Domeq Operations Coordinator Veronika: Working in Domeq is Exciting!

Veronika is probably the first person you will meet in Domeq, which is a new living concept providing affordable and stylish accommodation in Brno. This is a new project that Foreigners take cares of.

Veronika is always friendly and smiling and tries to find harmony both at work and in her personal life. After the fourth month on her position, we asked Veronika how it feels like working at Foreigners. 

Veronika Svobodová

Veronika, what do you do at Foreigners and how long have you been working here?

Oh, I will start with the second part. I came to Foreigners approximately 4 months ago. But before that, I used to work for them already. We’ve cooperated about 2,5 years after I left university. But it felt like 5 because it was so intense and full of experience! After that, I got a tour around other types of employment only to arrive at the conclusion that Foreigners is still the best choice for me. So, 4 months ago I came back! Now I take care of Domeq, I am responsible for bringing the new tenants here, which answers the first part of the question 🙂

What is your favourite part of the working in Domeq?

I think that is yet to come. I really want it to be full because I like meeting people. I cannot wait for the lobby to come to live, so I can just talk to the people and see that they are happy. But so far it has been the visits. Every time for every type of visit different type of person comes with a different story to tell. That is very enriching for me.

What will you do when Domeq is full?

Well, it will be probably a big challenge, there will be a lot of requirements because there will be a lot of tenants (an author’s note: there are 159 units in Domeq). I guess I will help them with the potential issues. Also, we offer short-term accommodation and that means that even though Domeq is full one month, the second month the situation could be completely different.

What is your least favourite thing in Domeq? It could be the part of the building or the part of your job.

Well, it used to be my office because I was alone here. But now there is an intern here. So, I think I can also cross that out. I am happy!

What do you like to do outside the office when you have free time? Do you have free time at all?

I try to make it because it is important not to go crazy. I think I work best if I am rested. So I really try to find harmony at work and in my private life.

Mala Beads made by Veronika

What I really love is creating Mala Beads. It is sort of a hindi or buddhist rosary. You know, it is when you can touch every bead and repeat some sort of mantra. I make them from wood and semi-precious stones. This is my hobby.

Wow, sounds great! And what do Foreigners bring to your personal life?

My views, in general, broadened very much. I got a better understanding of people thanks to the clients. Each of them came from the different culture. And you know, every two people from the same country never are the same.

Veronika, where are you from? Have you ever lived outside the Czech Republic?

I am from the North Bohemia. I ended up in Brno around… Wow… 8 or even 9 years ago. It was because of the university. I came here to get my master’s degree. I have not been abroad longer than… 2 months. It was in Britain. I came there because of work, so I did not have a chance to speak with the locals, we were really busy. But I do love England and I would love to go back there.

What languages would you like to know?

I’ve been studying Russian and I even got a bachelor’s degree on it. But I am really shy speaking Russian. We did mostly linguistic stuff and we did not concentrate on talking, so I am rusty. But I did like the language. It always seems to me like a miracle to use these magical letters, like code that nobody else could read. My current goal is the Dutch language. My boyfriend is Dutch. And the language is so similar to English or German but yet I cannot become serious about it.

Is there anything that you would like to add about yourself or about your job?

Veronika with her colleagues


Let me think… I guess I would like to add that I am super grateful to all the colleagues at Foreigners and to Vojta and Andrea namely (author’s note: founders of Foreigners ). Every single day they are helpful, understanding, friendly and really supportive. Even though there are hard times when we struggle with lots of work or complicated situations but it always resolves nicely and peacefully. I do cherish that, you cannot find it in every company.

I want to say thank you Veronika for the interesting interview. And if you, our lovely readers, want to know more information about life in Domeq, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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