Finding a Job in the Czech Republic

Since such corporate monsters like HP, ExxonMobil and Amazon opened their offices in Czech Republic, it became a very lucrative location for job hunters. It’s common for the employees to move offices within one company, as well as for people search for jobs without being attached to one particular country. What’s the situation on Czech jobs market? Is it worth relocating to Czech Republic to find a better job? Let’s take a closer look!

Chances of getting a job

 Before making the final step and actually making a move to live abroad, you’d better evaluate all pros and cons of the idea. What will be your chances of getting a job in Czech Republic? As long as you speak English, your chances will be hard to beat! While Czech language is still an important requirement among local companies, many international enterprises treat English as their corporate language. Same applies for tourist field, where Czech isn’t necessary at all.

Work in Czech Republic

What about the paperwork?

In case you are a EU citizen, you’ll share the same rights as Czech citizens. Therefore, you won’t need any work permit. Just sign a contract with your new employer and roll into a new role. For non-EU citizens a special Employee card should be issued, which is a matter of some time, but it’s completely achievable and shouldn’t prevent you from getting your dream job. Be sure to take a look at our Immigration process article, where we talk in details about the administration and work permits.

Major fields

It’s not so easy to provide any statistics on which are the perfect fields for foreign employees in Czech Republic, however here are some major ones:

  • IT / electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • Financial and banking services
  • Tourism
  • Construction and engineering
  • Leisure and lifestyle

Don’t get upset if you haven’t found your particular specialty on this list. As mentioned above, it’s hard to give any forecast on what jobs will be on demand next.

Jobs in engineering field
Jobs in engineering field

Application process

As anywhere else around Europe, application process in Czech Republic includes sending your CV together with a cover letter to a potential employer. With a bit of luck you get invited for the interview. There might be several rounds of interviewing process, which, in case of success, end up with contract signing. At we can help you improve your CV as well as advise you on the cover letter and how to present yourself during the interview.

Local employers worth checking out:

CEZ group, Agrofert, Zentiva, Škoda, Budweiser Budvar, Pilsner Urquell, RWE, Unipetrol.

Annie Fed

24 thoughts on “Finding a Job in the Czech Republic

  1. Thanks Anna. Do you know of any Czech job placement agency that would work with foreigners?

  2. Hi Diego,

    Although I am a foreigner myself in CZ, I manage the local branch of REED in Brno which is a global recruitment firm with offices also in Prague so I am happy to help.

    We do work with foreigners and locals so feel free to send me your CV to and I’ll pass it onto the appropriate recruiter either in Prague or Brno.

    All the best!

      1. I’m live in Zimbabwe,very hard working lady.i speak fluent English and basic Spanish

  3. Dear receptionist

    I am foreign student in Czech Republic and I only communicate in English.

    I will be grateful if you can recruite me in any part-time job which maybe ascoltabile.

  4. I’m an American who is interested in the Czech Film World. Any leads on how I may get a work visa in freelance style creative arts industry?

  5. Dear Sir/Madam.
    I want a job in Czech Republic as a salesman or any suitable post..I have 15years sales experience on cars and Motorcycles spare parts & accessories. You can also recruit me Departmental store’s salesman, Hotels, Fast food, Restaurants jobs and any others. I am Higher Secondary certificate pass.I can speak in English. Thank you.

    Sincerely Yours
    Md. Azizur Rahman.
    Country: Bangladesh.
    Email :

  6. Hello Anna
    I´m moving from Brazil to Brno in the next few months, I already have a job in the
    Branch of technology, but my wife does not have a job in Brno yet.
    She is a Nurse with university degree from Brazil and 6 years of expirience, do you have any idea if is possible work with nursing in Brno with Brazilian degree?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello Rodrigo
      If you are still looking for a job for your wife – I can offer a place in customer service field. The only requirement is a good English
      Please send CV to
      Thanks, Helena

  7. Hello Anna,
    I am an English teacher from Macedonia. I am not an EU citizen but I read on the Czech Embassy site that teachers of English are required in smaller towns in the Czech Republic, and that our diplomas are accepted. I have a university diploma and I already teach English in my home town. My husband wants to find a job in the Czech Republic so I started searching a teaching post there too. I find it difficult since I do not have any sites or e-mail addressees from schools. I would appreciate any help from you.

  8. Hello anna
    I’m from morocoo I’m 27year old i have diplomat of electricity I’m looking for a job in Czech I can do anything just I want work there ,so how can I find job there ,please I need your help and thank you in advance

  9. Good Day,
    Im 29yrs old A nurse from the Philippines with 7yrs experience which includes clinical settings and as an Academic Instructor in a university. I will be going through a nursing adaptaion program in Czech Republic and am in need of a partime job. I hope you can help meI badly need it!
    Thank you very much!!

  10. Hello Anna,
    I am a Indian and I know English and basic Deutsch.I want to get a job in Prague into SAP entry level in any kind like (logistics,HR) I have a MBA degree with HR with finance specialisation.I am very eager to get a job.

    Kindly please please please advice me for my future.

  11. Good day dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Ramiz and I’m from Baku. Recently came back from Prague where I was looking for job opportunities in sales, engineering, business development etc. At the moment working for “Halliburton Energy Services” company as an engineer. Have a successful track of completed courses together with job trainings and projects in Indonesia, USA and Scotland. Have knowledge and competency certificates on Technical Sales, International Business, Leadership & Commitment and other sales and engineering programs. Excellent Presentation and Public Speaking skills.

    Also have an experience of working in hotel management combining my university studies with part-time work at international brands such as Park INN Hotels and Hyatt Regency Hotels.
    Worked in USA and Indonesia.

    Fluently speak Russian and English. Turkish and Czech languages are advanced.

    We can discuss more things via:

    Phone number: +994507385527
    Skype: ramiz.tamazanov
    or email address:
    Kind regards,
    Ramiz Tamazanov

  12. If you wish to work in USA get back to me as House Maid and Driver. andersonhall939(at)

  13. Hi Anna,

    I am a Indian and I know English well. I want to get a job in Prague into as System analyst or IT infrastructure entry level in any kind like (Network Admin, System Administrator) I have a Bachelors degree with Computer Application with Network specialization and Certification. I am very eager to get a job. Please let me know if by any way I can help organization with my side of knowledge and please let me know if you need any further information from my side.

    Looking forward to have a conversation soon!!!

    Ashutosh Arya

  14. Hello, I am Danny Ngubu aged 19. I’m a Zambian citizen but I’m none EU.
    Anyone interested in hiring in customer service field or a maid in the Czech Republic or USA contact me on +260971663258 that’s my WhatsApp Number or my Email:
    Thank You.

  15. Good Day,

    I am a 29 year old academic from South Africa. Holder of a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry with 5 years of teaching/ research experience. I am already staying in the CR (Long stay permit) conducting research at UCT Prague (sabbatical visit). Any full-time openings which will allow for sponsorship to continue staying in Praha? I speak English/Afrikaans fluently and French on A2 level.


  16. Hello,
    Good Day!

    I am actively seeking IT role in any location in CZ or EU.
    I have 20 years (14 Months in Tokyo) experience in IT Infrastructure role and currently working in IBM, India. I am good in the English communication.
    I am open and flexible with job role, salary and location.

    Could anyone please help and guide me to seek any job in CZ/EU?
    Thanking you,
    Kind regards
    Debashish Roy
    +91 90522 22118

  17. Hi, my name is Rubens, I am from Brazil and I am living here on CR, in Brno. I am professional maritime crew with many courses and professional license, professional security (ex legionary), I worked also as computer technician ,so I would like to work around Brno .I speak english, spanish, portuguese, basic french and basic czech. Thanks.

  18. Hi Anna,

    My name is Sally, i am 33 years old with 11 years of experience in Marketing. I am Egyptian but have beeb living my whole life in Dubai. I have applied couple of times in Prague but the answers were mainly they need Czech speakers. Can you advice?


    Sally Basha

  19. Hi!

    Currently i am working in saudi arabia for almost 4 years as warehouse supervisor with experienced in forklift driving. Im from Philippines. My query is that, how can i apply job for Czech Republic? Have any idea how i can get working visa/employer or any chances? Ive seen job opening for filipinos in Czech but the problem is that I have to go to philippines, which it find me difficult since i am here in saudi arabia.

    Thanks and Best,


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