Summer Inhabitans of Domeq: Young Adults from Children’s Homes

Domeq has recently embarked on a meaningful project that offers a helping hand to children from children’s homes. These children have the opportunity to try their own way of being independent in Brno.

Of the children’s homes in the Czech Republic, 3 ones were selected and their children who just turned 18 years old or are about to spend their summer holidays at Domeq. The boys and girls attend summer school so they improve their knowledge in mathematics and English, for example. They also work various summer jobs. The aim of the project is to prepare children for leaving the gates of children’s homes.

Roman France, one of the participants of the project, said about his stay at Domeq:

It is a good accommodation, one learns to look after a household and can freely decide. We could  choose the job, I’m just working at the post office. There is a lot of work , but I enjoy. What’s important, I’m attending training courses. I have an English, math and cooking course. All the lecturers are very good at teaching.

The new inhabitants of Domeq discovering Brno.

Children enjoy independent living in Domeq during the summer holidays.

As you can see, Domeq innovative accommodation in the wider center of Brno, a building inspired by the industrial architecture of the 19th century is no longer just an international place to meet new friends, rest and work but also a venue that enables new, valuable experiences to local community.

Find more information about Domeq here.

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