Changing Employers in the Czech Republic: What Are the Difficulties?

As an expat living and working in the Czech Republic, you are obligated to report the change of the employer as well as when changing a job title and employment. This process might be tricky as there are several documents to submit, conditions under which you can apply and deadlines to meet. In this article, we will bring you a summary of all these aspects so you can better orientate in the process of changing the employer.


If you are a non-EU citizen living in the Czech Republic, you are obliged to notify the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy (OAMP) of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) about the change of the employer, change of the job, or if you want to be employed on additional job position at the same employer or additional employer. You can do so personally at the MOI office, by post, via a data box with a guaranteed electronic signature, or by email with a guaranteed electronic signature. 




What is the process like?

There are two variants of the process:

  1. The first one includes those employees who have free access to the labor market, then the process is easier than in the case of the second option: there is no need to wait for approval from the MOI office. You just need to report a change of employer/job position to the MOI office within 3 working days from the day the new employment started.
  2. The second variant is that the employee does not have free access to the labour market. In this case, it is necessary to report the change of the employer and submit various documents as well as meet certain deadlines.


Why is it complicated?

The process can become problematic for various reasons. Firstly, the change of the employer has to be announced before it occurs, 30 days at the latest. At the same time, you have to report the change of the employer at the latest 60 days from your work contract’s expiration, otherwise, the employee card will automatically expire (counting from the last day of the previous employment contract).  

Therefore, ideally, you must deal with the replacement of the employer before you quit the last job. 


What will you need to report the change of the employer?

  • form of the change of the employer
  • termination contract – the document confirming the termination of the current employment contract with the exact date (both for the future termination of the contract or already terminated contract)
  • number of the new job position from the Central Register of vacancies for holders of employee cards
  • a written statement of the future employer stating that the expat is capable of doing the job


Dealing with changing the employer can be problematic.


Which conditions need to be fulfilled? 

  • you have to be a holder of a valid employee card for at least 6 months
  • change must be notified at the latest 30 days before it happens
  • it is not possible to notify the change of employer if the new employer is a job agency
  • the change of employer must be reported within 60 days of the end of the previous employment

The decision of MOI about the fulfillment of the conditions will be made within 30 days and both the future employer and the employee will be notified. This will be done by the ‘notification of compliance’ and the foreign national can start working from the date of change mentioned in the notification. 




As part of our services, we offer assistance with the change of the employer. The process might become difficult for you if you are unsure what to include with the notification. If there is any mistake in the application, you will not get the chance to correct it. On the contrary, you will be asked to submit the notification again, however, the time for its submission will count from the first attempt.  

What else do you need to notice?

As stated by the MOI office, ‘if you do not submit any of these mentioned annexes above, the notification will be considered as unsubmitted. It could lead to the termination of the validity of your employee card. If the facts mentioned in these annexes are not clearly proven, the notification will be considered as unsubmitted too’. Your new employer will be evaluated as well – if they are considered unreliable (“nespolehlivý zaměstnavatel” in Czech ) by the Ministry of the Interior, the employee card, and/or the consent with employment with a new employer, may be rejected as well. Moreover, meeting the deadlines might be confusing as well. 

In the case of Blue Cards, notification of a change of employer or job position is required within 3 working days. The new employer must be debt-free. You will find all the necessary information here.

Do you need help with notifying MOI about changing your employer? Do you need help with translating the documents into the Czech language? Feel free to contact us, we are here to support you!

The article is prepared together with Lucie Tomanová from Foreigners Pilsen & Tereza Křížová, a former intern at Foreigners Brno.

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107 thoughts on “Changing Employers in the Czech Republic: What Are the Difficulties?

  1. I have regine under prohibition period of time. May I know If I am able to get a new job contract ?What will be the next process regarding this situation? Will be helpful to know . With regards thanking you

    1. Hi Dipendra! Thank you for your question. I’m a bit confused about your first sentence. What do you mean by “regine under prohibition period of time”? If you have a specific issue you need help with, I recommend that you contact our immigration specialists at We’d love to help you out!


  2. Hi,
    Can you please specify who are the employees that have free access to the labor market? If I am already working for a company in Czech Republic with an employee card (temporary), am I included in this group?
    Thank you

  3. Hello, What are the complications when it is not an employee card but ICT visa?
    I do not hold Employee Card but only ICT card on deputation.

    Does the ICT visa card become invalid on the last working day of my current employer after my resignation?
    How should I convert this ICT to a normal employee card if I have an offer in CZ?

    Many people talk about Employee card but not the ICT visa.

    1. Hello!
      An ICT card is connected to the contract between your international employer (i.e. your employer abroad) and the Czech office of your company. If this contract runs out or is finished, your purpose of stay in Czechia also finishes.

      If you’re about to finish your current contract, there should be some kind of a notice (usually 2 months), so you should have enough time to take care of everything. Once your contract runs out, your current employer needs to inform the employment office about the date of the end of your contract. The employment office then informs the Ministry of the Interior which will send you a letter that will ask you to leave (they will give you a notice as well, the letter will specify the date when you have to leave Czechia).

      Before that leaving date (because you’ll still have a residence permit), you can apply for an employee cart with your new employer at the Immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior (in Czechia). That way, you don’t have to leave at all.

      The main disadvantage of the ICT visa is that it’s only valid for 3 years (and for interns only 1 year), so employee card really is much better for you.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Hi,

    I have an employee card and I am currently working in Prague. My employee card is valid till January 2022 which is 7 months from now. However, I am currently looking for a job change and if I find a job in 2 months or later, will l not be eligible to notify change of employment, as the validity of my current employment card will be less than 6 months?

    1. Sam,
      The condition is that you need to have owned the card for at least 6 month, not to have 6 months “left on it”. So, if you’ve had this card for at least 6 months, it should be ok. Sorry if it was confusing in the article.


      1. Hi, you didn’t understand Sam’s question. Please re-read his last sentence.

        1. Thanks Tim,
          sometimes it’s difficult to understand, but we always get there, hehe :).
          Sam – indeed, you can’t change your employer if you haven’t had your employee card for 6 months yet.


      2. Hi, good day
        Can I ask if possible to me to chance employer even I do that 4 times here in Czech Republic? I’m bit worried if there’s a possibility if the ministry (MOI) here in Czech Republic if they will not approved my change employer again.. Thank you in advance for answering my question it a big help for me.

      3. Hi ma’am I will change employer after 6 months…I am 4 months already in my agency…would I come to MOI personally since I’m working far from Czechia now particularly I am in Croatia???….what will I do since I don’t know how to go to any MOI personally,,anyway my future employer is in Finland I just want a better opportunity there..please help me how to change employer fast,,,thank you

        1. Hi Benjamin! Thank you for your question, however we would need to know more details about your situation to be able to help. We offer a session with our consultant for 2 420 CZK including VAT. In case you would be interested, please request one at, we will be glad to help you!

  5. Hi there,
    I’m currently employed in Brno and would like to know when is the earliest I can apply for a change of an employer. I got my employee card on April 6th and would like to notify my current employer on August 1st, that is 2 months before I’ll be having my employee card for 6 months (which will be on October 6th) and quit on October 7th (also let’s say my next employment will start on November 6th so there would be a required 30 days period). Will that work?

    1. Hi Daniel!
      From my understanding, there’s no minimum time you need to be working for your previous employer. However, you need to announce the change of your employment 30 days before the termination, so I’m guessing it’s those 30 days at least.

      I’m not aware of any other obstacles with your case. However, I am not an immigration specialist, so I’d encourage you to talk to one of ours about this – you can email us at about this. Please mention your city/region in the subject. Thanks!

      All the best,

  6. Do I need to complete my 6 months for my first employer before I can change it? Thank you.

    1. Hi John,
      according to the rules, you have to be a holder of a valid employee card for at least 6 months, so in theory yes.


  7. As a blue card holder, is there a limit on how many times per year I can change an employer?

          1. Just one more question.
            My blue card is in the renewal process. I have submitted the documents for renewal in September. My blue card expires this month (November). I still have no information about the renewal. So what can happen if my blue card expires before I have any decision from the MOI? How long does it take (maximum time) for the MOI to make the decision?

            Thank you

          2. Hi Dushko,
            renewing shouldn’t take very long (apologies, I’m not sure about the exact timeframe – would have to check with our immigration team, which could take time). Have you tried calling the MOI and enquiring about the card?
            If you want our help, get in touch with us at and we can call for you as a part of our assistance services.


      1. hello , in the mean time is there any change of employer limit for Employee card holders?

      2. Hi, good day, can I ask if there’s limit to the ministry in Czech Republic. For chance employer..please help me for my concern..beacuse I’m bit of worried about that.. Thank you

        1. Hi Ryan, what kind of limit do you mean? There’s no limit on how many times you can change your employer.
          If you want to discuss your case with an immigration consultation, please contact us at


  8. Hi,

    Im having “Zamestanecka Card Poznamky 27” i.e long-term, its valid till 2023, im planning to change my job, trying to understand the order:

    1) I need to start resignation process with my current company, so lets say if its November and i filled and signed termination document then the 2 month notice period will start from the next month which is December ?
    2) I need to wait for 2 month and then apply for MOI or I can start process of employment change right after the signed termination document with my current employer?
    3) What if it take for more than 2 month for MOI to approve this change, what is the risks? I.E how long it can take for MOI to approve this change

    1. Hi Solomon,
      Thanks for your questions – here are the answers:

      1) That is correct.
      2) The change of employer has to be notified at the MOI office within 60 days from the end of the contract with the current employer (becuase latest on that day the Employee card expires) and at the latest 30 days before the new work contract is about to start. It’s recommended to notify the change asap, even during the termination period of the current job.
      3) It takes up to 30 days to process the change of the employer and get the decision (approval) from the MOI office. If refused and the foreigner’s contract ended more than 60 days ago, it’s necessary to leave the country. For that reason it’s recommended to submit the documents asap.
      IMPORTANT – change of employer can be notified at the earliest 6 months from takeover of the first Employee Card!

      If you have additional questions or need our assistance, please contact us at and our communication administrator will direct you to the best person to help you.


      1. good day mam tereza. i have some question.when will be to start counting of 6 month to change my employee card from moi. is that a sign of contract from my employer or the date indicated at the back of card or upon i the day i recieve the card from moi. its my first time so im ver confusing mam. thank you for answer.

  9. Hi ma’am how about if i am being terminated by my employer when im only working with them in just 2 months can i look for new employer ma’am,am i considered under probation period? What are the. Requirements for me to gather in order for me to find for a new employer

    1. Hi Gee,
      You should reread your contract to see what your trial period was supposed to be. If it was two months (which is standard), then yes, they can terminante your employment and simply let you go without any time to find new employment.

      You should look for a new position as soon as possible so your work permit is still valid.

      Unfortunately we are not a recruitment agency so we can’t provide you with advice on finding a new job, but if you need help getting a new employee card or switching an employer once you find a new position, email us at and we’ll do our best to assist.


  10. Hi, visa expired last 25th of September. I apply, submitted and paid for stamp to our Hr before that date. I have colleagues that filed for visa renewal later than I filed and they got approved already. What could be the possible reason that I am not being approved by MOI yet?

    1. Hi Sally,
      Have you tried calling the MOI and asking about your case?
      If you want us to take a look, please contact us at and specify your location.


  11. Hello, I got promoted in my company and I will stay within the same company and same department. Just my job title (in English) will be changed but in my new contract, all urad prace number and CZ-ISCO will stay as before. In this case, should I still inform the MOI about that? In urad prace I have it as “Fakturanti” for the first and new job title.

    1. Hi Ridvan, don’t stress out! If your CZ-ISCO stayed the same, you don’t need to report anything :).


      1. Thank you for your answer Tereza. It is quite complicated case and I haven’t got any clear answer yet, everyone says something different. I was a bit stressed because I already started on my new position! So, thanks a lot for clarifying it 🙂 My case is a bit special and you never know what can happen in bureaucracy.

        1. Hi Ridvan,
          I totally understand, these things can be stressful. But you don’t need to worry.


  12. Hello, I got promoted in my company and now I am working in a new position. I didn’t notify MOI as my vacancy number in uřad prace and CZ-ISCO stay the same, even my title in Czech (Fakturanti) is the same and only difference is my title in English (Billing Specialist-Accounts Receivable). If this would be a problem, which action should I take so that to avoid any problem in the future?

  13. hello , i will have my employee card at 30.03.2022 phisically and in first 6 months i want to work with another job which it has to be part-time as i know , is it true or can i also apply full time jobs because i can be really flexible on my first employer.

    also i am applying part time jobs for now and one of them told me that we can not work with who has employee cards which we are job agency , what is that job agency means exactly , is it linked to goverment job finding departments something like that or can’t i work if the job seeker is a normal job agencies like Accenture etc.

    1. Hi Semih,
      I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. What is the problem?

      You can’t change your employment if the new employer is a job agency, i.e. it’s a recruitment agency that employs you rather than the actual company where you do the physical work. Does that make sense?


      1. hi Tereza,
        thanks for your response , i know that i can not change my employer if the new one is a job agency but i want to know that while i am working on a contract can i able to add a new employer as a part time ( DPC contract ) ? and if yes what i need to do ?

        1. Hi Semih,
          if you’re here on an Employee Card, your card is tied to your current job. I’m not sure if you can add another part-time job to it, but I don’t see why not. This question is a bit too complicated for me, so I’d like to encourage you to send it to our immigration specialists at I’m sure someone will give you advice.

          Thanks and all the best,

  14. Hi Teraza,
    What kind of documents should be submitted for the change of employer application for a blue card holder less than 2 years?

  15. Hello,

    If I am first time employee card, and my employer fire me during the 3 months of probation can I apply for change of employer with another company?

    I had an employee card since 2014 to 2021, bur due to the pandemic I lost the right and I had to start from the beginning.


    1. Hi Iva,
      Yes, you can change the employer.
      If your employment was terminated by your employer during the probationary period, it’s one of the exceptions when you can notify the change of employer earlier than 6 months after the takeover of your employee card.
      Still you have to fulfill the rest of the conditions: you need to have a valid employee card (ie. not expired one), the change has to be notified at the latest 30 days before it happens and not later than 60 days after the end of the terminated employment, and the new employer cannot be a job agency. You can find all the information here –


  16. Hi,
    What kind of documents should be submitted for the change of employer application for a blue card holder more than 2 years? Do I have free market access?

  17. Hie, Tereza,

    If you are in the process of applying for an employee card with one company and MoI requires you to submit an additional document like (work agreement), are you able to give them a new contract if lets say you got another job with a different company for them to proceed with that work contract than the previous one you would have applied with?

    First time applying for an employee card coming from a long term visa application.

    1. Hi Justice,
      If you’ve already submitted the Employee Card application, it’s connected with one specific job position and you wrote the job position number into the application form. We would need to know more about your case (has your long-term visa already expired? etc.) to be sure about the next steps – if it’d be better to cancel the current application and submit a new one with the new employer, or if it’s better to edit the current one.

      If you need help with this, we’d love to offer you a paid consultation – email me at if you’re interested. 🙂


      1. Hie Tereza,

        I am studying, about to finish the studies. I didn’t use the job vacancy number, I believe I have free access if I am not mistaken? Visa has not expired yet but expiring soon. That’s what I have been using and I am applying to extend it but now under employment. I hope it’s clear.


  18. Hey mam im completed m 6 month in company as direct staff is that possible to change m job to job angency with name s.r.o

  19. hello,

    I am currently having an employee card.

    I physically got it on the 15th of April (15.04.22) but the date of issuance on my employee card is the 15th of March (15.03.22).

    So my question is for me to wait 6 months to apply for a change, that 6 months from the date of issuance in my employee card or the date I got my card physically in my hand?

    Please let me know if I am not clear.


    1. Hi Kannan, I believe it’s the issuance date that’s on your card.

  20. Hello,
    I applied for new visa which is working visa fir the first time the end of April but it was missing one document i give it on 17th june. But I’m planning to leaving my new job now, and my visa still is process. But I already find another job. Is fine for me to leave without any problems? I will start new one 1th September

    1. Hi Manal, that depends on if you have an employee card or a regular work permit. If you have an employee card, you cannot switch employers until you’ve worked there for 6 months as the article specifies. If you have a different type of a visa than an employee card, then I’m not personally sure how it works. Can you please give me the specifics (best would be the code of the visa/permit)?


      1. Hello,

        I still don’t have employers card yet i just I applied for the first time on April. With a job that i had and I worked there for 10 months. But my contract finished on the end of may so i give them the new contract which I start working there on 15th of june. The visa i had its 9 months visa

        1. Hi Manal,
          Unfortunately it is still not clear to me which visa exactly do you have now and had before.
          Generally you have to have worked at a job for 6 months before you can switch an employer with your employee card. So if you had, your situation shouldn’t be a problem.
          Can you please contact us at You can purchase a consultation and our immigration consultant will help you.


  21. hello ,
    1) I do have my valid employee card and will i have access to free market after 2 years as blue card holders do or is it different with employee card ?

    2) Is there any limit on change of employer for employee card holders after 6 months ?

    1. Hi Semih, you only get free access to the job market if you get your permanent residency or if you switch to temporary residency permit. Employee and blue cards are always tied to a specific job.


      1. Hi Tereza , what about the second question that i have asked 🙂 could you also please let me know about it.
        2) Is there any limit on change of employer for employee card holders after 6 months ?

        thank you

        1. Hi Tereza

          1. if i didn’t get a job/contract until 60 days from my termination letter,its mean that i must leaving Czech Republic in the next of 30 days?
          2. And if i want to go back to my country,am i must return my employee card to the ministry or not?

          Thanks and regards

          1. Dear Ari, if you do not report a change of employer within 60 days from the termination date of your work contract, you will be contacted by the MOI office to come to pick up a leaving order. Then, you’ll have to leave the country. Generally, every foreigner is obliged to return his/her residence permit card before departure at the local MOI office or to send it by post.

      2. hi Tereza , can you also reply below one please ,

        2) Is there any limit on change of employer for employee card holders after 6 months ?

        1. Hello ,

          I have a long term permit which expired end of this year. I resigned from my previous company on 30th Nov 2022.
          I am aware of the 60 days period so technically I have time until 30th January 23 to find new employment.

          I am pending confirmation from a new employer.
          However I am not sure if the new employer has listed this position in in Central register of vacancies .
          Even if they list the position now , I believe they have to wait for 30 days until they can use it ?
          Suppose I use the vacancy number just listed by the employer in Central register of vacancies on my chnage if employer application to MOI , would my application still be accepted ?
          Considering the start date of the new employment is 1st March 2023?

          What are my options?

          Many thanks for your input

          1. Hi Mila,
            I discussed your case with our immigration specialist and he said it is way too complicated to solve here in the comments.
            He suggested you get a consultation with us so we can help you. If you’re interested, email us at


  22. Hi,

    I am a nonEU citizen and I have graduated from one of Czech university on master degree. So I have a Czech diploma. I applied job seeking visa(post study visa) right after graduation. It allowed me to seek a job for 9 months and I thought I had free access to Czech labour market without any sponsorship due to my diploma.

    Now I have a job but I have “Zamestanecka Card Poznamky 27”. Currently I am in the process of changing my employers. My possible new employers told me it is a bit strange because code 27 means I don’t have free access to Czech labour market.

    1- do you think there is a problem or mistake in my process before? Why I have code 27 right now?
    2- In case I change my job, is my new employer obligated to be sponsorship for my visa process ?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Dear Emir,
      The code 27 is correct as it says the “employee card” is the purpose of your residency in the Czech Republic. But it doesn’t say if your Employee Card is dual or non-dual. The non-dual one is for those third country nationals who have the right of free access to the labour market like you.
      For we don’t know if you applied for a dual Employee card or non-dual one, we cannot tell which one you actually have because it’s not possible to recognise it only from the biometric card as both of them have the code 27.
      If you wrote down the number of the job position in your employee card application form, most likely you applied for the dual one. If you chose in the form part A the last option (the applicant has free access to the Czech labour market), most likely you applied for the non-dual one.


  23. Hello ,
    Is there any limit on change of employer for employee card holders after 6 months ?

    1. Hi Semi,
      I don’t believe there is a limit, just like there’s no limit on changing jobs in general. Plus, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after 5 years and get free access to the job market.


  24. Hello,

    I have scientific research visa – code 25. I have been on this visa for 4 years. Do i have free access to labour market? And so can I easily change employer (with free access to labour market, from scientific research to IT). More importantly, do my new employer has to create the vacancy in the lobour market for me, or i can join them without such hussle? Thanks and good day? Yogender

    1. Dear Yogender,

      I suppose you have a biometric card already. If you have the new type and the purpose of your residence is “scientific research”, there is a sentence “free access to job market – YES” which may be actually confusing because it doesn’t mean you have a “free access” generally to all employers. Based on the ministry of labour and social affairs information (part n) >>here<< you have a free access to job market only in case the employer is "...public research institution or another research organisation pursuant to a special legal regulation". You can get our Consultation service (email us at to make sure if the employer of yours is included in any of the groups. If not, we can help you to get an Employee card or EU-Blue card which is the only option if a work permit is needed. In that case, the job position announcement would be required.


  25. Hello
    What would happen even i already 6months working here at czech republic and im still in my employer , but i apply for another company and they hire me and they process my documents in ministry for the change employer, and then the ministry approved it. I will send my resignation but i dont have time to do the 2months render because i am already under the new employer. What will happen? Thankyou

    1. Hi Ryan, your new employer has to wait the twi-month notice period for you to start working. You can’t leave earlier from your former job unless your former employer agrees to it.

      Talk to your former employer about this, please.


  26. Hello there, i am having a very disappointing situation and wanted to share..
    I had a permanent residence and employee card which has expired 2 months ago. I am woking in a company in Prague and i had a change of position months before. i already applied for the extension of my card before the expiration.I submitted all documents and everything was smooth so far, while waiting for my biometric appointment i was called for an interview in MOI. My company has an assisting service for immigration and when we went the appointment which took more than 3 hours most of the questions were about my company and position and the assistance with me discovered that my employer has announced my change of position after i my official start date to the new position. Altough they didn’t refer what is wrong in appointment the assistant think this is the main reason we have been invited.
    So we think this might lead to reject of my application, this process is always taken care of by my company and nothing is my personal fault here but will it still affect my residence in Prague? Is it possible that they only fine company and not me?
    what are the possibilities here? Have you met any case like that and have any experience about the result?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Ru,

      It’s true if your employer employed you illegally it’ll be them paying the penalty but in that case also the employer could be banned from employing foreigners for a certain period of time which could have an impact on your situation. For that reason I’d recommend getting our Consultation service asap as it’s important to know exactly the status of your application etc. before recommending further steps. You can contact us at or choose one of our offices (based on where you live) to contact at

      Hope this helps!


  27. Dear Tereza.
    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Just to clarify i am working in that company since almost 3 years and what have been announced late is only the position change in same company. It is a big global company that is employing hundreds of non eu employees and this is the single case they faced so far. Will it make situation any better for me?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Ru, I’m not sure about this, but you should contact our amazing immigration consultant Lucie who helped me with my previous answer. You can make an appointment for a consultation and she’ll help you :). Email her at


  28. Hi Tereza,

    I am currently studying and will be done around 6 months. I am on a long term residence permit and I also have a part time Job with the valid gross income threshold required for employee card. On this case, if i would like to apply for an employee card after my studies do i require a new employment contract to be listed in the labour market from the company or i am eligible to apply with the Job one i have. Also do i require a financial proof while lodging the application.

  29. Hello,

    I am having Long term Resident permit for studies and i want to change the Visa status to employee before my degree.
    So if i submit the HPP contract and study confirmation letter the MoI will change the status?

  30. Hi Terezia,

    one of my emplyee resigned as he has a new job offer in a different company, he applied to change of the employee card to the new employer and has been already approved by the MOI. Meanwhile he is still finishing his two months notice period and he decided he would like to remain in the company, what is the correct process now if he wants to cancel that change.

    1. Hello, since this is quite specific situation, we would like to offer you our consultation session (it costs 2420 CZK including VAT) – please send an email to describing your situation and our consultants will set up a meeting with you! Have a nice day!

  31. Hi,
    I wanted to know if I have free access to the labor market? I am a holder of employee card (biometric card) and working in a company in Czechia since 3 years.

    I also want to know if the employment is terminated, and after 1.5 months, I get back to work with the same employer on same position again, how can I report to MOI ? Can I use the same vacancy number posted earlier.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, we are sorry but would need more information to answer you correctly, so I would like to offer you our consultation for 2420 CZK including the VAT. Would you be interested – please send an email to and our consultants will be glad to schedule this meeting with you! Have a nice day, Terezia

  32. Hello,

    I have few questions.

    1. I would like to know if a holder of a valid employee card (10 months validity) can travel outside Cz to a different continent for 3 weeks without having a job.

    2. If one loses his job his insurance will be cancelled. On that note, will a resident permit holder be allowed entry to Cz if he/she loses his job whilst out of the EU/continent for about 3 weeks?

  33. Hello,

    I have a situation that I changed my employer and the announcement was made to MOI that I ended my former job on 31st July 2023 and starting the new position on 1st August 2023. Also, received the notification from MOI that everything is fine and I can start working from 1st August 2023. However, during this period I had to go through medical test for work fitness and due to doctors unavailability, I could do it only on 4th August. The new employer will be changing my start date as 4th August due to this and a new contract will be made. Will this have any legal problems as I am from 3rd country and I assume I must have a work continuity. Please advice.

    1. Hi Sumith, I discussed it with my colleagues and it should be fine if we are only talking about a difference of 3 days. 🙂

  34. Hi, I’m on a long term residence permits for scientific research. I want to change my job to a private company.

    Will my residence permit type change?

    When should I notify MOI?

    Do I still have free labour market access?

    1. Hi Jay, if you want to work elsewhere, you’ll need to either get a work permit or change your purpose of residence to an employee card. Residence permit for scientific reasons is related only to your current research. You can arrange a consultation with us. Contact us at

  35. Hello,

    Good day.

    I am a holder of an employee card for foreigners. My employee card will expire on February 2024. I apply for a new job to other company and I was hired. I want to ask if I can transfer to my new employer once I finished my contract to my present employer? And is it fine even I have an employee card with less than 6 months validity? Thank you for any answer you can give.

    1. Hello, thank you for your question! Please contact our office at +420 533 533 787.

  36. Hi! good day. my question iswhat if my current employer did not sign or refuse to agree on my resignation letter. what should i do? thank you.
    and secondly, im confused when is the right time to count my 6months to change my employer? is that on the day i start work or sign a contract? or the date indicated at the back of card? or is the day i pick up my card in moi? thank you much

  37. Hi my son was working on a long-term visa since January 2023. This year January he renewed his visa for a work visa with the same company, then he found another position and applied for a change of employer but was declined because the employee card is not 6 months at his current employer, even though he worked there for over a year. What can we do?

  38. Hello!

    could you please confirm if I have any limitations on the time I can be looking for a new job? I have a non-dual work permit with free access to the labor market (I have finished a uni here). I was let go from the probation period on my last job 3 months ago and still looking for a job. how much time do I still have?

    best regards,

    1. Hello B., thank you for your question! There is no specified time period when you should find a job but it is recommended to find one as soon as possible. The 3 months should be enough time to find a new job. If it takes longer it could lead to suspicion that you are not fulfilling the purpose of stay which is employment and it could have consequences to your residence permit.

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