Hike and wine tasting trip with Foreigners.cz Brno!

Are you sick and tired of spending the weekends around Brno’s pubs or in the busy tourists’ cities? Do you need some different and unforgettable experience, and a weekend full of powerful emotions? No problem! Foreigners.cz Brno has a very attractive offer for you – a weekend of hiking and wine tasting!

Wine cellar, Hustopeče


We perfectly know that a glass of wine tastes so much better once you’ve trekked sweatily to get it! So, we decided to combine the useful and the pleasant! Join us and other expats on Saturday (12th March) for a day of hiking and an evening of wine tasting and delicious food at a local wine cellar.

We are taking you to the picturesque town of Hustopeče. It lies in the heart of South Moravia (close to Brno), in a landscape bathed in sunbeams, covered with vineyards, fruit and almond trees.

The area has one of the warmest climates in the Czech Republic, which is favourable for growing quality grapes and fruits, and for attracting tourists. Hustopeče is perfect also for hiking because of the nice valleys surrounding the town.

Almond gardens, Hustopeče
Almond gardens, Hustopeče


Foreigners.cz Brno’s hike and wine tasting trip to Hustopeče will take place on the weekend 12th – 13th March. The price of the trip is 1400 CZK incl. VAT. It includes programme for 2 days, accommodation for 1 night, wine tasting and production excursion, dinner and no limit wine consumption in the wine cellar. The price doesn’t include transportation and optional programme. However, the town is well accessible by public transport. 

Saturday programme 1 pm – meeting in Šakvice/Hustopeče From 5 pm – Wine tasting and production excursion, dinner and partying in the wine cellar Optional (not included in the price): Metaxa Honey Party in Retro music club (link https://www.facebook.com/events/1554366208214248/)

  Sunday programme Walk to Almond park (Mandloňové sady) in Hustopeče Optional (not included in the price): late lunch at Barrio Gotico Cafe (gourmet restaurant)

  Detailed programme will be sent to all participants, sign up here! Your place will be confirmed after your payment. Payment can be done at our office or online. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail at nadya@foreigners.cz! We are looking forward to spending an awesome weekend with you!

Nadya Dyakova

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