Changing Employers in the Czech Republic: What Are the Difficulties?

As an expat living and working in the Czech Republic, you are obligated to report the change of the employer as well as when changing a job title and employment. This process might be tricky as there are several documents to submit, conditions under which you can apply and deadlines to meet. In this article, we will bring you a summary of all these aspects so you can better orientate in the process of changing the employer.

If you are a non-EU citizen living in the Czech Republic, you are obliged to notify the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP) of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) about the change of the employer, change of the job, or if you want to be employed on additional job position at the same employer or additional employer. You can do so personally at the MOI office, by post, via a data box with a guaranteed electronic signature, or by email with a guaranteed electronic signature. 




What is the process like?

There are two variants of the process:

  1. The first one includes those employees who have free access to the labor market, then the process is very simple: all you have to do is fill out a notification and send it to the MOI.
  2. The second variant is that the employee does not have free access to the labour market. In this case, it is necessary to report the change of the employer and submit various documents as well as meet certain deadlines.

Why is it complicated?

The process can become problematic for various reasons. Firstly, the change of the employer has to be announced before it occurs, 30 days at the latest. At the same time, you have to report the change of the employer at the latest 60 days from your work contract’s expiration, otherwise, the employee card will automatically expire (counting from the last day of the previous employment contract).  

Therefore, ideally, you must deal with the replacement of the employer before you quit the last job. 

What will you need to report the change of the employer?

  • form of the change of the employer
  • termination contract – the document confirming the termination of the current employment contract with the exact date (both for the future termination of the contract or already terminated contract)
  • number of the new job position from the Central register of vacancies for holders of employee cards
  • a written statement of the future employer stating that the expat is capable to do the job
Dealing with changing the employer can be problematic.

Which conditions need to be fulfilled? 

  • you have to be a holder of a valid employee card for at least 6 months
  • change must be notified at the latest 30 days before it happens
  • it is not possible to notify the change of employer if the new employer is a job agency
  • the change of employer must be reported within 60 days of the end of the previous employment

The decision of MOI about the fulfillment of the conditions will be made within 30 days and both the future employer and the employee will be notified. This will be done by the ‘notification of compliance’ and the foreign national can start working from the date of change mentioned in the notification. 




As part of our services, we offer assistance with the change of the employer. The process might become difficult for you if you are unsure what to include with the notification. If there is any mistake in the application, you will not get the chance to correct it. On the contrary, you will be asked to submit the notification again, however, the time for its submission will count from the first attempt.  

What else you need to notice?

As stated by the MOI office, ‘if you do not submit any of these mentioned annexes above, the notification will be considered as unsubmitted. It could lead to the termination of the validity of your employee card. If the facts mentioned in these annexes are not clearly proven, the notification will be considered as unsubmitted too’. Your new employer will be evaluated as well – if they are considered unreliable (“nespolehlivý zaměstnavatel” in Czech ) by the Ministry of the Interior, the employee card, and/or the consent with employment with a new employer, may be rejected as well. Moreover, meeting the deadlines might be confusing as well. 

In the case of Blue Cards, the process is a bit different. If you change your employer within the first two years, you apply for the change yourself. On the other hand, if you change the employer after the first two years, you only have to submit a notice of the change. As a Blue-Card holder, you also won’t be able to take up employment with an additional employer.

Do you need help with notifying MOI about changing your employer? Do you need help with translating the documents into the Czech language? Feel free to contact us, we are here to support you!

The article is prepared together with Lucie Tomanová from Foreigners Pilsen & Tereza Křížová, a former intern at Foreigners Brno.

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16 thoughts on “Changing Employers in the Czech Republic: What Are the Difficulties?

  1. I have regine under prohibition period of time. May I know If I am able to get a new job contract ?What will be the next process regarding this situation? Will be helpful to know . With regards thanking you

    1. Hi Dipendra! Thank you for your question. I’m a bit confused about your first sentence. What do you mean by “regine under prohibition period of time”? If you have a specific issue you need help with, I recommend that you contact our immigration specialists at We’d love to help you out!


  2. Hi,
    Can you please specify who are the employees that have free access to the labor market? If I am already working for a company in Czech Republic with an employee card (temporary), am I included in this group?
    Thank you

  3. Hello, What are the complications when it is not an employee card but ICT visa?
    I do not hold Employee Card but only ICT card on deputation.

    Does the ICT visa card become invalid on the last working day of my current employer after my resignation?
    How should I convert this ICT to a normal employee card if I have an offer in CZ?

    Many people talk about Employee card but not the ICT visa.

    1. Hello!
      An ICT card is connected to the contract between your international employer (i.e. your employer abroad) and the Czech office of your company. If this contract runs out or is finished, your purpose of stay in Czechia also finishes.

      If you’re about to finish your current contract, there should be some kind of a notice (usually 2 months), so you should have enough time to take care of everything. Once your contract runs out, your current employer needs to inform the employment office about the date of the end of your contract. The employment office then informs the Ministry of the Interior which will send you a letter that will ask you to leave (they will give you a notice as well, the letter will specify the date when you have to leave Czechia).

      Before that leaving date (because you’ll still have a residence permit), you can apply for an employee cart with your new employer at the Immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior (in Czechia). That way, you don’t have to leave at all.

      The main disadvantage of the ICT visa is that it’s only valid for 3 years (and for interns only 1 year), so employee card really is much better for you.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Hi,

    I have an employee card and I am currently working in Prague. My employee card is valid till January 2022 which is 7 months from now. However, I am currently looking for a job change and if I find a job in 2 months or later, will l not be eligible to notify change of employment, as the validity of my current employment card will be less than 6 months?

    1. Sam,
      The condition is that you need to have owned the card for at least 6 month, not to have 6 months “left on it”. So, if you’ve had this card for at least 6 months, it should be ok. Sorry if it was confusing in the article.


      1. Hi, you didn’t understand Sam’s question. Please re-read his last sentence.

        1. Thanks Tim,
          sometimes it’s difficult to understand, but we always get there, hehe :).
          Sam – indeed, you can’t change your employer if you haven’t had your employee card for 6 months yet.


  5. Hi there,
    I’m currently employed in Brno and would like to know when is the earliest I can apply for a change of an employer. I got my employee card on April 6th and would like to notify my current employer on August 1st, that is 2 months before I’ll be having my employee card for 6 months (which will be on October 6th) and quit on October 7th (also let’s say my next employment will start on November 6th so there would be a required 30 days period). Will that work?

    1. Hi Daniel!
      From my understanding, there’s no minimum time you need to be working for your previous employer. However, you need to announce the change of your employment 30 days before the termination, so I’m guessing it’s those 30 days at least.

      I’m not aware of any other obstacles with your case. However, I am not an immigration specialist, so I’d encourage you to talk to one of ours about this – you can email us at about this. Please mention your city/region in the subject. Thanks!

      All the best,

  6. Do I need to complete my 6 months for my first employer before I can change it? Thank you.

    1. Hi John,
      according to the rules, you have to be a holder of a valid employee card for at least 6 months, so in theory yes.


  7. As a blue card holder, is there a limit on how many times per year I can change an employer?

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