When, How and Who Can Apply For a Permanent Residence Permit? All Your Questions Answered

Did you know that after 5 years of continuous stay in the Czech Republic, every foreigner can apply for a permanent residence card? By obtaining permanent residence, an individual gets almost the same rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the Czech Republic. Keep reading to find out more about the permanent residence card. 

The permanent residence permit is a prelude to obtaining citizenship in the Czech Republic. Both EU and non-EU citizens can apply for a permanent residence permit, after meeting certain conditions (listed below). With a permanent residence card, you will gain the same rights as a Czech citizen with some exceptions. For instance, you don’t have the right to vote or work in the Czech Armed Forces.

Who can apply for a residence permit?

  • Anyone can apply for a permanent residence permit, that is EU citizens, their family members and third-country citizens, if they meet the requirements (read below)

What are the requirements for gaining residence permit?

  • living in the Czech Republic continuously at least for 5 years (third-country citizens)
  • passing the Czech language exam on at least A1 level (this might change in the upcoming years) (only for non-EU nationals)
  • other documents such as proof of accommodation, a travel document, etc.

    Conditions for residence permit
    There are several conditions you need to fulfill for getting a permanent residence permit.

How long does it take?

    • The law of the residence of expats has 60 days to make the decision if the application is submitted in the Czech republic. 
    • If the application is submitted through an embassy, it takes 180 days.
    • However, the real time is longer, approximately 3 months.

What can you do with your residence permit?

  • You can apply for a loan or mortgage at the bank.
  • You have a free entry to the labour market.
  • You can start your own business.
  • You are eligible to receive social support in hard-life situations and pension upon reaching the retirement age from the Czech government.

Permanent residence permit for family members

The requirements to obtain residence permit are different for a person who is a family member of an EU citizen or had a long-term visa with a study purpose.

Family members have to live in the Czech Republic at least for 2 years to be able to apply for a permanent residence permit. The minimum duration of the family member status is 1 year. In practice it means that when a foreigner arrives in the Czech Republic in 2020, gets married in 2021 in the following year (2022) they can ask for a permanent residence permit as he meets both requirements.   

The condition of 1 year family members status is contemplated also with: 

  1. Being a family member of a Czech citizen who is registered with permanent residence in the territory. 
  2. Being a family member of a citizen from another EU Member State who has been issued a permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic.

    Family member residence permit
    Family members can get a permanent residence permit based on your status of residence in the Czech Republic.

Do you need help with obtaining your permanent residence permit? We can help you! Visit the residence permit section on our website and we will assist you with your legal stay in the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 


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8 thoughts on “When, How and Who Can Apply For a Permanent Residence Permit? All Your Questions Answered

  1. If a USA citizen wants to retire here, do they still need to take the Czech Exam in Czech A2 language? Or would they keep applying for a two year long term VISA?

    Thank you for your answers.

    1. Hi Christopher,

      It is not mandatory for those are 60 years of age and older. You can find more details here.

      Kind regards,


  2. Will a student who is doing his PhD for five years(with long term residence visa)in Czech University can be eligible to apply for permanent residence?

    Thank You 😊

    1. Hi Narendra,
      Sadly, the years you’ve been here as a student need to be divided by two if you want to apply for permanent residency – so 4 would count as 2 and so on. I’m not sure if there’s an exception for PhD, but I don’t think so, because you’re still here on a study permit, right?

      This might be a question for our immigration consultants rather than me as they have more detailed knowledge – try emailing info@foreigners.cz and they’ll give you specific advice regarding your case. 🙂


  3. Thanks a lot for the post, nicely informative.

    I would be curious about the remark concerning retirement, i.e. the residence permit (Temporary? Permanent?) producing eligibility to “receive a pension upon reaching the retirement age from the Czech government”.

    What happens when foreigners work in Czech Republic only for some years, and then relocate again abroad? How can one know the amount of future monthly pension matured through their automatic deduction from salary over the years spent working here, and ensure that this will not get lost, but will be made available in the future across borders ?

    Even if I work in a large scale institution with many foreigners, nobody seems internally knowledgeable about such matters. Thanks for summarizing a bit the regulatory framework, and this kind of posts and updates!

    1. Hi Al!
      That’s a great questions, but sadly very complicated, even for Czech citizens. You might want to call the Ministry of Labour or the Ministry of the Interior to ask about your specific case to find out.


  4. My husband is a Czech citizen. How do I become a permanent resident of the Czech Republic?

    1. Hello, thank you for your question! Please contact our office at +420 533 533 787 for better help.

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