Authentic Places Where You Can Find Great Food from Abroad, Part 2

All the restaurants in the Czech Republic have closed again due to coronavirus countermeasures, so there’s no possibility to have dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or you miss food from your country and don’t know where to find it? I wrote the second list of great restaurants for you, where you can order delicious food online

I suppose most of you when you would like to order something online at a place you have never been before, you are comparing the rating, time of deliveries, and prices. I always did it before and it took so much time. Isn’t it annoying when you are truly hungry? That’s why I have prepared for you the second list of my favorite places, to save your time.  In the previous article , I wrote about some Russian and French places in Prague and also about some places in Brno and Břeclav. Today, we will look at the restaurants in the capital city.

Let’s Support Local restaurants and Order Food Online!

I should confess that I am a big fan of Georgian cuisine. You could understand it from my previous suggestions. This time I would like to recommend to you the best Georgian restaurant in Prague, called Gruzie.  You can order food through their Facebook chatbot, Wolt, or they even have their own delivery. 

Restaurant Gruzie is one of the most authentic places in Prague.

The second recommendation would be a Mexican place Burrito Loco. You can order delicious burritos, quesadilla, or taco, choose different types of meat and add extra avocado. Of course, they also offer vegan versions! They have 10 franchises around Prague, so it would always be one close to your district and you definitely will not have to wait for delivery for so long. And they are open till early morning! 

Asian Vibes 

The third place, I would like to suggest is Wokin, it’s an Asian bistro with an interesting concept. As a first step, you choose the ingredients according to your taste. Then you can add noodles or rice with meat, tofu, vegetables, and crispy sprinkles. And of course, you can complete the taste experience with one of the Asian sauces, prepared according to their own recipes.

Order your favorite cuisine online, for example at Wolt.

American style 

And of course the list with the food places cant exist without burgers! Joy burger is one of the best places in Prague, where you can order amazing burgers! What I really like is that you can choose the type of bread there, wholemeal or gluten-free. They serve each burger with french fries and have so many different types of burgers. And of course also a veggie burger!

So where will you order food first? We have other articles in our blog, where you can find different interesting tips on how to spend productive time at home or staying productive and healthy during the pandemic.

Yulia Ivanova

"As I am also an expat in the Czech Republic so I know and understand well how hard it is to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, I am here for you to share my experience, and I do my best to help you.

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