Pool and Ponds of Brno – Tips for Trips

There are many pools and ponds in Brno. Which ones to choose for a pleasant afternoon? Today I would like to introduce you to my top three. Přehrada, Kraví Hora or Riviera? That truly is the question! Are you searching for something in the city centre or do you want to get away from the rush and traffic for a bit? Do you like to swim in artificial pools or do you more enjoy spending time in nature? Brno offers you all of these, it’s up to you to choose.

picture of the brno dam with a castle in the back

Did you know that the slang name for Brno Reservoir is Prýgl? (source)


When talking about pools and ponds of Brno, it is absolutely impossible to begin by talking about a different location than Přehrada (or Prýgl) – the Brno Reservoir. With its 259 ha, it is the biggest pond of Brno. Going there can quickly turn into a whole day trip. You can take your own food and drinks, spread a blanket and have a nice day accompanied by swimming. And even if you don’t want to bring your food, Prýgl is ready for you. Even though the dam is kind of in the middle of nowhere, there is a handful of restaurants, pubs and little stands with ice-cream, sweets and other stuff. There is nothing like taking your family (or go just by yourself or with friends) for a swim during warm summer days and then go for lunch afterwards. You can even rent a public grill and have a pleasant evening there! 

Even if swimming isn’t your thing, you can book a spot on a cruise ship going across the dam. It may not be on the level of cruise ships in the Mediterranean sea but in a landlocked country, this is a pretty big deal! Also, did you know that the famous firework festival Ignis Brunensis is happening there? If you want front seats this weekend for the most impressive firework display ever, you should definitely go there!

Getting there is fairly easy, take the tram n.1 in the direction Bystrc, then cross a bridge and you are there!

Kraví Hora

Next prominent water enclosure of Brno is definitely Kraví Hora (the CKow’s Mountain). Unlike the Brno Reservoir, Kraví Hora is not a natural water enclosure – it is an artificial pool. Despite the fact that Kraví Hora is mainly a pool, you can do so much there! You can play football, beach volleyball or play hockey! How cool is that? In conclusion, Kraví Hora is more of a sports area than just a pool. However, that is our main focus today. There are both inside and outside pools so swimming here is possible all year round. Swimming in the outside pool, however, has a special magic to it. You can enjoy a view of the entire Brno city there! The entire building complex is a work of art on its own whether you stay inside or outside.

Kraví Hora is located by the station Náměstí Míru and you can get there by the tram n.4. While you are there you can also visit the local observatory.

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Out of these three tips, Riviéra is probably the one located the closest to the city centre. However, it only offers outside pools so it is only open during the summer. Spending the day there during the summer feels like staying on an actual riviera. The place is spacious so even though it is frequented by many people it never really feels too crowded. While staying there you can choose from three pools:

  • Swimming pool made for active swimmers (including a fun slide!)
  • Swimming pool for relaxing (slightly less deep)
  • Kids swimming pool (very shallow)

You can find this right next to BVV Trade Fairs Brno area and the Vida! centre on the station Bauerova (bus n.84).

To conclude this article, I would like to say, that I wholeheartedly recommend all of these pools and ponds. I am a frequent visitor of all of them. Of course, there are many more ponds and pools in Brno, however, to name them all would take hours. If you would like to see other tips for trips, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter, where you can also find the newest developments of the coronavirus situation.

Katerina Richterova

Dear blog readers, the Czech Republic is an interesting place and since I have a lot of love for it, I would like to share it with you too! :)

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  1. Dear madam just a short line to ask you a little information, how ever i have met a lady whom lives in brno Czech rep. as she writes to me, she shows me a large lake with a stony beach were a lot of people go to swim there and lay on the grass embankment could you tell me if that right as i do have doubts i look forward of hearing from you very soon mr raymond dodds

    1. Hello Raymond, I don’t know which lake you mean but it is allowed for sure.

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