The Employee Card: An Interesting Visa Option

Having a thriving and stable economy, each year Czechia attracts employees from all over the world looking for consistent working opportunities in a diverse and friendly environment.

Among the visa applications available for expats coming from outside the EU, the employee card is definitely one of the most appealing.

An employee card is a plastic card with biometric features equivalent to a long-term residence permit (more than 3 months) where the purpose of stay is employment.

The card always relates to the specific job for which it was issued or, if applicable, to a job for which the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior granted its consent in connection with changing employer or job.

The employee card is issued for the duration of the employer-employee relationship but not for more than 2 years in a row, with the possibility of repeatedly extending its validity.

The deadline for making a decision on an application for an employee card is normally 60 days prior to employment or 90 days in especially complicated cases.

Foreigners can help companies hiring employees from abroad by delivering this service in a relatively short amount of time.

The tailored service is included in the visa arrangement process but claimants can obtain the card requiring a specific package by filling the form on the website.

The cost of the package normally varies depending on the type of application: on assignment or on local hire. In the first case, the employee is sent from one branch of the company abroad to the branch of the same company in Czechia, while the second refers to the locally hired worker.

The price – usually paid by the company which hires the applicant – is 16900 CZK + 21% VAT on assignment and 24.300 CZK  + 21% VAT on local hire.

For the same price, an employee could also apply for the EU blue card, the equivalent of the employee card for highly skilled workers having a 3 + university degree and an existing average salary equivalent to the Czech average wage multiplied by a factor of 1.5.

In case of particular inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact the closest Foreigners branch asking for consultancy. Our Expat & Immigration Consultant will be happy to satisfy your requests!

Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

4 thoughts on “The Employee Card: An Interesting Visa Option

  1. Hello Dear,
    This is Mahabubul Haque Sourave. I Would like to do a job in Czech Republic. But i don’t know how could i do it. How can find the job & apply on it.

    Please help me.


    1. Hello Mahabubul,

      The best way of finding a job in the Czech Republic is by approaching the company you’d like to work for, or at websites such as or

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello
    I came to Prague last year, I’m doing a Master degree here, I’m in the last year. I had study visa and i changed to an employee card. My question is can I stop my Master’s degree and just work? Because it is very hard to do both.

    Thank you

    1. Hello, thank you for your question! Please contact our office at +420 533 533 787.

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