanted pests.

9. Respect the quiet hours! In Czechia, the quiet hours start at 10 pm, and end at 6 am. Causing disturbances during this time period can earn you a fine.

10. Watch out for electricity outages! Did you light suddenly turn off? Check the fuse box or change the lightbulb, if necessary.

11. Always lock the door before you leave the apartment! That way, you can avoid unnecessary calls to the locksmith and fees associated with it.

12. There are many apps that can save you time and energy! Try downloading, IDOS and Můj vlak for public transport, Dáme jídlo and Wolt for ordering food or Rohlík for online grocery shopping

It’s important to feel at home abroad!

Are you still looking for accommodation? Find a proper apartment for rent with us! As real estate agents have an exception given by the government to keep the business open even now during the coronavirus restrictions since it is considered an essential business! Therefore we can still take you on apartment tours or, if you prefer, we can make a video tour for you in real-time. Also, Domeq has currently some apartments available so make sure you don’t miss it! It’s an international place for everyone who is looking for a place to live and work in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. Contact us, we look forward to helping you with finding the best place to live in.

Source of images: Unsplash.com

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