Finding a Job in the Czech Republic

Since such corporate monsters like HP, ExxonMobil and Amazon opened their offices in Czech Republic, it became a very lucrative location for job hunters. It’s common for the employees to move offices within one company, as well as for people search for jobs without being attached to one particular country. What’s the situation on Czech jobs market? Is it worth relocating to Czech Republic to find a better job? Let’s take a closer look!

Chances of getting a job

 Before making the final step and actually making a move to live abroad, you’d better evaluate all pros and cons of the idea. What will be your chances of getting a job in Czech Republic? As long as you speak English, your chances will be hard to beat! While Czech language is still an important requirement among local companies, many international enterprises treat English as their corporate language. Same applies for tourist field, where Czech isn’t necessary at all.

Work in Czech Republic

What about the paperwork?

In case you are a EU citizen, you’ll share the same rights as Czech citizens. Therefore, you won’t need any work permit. Just sign a contract with your new employer and roll into a new role. For non-EU citizens a special Employee card should be issued, which is a matter of some time, but it’s completely achievable and shouldn’t prevent you from getting your dream job. Be sure to take a look at our Immigration process article, where we talk in details about the administration and work permits.

Major fields

It’s not so easy to provide any statistics on which are the perfect fields for foreign employees in Czech Republic, however here are some major ones:

  • IT / electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • Financial and banking services
  • Tourism
  • Construction and engineering
  • Leisure and lifestyle

Don’t get upset if you haven’t found your particular specialty on this list. As mentioned above, it’s hard to give any forecast on what jobs will be on demand next.

Jobs in engineering field
Jobs in engineering field

Application process

As anywhere else around Europe, application process in Czech Republic includes sending your CV together with a cover letter to a potential employer. With a bit of luck you get invited for the interview. There might be several rounds of interviewing process, which, in case of success, end up with contract signing. At we can help you improve your CV as well as advise you on the cover letter and how to present yourself during the interview.

Local employers worth checking out:

CEZ group, Agrofert, Zentiva, Škoda, Budweiser Budvar, Pilsner Urquell, RWE, Unipetrol.

Annie Fed

106 thoughts on “Finding a Job in the Czech Republic

  1. Thanks Anna. Do you know of any Czech job placement agency that would work with foreigners?

    1. I would like to come czech republic because I want to gain more experience n make my family future bright n secured .

    2. Hi, Anna.How are you? Hope you can help me too. I looking for a job , any field is ok. I can speak English well, even customers service , i graduated degree of computer science , i studied computer web design, had a caregiver course, studied food technology can work as a chef too, or eve n household job or nanny job it doesn’t matter. I can teach as well for kids or even in care home or nursing home its ok. Hope you can help me to find job. Thank you. Regards, Merlu

      1. Hi Merlu,

        thank you very much for reaching out to us! You can try to search for a job online on sites like or You can also check out our e-book about getting a job in the Czech Republic.

        Kind regards,


  2. Hi Diego,

    Although I am a foreigner myself in CZ, I manage the local branch of REED in Brno which is a global recruitment firm with offices also in Prague so I am happy to help.

    We do work with foreigners and locals so feel free to send me your CV to and I’ll pass it onto the appropriate recruiter either in Prague or Brno.

    All the best!

    1. I’m a qualified and competent receptionist and have Embassy experience.

      1. I’m live in Zimbabwe,very hard working lady.i speak fluent English and basic Spanish

    2. hello Mr.Samuel i am a mechanical engineer with 8 years of experience ,and i would like to contact you by email with my cv.

      1. Hello Basel,

        Thank you for you comment! If you’re looking for a job, we strongly suggest you to purchase this e-book which will tell you everything about job search in the Czech Republic.

        Kind regards,

    3. Hi, Samuel.
      I am a looking for a job too.
      Do you know agency who can help with me? I wanted to work in Czeck, now i am in Bulgaria. I finished Computer Science , any field , had a caregiver course as well, i had food tech can be a chef too.
      Thank you . Hope you can help me.

  3. Dear receptionist

    I am foreign student in Czech Republic and I only communicate in English.

    I will be grateful if you can recruite me in any part-time job which maybe ascoltabile.

  4. I’m an American who is interested in the Czech Film World. Any leads on how I may get a work visa in freelance style creative arts industry?

    1. Did you find a job in the film industry and if so how?! My wish is to be a set dresser.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam.
    I want a job in Czech Republic as a salesman or any suitable post..I have 15years sales experience on cars and Motorcycles spare parts & accessories. You can also recruit me Departmental store’s salesman, Hotels, Fast food, Restaurants jobs and any others. I am Higher Secondary certificate pass.I can speak in English. Thank you.

    Sincerely Yours
    Md. Azizur Rahman.
    Country: Bangladesh.
    Email :

  6. Hello Anna
    I´m moving from Brazil to Brno in the next few months, I already have a job in the
    Branch of technology, but my wife does not have a job in Brno yet.
    She is a Nurse with university degree from Brazil and 6 years of expirience, do you have any idea if is possible work with nursing in Brno with Brazilian degree?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello Rodrigo
      If you are still looking for a job for your wife – I can offer a place in customer service field. The only requirement is a good English
      Please send CV to
      Thanks, Helena

      1. Hi, Helena.
        How are you?
        Hope you can help me too.
        I looking for a job , any field is ok. I can speak English well, even customers service , i graduated degree of computer science , i studied computer web design, had a caregiver course, studied food technology can work as a chef too, or eve n household job or nanny job it doesn’t matter.
        I can teach as well for kids or even in care home or nursing home its ok.
        Hope you can help me to find job.
        Thank you.

  7. Hello Anna,
    I am an English teacher from Macedonia. I am not an EU citizen but I read on the Czech Embassy site that teachers of English are required in smaller towns in the Czech Republic, and that our diplomas are accepted. I have a university diploma and I already teach English in my home town. My husband wants to find a job in the Czech Republic so I started searching a teaching post there too. I find it difficult since I do not have any sites or e-mail addressees from schools. I would appreciate any help from you.

  8. Hello anna
    I’m from morocoo I’m 27year old i have diplomat of electricity I’m looking for a job in Czech I can do anything just I want work there ,so how can I find job there ,please I need your help and thank you in advance

      1. Hi Helena,

        Hope you are doing well
        I see this discussion really interesting and I’m really interested for customer support positions.
        My email is


  9. Good Day,
    Im 29yrs old A nurse from the Philippines with 7yrs experience which includes clinical settings and as an Academic Instructor in a university. I will be going through a nursing adaptaion program in Czech Republic and am in need of a partime job. I hope you can help meI badly need it!
    Thank you very much!!

  10. Hello Anna,
    I am a Indian and I know English and basic Deutsch.I want to get a job in Prague into SAP entry level in any kind like (logistics,HR) I have a MBA degree with HR with finance specialisation.I am very eager to get a job.

    Kindly please please please advice me for my future.

  11. Good day dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Ramiz and I’m from Baku. Recently came back from Prague where I was looking for job opportunities in sales, engineering, business development etc. At the moment working for “Halliburton Energy Services” company as an engineer. Have a successful track of completed courses together with job trainings and projects in Indonesia, USA and Scotland. Have knowledge and competency certificates on Technical Sales, International Business, Leadership & Commitment and other sales and engineering programs. Excellent Presentation and Public Speaking skills.

    Also have an experience of working in hotel management combining my university studies with part-time work at international brands such as Park INN Hotels and Hyatt Regency Hotels.
    Worked in USA and Indonesia.

    Fluently speak Russian and English. Turkish and Czech languages are advanced.

    We can discuss more things via:

    Phone number: +994507385527
    Skype: ramiz.tamazanov
    or email address:
    Kind regards,
    Ramiz Tamazanov

  12. If you wish to work in USA get back to me as House Maid and Driver. andersonhall939(at)

    1. Hi dear Mr Robert, my name is Shafie and iam an ex Muslim and living in Kabul Afghanistan , if your work is still available I want to work with you

  13. Hi Anna,

    I am a Indian and I know English well. I want to get a job in Prague into as System analyst or IT infrastructure entry level in any kind like (Network Admin, System Administrator) I have a Bachelors degree with Computer Application with Network specialization and Certification. I am very eager to get a job. Please let me know if by any way I can help organization with my side of knowledge and please let me know if you need any further information from my side.

    Looking forward to have a conversation soon!!!

    Ashutosh Arya

  14. Hello, I am Danny Ngubu aged 19. I’m a Zambian citizen but I’m none EU.
    Anyone interested in hiring in customer service field or a maid in the Czech Republic or USA contact me on +260971663258 that’s my WhatsApp Number or my Email:
    Thank You.

  15. Good Day,

    I am a 29 year old academic from South Africa. Holder of a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry with 5 years of teaching/ research experience. I am already staying in the CR (Long stay permit) conducting research at UCT Prague (sabbatical visit). Any full-time openings which will allow for sponsorship to continue staying in Praha? I speak English/Afrikaans fluently and French on A2 level.


  16. Hello,
    Good Day!

    I am actively seeking IT role in any location in CZ or EU.
    I have 20 years (14 Months in Tokyo) experience in IT Infrastructure role and currently working in IBM, India. I am good in the English communication.
    I am open and flexible with job role, salary and location.

    Could anyone please help and guide me to seek any job in CZ/EU?
    Thanking you,
    Kind regards
    Debashish Roy
    +91 90522 22118

  17. Hi, my name is Rubens, I am from Brazil and I am living here on CR, in Brno. I am professional maritime crew with many courses and professional license, professional security (ex legionary), I worked also as computer technician ,so I would like to work around Brno .I speak english, spanish, portuguese, basic french and basic czech. Thanks.

  18. Hi Anna,

    My name is Sally, i am 33 years old with 11 years of experience in Marketing. I am Egyptian but have beeb living my whole life in Dubai. I have applied couple of times in Prague but the answers were mainly they need Czech speakers. Can you advice?


    Sally Basha

    1. Hi Sally Basha,
      How are you, If you are still interested to work in Poland or Czech ? if yes then pls forward me your CV.

      1. I am having five year job experience in the IT industry and very much fluent in English language.I lived in Europe about more than 6 years.

      2. Hello,

        May I ask what knind of job you are offering? I am Ukrainian with 2 years of experience in Purchasing within international companies.

        Thank you a lot in advance.

      3. Hi,
        My name is Amiya . I am from India. I am a graduate and having 15 years of experience in restaurant management. If is there any job for me, please help me to work in czech republic.
        Please contact me on

  19. Hi!

    Currently i am working in saudi arabia for almost 4 years as warehouse supervisor with experienced in forklift driving. Im from Philippines. My query is that, how can i apply job for Czech Republic? Have any idea how i can get working visa/employer or any chances? Ive seen job opening for filipinos in Czech but the problem is that I have to go to philippines, which it find me difficult since i am here in saudi arabia.

    Thanks and Best,


  20. Hello,
    My name is Sonya. I am from Bulgaria. I am looking for a job in Tcheque Republic. I speak English and French fluently. I am interested in Customer Service. If you have some suitable job offers for me, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will send you a CV.

  21. Good Day.

    I am a call center agent in Philippines and it is united states base company.I’ve working woth the company for almost 8 years and I am under graduate.My educational background is that I studied information technology for 2 years.I have part time job before as cashier in a store and a nanny.Any job offer available for me in CZ?.


  22. How to apply job in czech?i speak English and basic Deutsch language.thanks

    1. Hi Camille.
      How are you , I hope you are doing well. Are you still interested to work in Poland or Czech? if yes then send me your Cv.

      1. HI, i want to work in Czechia. Please contact me by email. azerbaijan1991(at)
        Please give your email address, I will send you my CV

      2. Hi I am Vikas from India . I have 6 years experience in BPO in the field of accounting . I speak fluent English and Spanish . Please help

      3. hi, my name is rediet ayalew. I am from Ethiopia. I have a degree with sociology and a masters with project management. I have 4 years and 5 months experience. I want to get hired and worked in Czech republic or Poland, can you help me please? thanks

        1. Hi Rediet,

          thank you for reaching out to us! We prepared a basic guide for finding a job in the Czech Republic for people like you. Hope this helps 🙂

          Kind regards,


  23. Hi! I’ve been working in Dubai for more than 8 years as a Document Controller cum Site Secretary in a land developer. Whilst in the Philippines, I have worked as a Quality Engineer for several years in Manufacturing Industries. Where can I send my application?

  24. Dobre Den!
    my name is Emad from Egypt. i am mechanical engineer with some front end development experience . i am fluent in English and Arabic and know basic french and Czech.i also did work in Teleperformance Egypt as a technical support/customer support. i am actually looking for a work in czech republic because my girlfriend is Czech and i would appreciate any advice/help regarding this

    here is my CV link :

    thanks in advance

  25. Hi.
    Im Joseph Pahayac from the Philippines, but currently working now here in Saudi Arabia for almost Machine Operator. I just want to apply in Czech Republic related to my position.I hope I can find job here. Thank you.

  26. Hi , im oliver dela paz, a senior system analyst in the field of Information Technology. I been here in KSA for almost years. i want to apply for a job there in Czech Republic. I hope you can find me one since your country needs an IT staff. thank you

  27. Hi Anna,

    I am Dr.Priyanka Srivastava with more than 10 years of experience in Quality Sector. I deal with quality checks of pathology testing labs in India as per international standards of ISO and looking for a suitable role in Czech. I speak fluent English. I have a research background (M.Sc, P.hD.). Can you help me?

  28. Hi My name is Karan and am from India.
    Am working with IBM from last 7 and half years as lead operations in Finance. I have worked on different projects. i do have 5 years of exp. in AR and cash application. In that project i got chance to visit Prague for some knowledge transfer in Jarden company.
    And i do have 2 and half years of exp in project management.
    Now i wanted to get job in Prague. what is the process and how i can get job in Prague.
    Could you please advise.

  29. Hi Anna,
    My name is Nicolás Mulfetti, am located in Argentina now, working in IBM Operations for 10 years now. Am fluent in english and native in spanish, am 33 years old and single, I have passport but not EU citizenship. I have an incomplete degree organic agriculture.

    I read in facebook that job marketplace open positions are increasing fast, with average salaries of 1100Euros. I would relocate if there is a job for me, would you send me some information please?

    Kind regards,

  30. Dear Annie,

    I am an experienced Event Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry for over 5 years in Dubai, UAE. Skilled in Negotiation, Event Management, Market Research, and Research and Development (R&D). Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Business Management focused in Marketing/Marketing Management.

    I would like to know what is the job market and opportunities in Czech Republic in the events industry for someone of my caliber.

    Best Regards
    Ruqiya Shariff

  31. Dear Annie

    Hi i am working in telecom company as Sales planning manager and have experience of 10 years, i am looking for opportunities in czech republic. kindly contact me

  32. Hi, Anna
    I’m Ukrainian, have been leaving in the Moldova Republic for more than 10 years. My husband is going to work in Czech R. at one factory, I want to go with him and take kids as well. I can’t work with my husband at the factory because it takes too many hours per day (more than 10), I would like to find a part-time job or job with the flexible schedule over there with all my skills and experience. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian – conversational, English, Basic Hebrew (want to improve 😊 ), have a several years experience in customer support (English-Russian), etc. I can send my CV and cover letter if you provide me with an appropriate email.
    Do I have any chance? Do you work with Ukrainians?
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  33. Hai Anna
    Am from India and am working as an accountant for last 5 years.
    I am really interested to work in Czech republic.,so that I need your kind advise.
    Please help me to find a job, similar or in any other departments.
    Am holding a bachelor’s degree.


  34. Hi,

    I am a filipino currently working in louny,cz in an automotive company but still trying to find some job which is really near at prague or maybe in prague. I’ve been here in cz almost 4yrs. I was working before at teleplan for more than 3yrs. I am a very hard working employee… maybe you can help me to find some jobs near in prague 🙂 IT/electronics … leisure and lifestyle will be fit to me also but I can adopt in any jobs 🙂 and also i am a fast leaner … please do contact me if you have some spare time… thanks and looking forward that you could help me.

    thanks again and goodnight!

    1. Hi Erizza Bazan,

      Can you recommend some job portals where I can look for employers who are willing to sponsor work permit in Czech Republic? I have 8 yrs work experience in the BPO / Call Center industry as Reports Analyst in the Philippines.

      Any suggestion or recommendation will be very helpful. Thanks 🙂

  35. Hello,

    My husband is trying to find an IT position in the Czech Republic. He is currently working for DELL as an advisory systems engineer. He doesnt speak Czech and he could get residency status through me because I am already living in the Czech Republic and i am a czech Citizen. Any ideas? Thanks…

  36. Good Day!
    I’m Renier I’m a Filipino and I’m here at Prague I currently work for an e-commerce company in a warehouse as packaging operator but I’m a graduate of Industrial Engineering in the Philippines I have experienced in Semi conductors / Electronics company and a Cross duck logistics company. My contract for my current compang is 1 year but I want to work and use my Industrial Engineering degree my contract will end July 2019 next year. Could someone help me. I speak English fluent and know a little and basic Czech language but willing to learn new language.

    Thank you.

  37. Good day,
    Am ‘Niyi from Lagos Nigeria am a bank teller with seven years experience.
    please, how can I get job in Czech republic from Nigeria and relocate?

    Thank you.

  38. Hello.
    I am from Azerbaijan.
    I have 15 years experience. 3 years sales man of chocolate. 3 years supervisor in sale of chocolate. 2 years brand menecer in chocolate market.
    3 years marketing director in chocolate sfera and 2 years commercial director.
    of chocolate factory. 3 years general director of chocolate factory.
    I look for job in chocolate field in Czech.
    Thank you!

  39. Hello.
    I am from Azerbaijan.
    I have 15 years experience. 3 years sales man of chocolate. 3 years supervisor in sale of chocolate. 2 years brand menecer in chocolate market.
    3 years marketing director in chocolate sfera and 2 years commercial director.
    of chocolate factory. 3 years general director of chocolate factory.
    I look for job in chocolate field in Czech republic
    Thank you!

  40. Hello

    I’m Glenn 36yrs old from Australia
    I am a fully licensed contractor with 19yrs experience in the Plumbing industry and have a vast background of knowledge in construction overall.
    Are there any positions available in the Plumbing or construction fields.

    Many thanks

  41. Just a mention, If you are looking for a job in Architecture as I was English is no help. You must speak Czech.

  42. Hello,
    Kindly asking for your advise. I am from Macedonia and I have already found a job in Prague the only issue is that I don’t have a university diploma for a skilled position so the Labor Office may decline my application. I have other professional certificates as the job is a bit specific in the field of mechanical industry, so what do you think is there any chance to get the approval of the application and is ti worth it to try and submit an application without university diploma? I would really appreciate your answer. Thank you. All the best.

  43. Dear sir/madam,

    Hope you’re are doing well.
    I am an Indian citizen, wish to work in Czech republic.I have completed 3 year diploma in electronics engineering and having 3.5 years of work experience in Quality & Reliability department.
    Electronics Production experience/Our company production basically for Indian defence and Aerospace sector.
    If any suitable job for me means, please kindly contact me.
    Thank you for the time.
    Grinto Varghese
    Mail ID:

  44. Myself Debasish Tamuli..I am from India..I have completed Master of Engineering in Chemical and I have more then three years working experience in related field…I am looking for job in Czech republic…I want to know about chemical engineers requirements in Czech republic.

  45. Hi Anna,

    I am a married Surinamese who speaks fluent DUTCH and ENGLISH currently working in South Africa who is more then ready to move with her husband . Other then that I am also a “Performance Driven Customer Service Analyst” with high knowledge of Customer Service Experience within IBM South Africa bringing in business acumen and record of achievements developed in over 10 years’ career. Sufficient experience in Customer Service and Operational management operations with an aim to accomplish and to always MEET and EXCEED the customers expectations successfully. Sponsorship for work visa is needed in this case because i am a non EU passport holder. Can u perhaps recommend me or [provide me with details were i can send my CV.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards
    Saffiera Breidel

  46. Hi Anna,
    My name is matin javidan, am located in Iran now, but I will come to CZ 3 to 4 months later and I want to work and find a job to live this country sister and son in law are living in CZ son in law is citizen of the Cz..
    My major is accounting and I am graduated from the one if the my hometown university ..I have got bachelor and master in accounting ..
    I have been teaching accounting in one of my local university of Iran since 2017 and work as accountant for one year in a local company ..
    And have bunch of scientic research..
    My soecial skills are Miscrosoft word and Excel and also good comunication and perseverance and hard working ..
    I want to get a job to be allowed to being lived in CZ ..any job with low income would be appreciated..and my level of English is good
    I am really looking forward to sending a message ..
    Best regards

  47. hi
    im ajeez from india, english speaking and 54 years of age. looking for a job in cz in travel/tourism. can relocate if u find a suitable employer.please inform salary details.

  48. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am an expert in production and sale of Asian traditional confectionery, sweets, bakery items and food staff. Please, help to find a proper employer to contact in order to invest my skills in his business expansion and development.
    Objective: To get a position of a sale-assistant
    Summary: A sale-consultant with more than three years of experience and a sale-assistant with two years, growing in food industry preparing and selling different kinds of sweets, food and other ingredients, and shaping and cooking confectionery, like cakes.
    • Flexible to work independently and in team
    • Ability to do practical and manual work
    • Habit of keeping the working environment clean
    • Follow rules and orders and arrange things or actions in order
    • Have creative and artistic skills.

  49. Hello dear,
    My name is Umair, from Pakistan. I am 25 years old and I have done my graduation in human nutrition and my M.phill (Master of philosophy) in Food safety and quality management.
    I want to work in CZ as I can speak English fluently. Please help me, how can I get a job there.

    1. Hello Umair,

      Thank you for your comment! If you want to find a job in the Czech Republic, we strongly recommend you to purchase our e-book where you can find everything about job search in Czechia.

      Kind regards,

  50. Dear sir or madam
    I am an English Teacher with more than 10 years experiance .I have been teaching English for EFL students in differant levels with master university degree . Im not EU citizen .Im really hard working and had a 30 days trip to cz 2 months ago with my family there .im really interested in working in every city of czeck republic .
    Looks forward to hearing from you soon .
    Yours soncerely

    1. Thank you for your comment! If you want to find a job in the Czech Republic, we strongly recommend you to purchase our e-book where you can find everything about job search in Czechia.

      Kind regards,

  51. I dear sir / madam
    I am looking for a chef job in Czech republic . I have 7 years experience in hotel industry. For me please contact me any consideration . I am from Sri Lanka.

    1. Hello Nuwan,

      Thank you for your comment! If you want to find a job in the Czech Republic, we strongly recommend you to purchase our e-book where you can find everything about job search in Czechia.

      Kind regards,

  52. I’m a foreigner And I would like to work in the Czech Republic. I only speak English at this time. I would like to work in Ostrava or brno. I also booked a trip to come to the Czech Republic in august of 2020. I also learned it takes 3 to 4 months to get a work permit. I would like to have a job and work permit before I get their. I only have labor janitorial retail and customer service skills.

  53. Hi There
    I just stumble on your website when I was looking at job prospect in Brno.
    I am UK citizen and married to a Czech national.
    I also can confirm that I attended Brno Technical university, graduated in 1990 and I speak fluent czech. I worked in Brno for one year after graduation. My two kids were also born in the Czeck Republic.
    We are planning to move back because of Brexit but not sure if I will get a job there.

    1. Hello Vincent,

      Thank you for your question. We do not provide any job offers, but you will encounter any issues regarding visa, immigration or accommodation, feel free to contact us at

      Kind regards,

  54. Hi my name is Micheal Isaiah from Nigeria
    An air condition technician, right now am in Jordan but I want to relocate to Czech republic I graduated from technical college as an agric mechanic I can even do any other craft work too, Thanks

    1. Hello,

      thank you for reaching out to us! You can try to find your job online on sites like or Some information can also be found here. If you have any specific questions, I recommend you to schedule a consultation – my colleagues will gladly help you!

      Kind regards,


  55. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Iam Moataz from Egypt. Am architecture engineer and I would like to find a job opportunity as architect or interior designer in Czech. and I hope when you check my resume you can find it can fit work requirements. So could you please guid me where to send and how I can relocate to Czech.
    I will wait your reply soon.

  56. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    My name is Ernesto Gonzales Jr. I’m from Philippines but I’m already here in Czech Republuc looking to a job that suits my category as a welder Tig, Smaw, Mig, Saw welding processes.
    Thank’s for the help.

    1. Hi Ernesto,

      thank you very much for reaching out to us! You can try to search for a job online on sites like or You can also check out our e-book about getting a job in the Czech Republic.

      Kind regards,


  57. Hello Sir/Madam

    I am a competent Customer Service Agent with social and technical skills(experience 3 years). I do also have experience of finance, specifically Transfer Pricing(experience 2 years). I am a Turkish citizen and will need visa sponsorship in order to work in Czech Republic. Any help would be more than great. Thank you all. Stay safe.

  58. hello Sir/Mam,

    My name is Alexander and i am UG from india. I have my B. tech degree in naval architecture and ship building and have no experience. I am look for a job as Naval Architect, is it possible for me to get a job and how.
    Thank you for your help,

    1. Hi Alexander,

      considering that the Czech Republic is a landlocked country, I am not quite sure how big demand there is for people with your qualification. You can, however, take a look at the job offers at or Perhaps you’ll be able to find yourself a job that would suit you 🙂

      Kind regards,


  59. Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    My name is Nikola and i am from Serbia.I have many years of experience in production lines, specifically in the automotive industry. I would like to express my great desire to work in the Czech Republic, due to personal development, economic stability and many other aspects that affect living a decent life. Is it possible for me to get a job and how.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hello Nikola,

      The best way of finding a job in the Czech Republic is by approaching the company you’d like to work for, or at websites such as or

      Kind regards,


  60. Hello, I am a Ugandan citizen and very much interested in working in Czech republic,but I am only a diploma holder in education secondary,teaching physics ad mathematics. But I am ready to do any kind of job in that place what can I do if I am to succeed?

    1. Hi Timaali,

      there are many possible ways of getting a job in the Czech Republic, often depending on the position that you’d like. You can try, for example, sites like or If you’d like to discuss this with someone in-depth, you can schedule a consultation with our experts.

      Kind regards,


  61. Hi can i ask why czechia ? I am from Czechia and i looking for. Life and jobs in other countryes ..We had a bad economy too . We just had good bread and beer thats all what we have … e mail why you looking for work in czechia pleaase i am really.interested 😀

    1. Hi Lukáš,
      I believe Czechia is popular with foreigners because there are a lot of opportunities in big companies such as Bohemia Interactive or IBM in Brno. Young people also come here from all over the world to study. But I’m sure someone will tell you in more of a detail from their personal experience :).

  62. Hello
    My name is Reza,im a foreigner from indonesia,25 years old and high school diploma and i can speak english.Im interesting to looking for any job in Czech to change my life and looking for a new journey.any jobs field will help me a lot thanks.

    1. Hi Reza! We are glad to hear that you’d like to relocate to the Czech Republic!

      Are you in the Czech Republic already? We don’t help expats find jobs, but once you do find a job, we can help you get all the permits you need! Here are some of the Czech job portals you should be checking regularly if you’re looking for a job:

      Best of luck with your job-hunt,

  63. Hi Everyone,

    I have moved to Czech Republic and am looking for the job in the field of Administration/Support/Coordination. Since I am from Non-IT background I am finding it really difficult to get the job. I have applied for most of the jobs but got rejection with the reason I dont know any third language. If anybody to help me out as its been long and did not received even a single call for the job interview.

    1. Hi Vartika,
      Sadly we are not a recruitment agency. But once you do get a job, we’d love to help you out with all the immigration and relocation matters.
      In the meantime, I’d recommend LinkedIn for job search or participating in JobSpin – more info at


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