Higher Minimum Salary for New Blue Card Holders in Czechia From 1 May

#ImmiUpdatesCzechia Are you planning on moving to Czechia to pursue a highly qualified job? Maybe you’re coming here on a residence permit known as the blue card. From 1 May 2023, new blue card holders are required to have a monthly gross salary of a minimum of 60 530 CZK. This is because the average annual salary in Czechia has gone up. And watch out, this new salary is also valid for some applications submitted through programmes of economic migration before 1 May.

Hrubá měsíční mzda u modrých karet šla znovu nahoru.

Minimum monthly salary for new blue card holders has gone up.


About blue cards

A blue card is a special kind of residence permit for third-country citizens with higher education. More specifically, it’s a long-term residence permit for highly-qualified employees. Similar to employee cards, it’s a type of document that includes both residency and work permit.

You can apply for a blue card if you have a university or college diploma and you studied for at least three years. 

Another important document you have to present is also a job contract. The contract should specify the length of your employment and state your yearly or monthly gross salary. This salary has to be equal to at least 1.5 times the average gross annual wages in Czechia for the specific time frame.

Your employer can apply with you through the government programmes of economic migration. Doing that can help accelerate your application.


Blue card benefits

Blue cards are very advantageous for highly skilled third-country citizens, especially if they want to bring their family to Czechia. This is because family members of a blue card holder can immediately apply for a permit for the purpose of reunification and they also gain free access to the job market. They would only gain this after half a year with an employee card. 

With a blue card it’s also easier to change your employer.

For those who have lived abroad for a long time and want to settle down in Czechia permanently, blue cards have another great advantage. The 5 years you need to have lived in Czechia to be able to apply for a permanent residence permit can be added to whatever time you’ve lived somewhere else in the European Union. 

But watch out – there are other conditions for this. For example, you have to have lived at least 18 months in the previous country. You can apply for your permanent residency in Czechia after you’ve been here for 2 years if you fulfil these conditions.


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Higher salary and what to look out for

For the time frame of 1 May 2023 – 30 April 2024, the new monthly salary for blue card holders is the minimum of 60 530 CZK. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has emphasized that this new salary is also valid for some applications submitted through programmes of economic migration before 1 May – double-check with your HR manager to see if this might be your case.

Are you interested in applying for a blue card? Get in touch with our immigration consultants and they’ll give you all the information. Alternatively, tell your HR manager to contact our CEO Andrea if you don’t want to deal with it directly.

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Sources article: MPO, MVČR

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2 thoughts on “Higher Minimum Salary for New Blue Card Holders in Czechia From 1 May

  1. Hello team
    Quick question regarding this new salary.
    I got hired with a blue card nearly 5years ago, but now I have a permanent resident permit.
    Am I eligible for to this minimum salary gross of 56 759 CZK ?

    1. Hi Gilles,
      if you no longer have a blue card and are working on your permanent residency, then no, unfortunately.
      If you are still working on your valid blue card (it needs to be extended every year or two to stay valid), then your salary would go up with the next extension.


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