Beep & Go: Easy Way of Paying for Public Transport in Brno

Are you going to move to Brno soon? Do you plan to use public transport to get to school or work? If your answer is yes, read on and find out more detailed information. Are you confused about the Czech currency and you don’t know where and how to buy a ticket? Don’t worry! Brno has a new way of buying a ticket for public transport. Just Beep & Go! Contactless ticket purchase — no paper, no registration, no worries!

It’s very simple – all you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Get on public transport

Have your credit card ready before you board the vehicle. So you don’t have to delay looking for a card in your wallet while you are in the vehicle. 

get on public transport
get on public transport

2) Check in 

Tap your card against the reader every time you board a vehicle (even if you are only transferring).


check in
check in

3) Go

Now you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the ride – because you have a valid ticket!


… if you journey is shorter than 15 minutes, there is one more step:

4) Check out

If your journey takes less than 15 minutes, make sure and don’t forget to check out (by beep again). So let the system know that you are only to be charged a short quarter-hour ticket.

check out
check out


You may wonder what kind of payment is available? 

You can use Visa and MasterCard, which are supported by contactless payment (there is no slot to insert the card into the terminal). Also, the terminals accept payments done with smartphones or smartwatches using ApplePay or GooglePay


Let’s have a look at how the system is going to charge you: 

1) After the first check-in, the system will charge you the basic transferable ticket for CZK 25, which is valid for sixty minutes.

2) As we mentioned before, if your journey is under 15 minutes, you must check out and the system will charge you only for CZK 20 (for a basic 15 minutes ticket). 

3) After travelling multiple times during one calendar day, the system will charge you the optimal fare for all journeys, but never more than the value of a 24-hour ticket for CZK 90.

NOTE: Billing is always made at night after three o’clock in the morning – accordingly the beeping can’t function as a 24-hour ticket! Therefore, the bill for all tickets will not come to you until the night, after evaluating all your rides.



When the inspector comes to you and asks you to show the valid ticket – scan your card in his reader – the screen will show him a big green OK – That’s all! Very easy, isn’t it?



It’s fast – you don’t have to stand in a shop and buy a ticket. No more searching for change in front of the ticket machine and no more waiting for an SMS-ticket to come. All you need is your credit card. 

It’s easy – you don’t have to watch what time it is if you manage to cross in a given time range. It is always only necessary to enclose and you can be 100% sure that you have a valid ticket and you can travel around Brno

It’s a bargain – you don’t have to worry that the system will charge you more in one day than 90 CZK (all-day ticket).

It’s safe – it is secure and anonymous to both – checking and selecting a particular ticket. The system ensures that you will be charged an exact fare and that your card details and travel information will be kept secure.

What do you think about it? Will you be using this new “beeping” system? I hope this little overview helped you with the understanding of the new system in Brno. If you just relocated to Brno and would like to help with immigration, property, transport, language do not hesitate to contact us! See you soon in Brno!

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Iveta Sáblíková

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9 thoughts on “Beep & Go: Easy Way of Paying for Public Transport in Brno

  1. How the card payment works in case I want to pay the travel of my friend, when traveling together? He does not have his own credit card and I want to pay him as well.

    1. Hi Juha,

      it sould be possible to add another person when purchasing a ticket. You just have to select it on the display before paying, as far as I know.

      Kind regards,


  2. Dear sir , today i tried by my master card and i did exactlly what is wrritten but the person checked me and punish me 800 czk. I tried in english languge to expailn to him it did well but he didnt listen to me , he said it is not charged so this is happen today in Brno city

    1. Hi Ghazi,
      That’s so strange, I’ve never had this problem and I use this service almost every day, using my credit card. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I think the best course of action in your case would be to talk to your bank. Explain to them what happen and tell them you tried to used it but that the inspector didn’t see it on his machine.


    2. They do that to those they know are foreigners, pretend that they did not pay and charge them more.

  3. Hi I have forgotten to check out yesterday, but I haven’t been charged anything.
    What can I do? Do I have to go back to check out?

    1. Hi Maj!
      You only NEED to check out if your ride is shorter than 15 minutes. If you don’t or forget, your card will be charged as if the ride was longer than 15 minutes. I forget to check out all the time as well, it’s just something to keep in mind so you can save money! Sadly, it’s not possible to check out retrospectively.


  4. Hello,

    What is the procedure to get the Beet and go card ? How can i link my Bank card to beep and go system.

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