Domeq Operations Coordinator Veronika: What I Do Feels Very Meaningful

Job at Foreigners can be more than just a way to earn money: many employees describe it as challenging yet extremely fulfilling. Domeq Operations Coordinator Veronika thinks so too: thanks to her diligence, passion and hard work, tenants feel at home here at Domeq.

Veronika, I know that you have quite a history with our company Foreigners. Tell us more about your journey with us and how you eventually became a Domeq Operations Coordinator!

Do you have like two days to listen to this? (laughs). I started working at Foreigners when I was at the uni. I met Andrea (Foreigners CEO) and she offered me a job as relocation consultant in Brno office which they were opening at the time. By the way, I became the first relocation consultant in Brno! I loved this job because it was very diversified and exciting: every day was completely different. I was a relocation consultant for about three years. Then came a moment when I realised that I want to try something different. For some time I worked as a facility manager for another company and it gave me a valuable experience which I can use now at my current job. I was very happy to return back to Foreigners because nowhere else have I ever met more friendly and open-hearted colleagues.

What do you like the most about your current job?

Challenge, that’s for sure! The previous building I was taking care of was like ⅓ of Domeq, therefore for me it’s very exciting to engage in such a huge project. Also, it’s a nice combination of routine and non-routine work, because you never know what the next day will bring! Apart from that, I like real estate and I like taking care of the building and learning more about tenants. I like the fact that everyone is so different, and everyone has a story to tell.

Any funny situation which happened to you at work? 

I can’t think of any funny story at the moment but I’d rather tell you a very cute one. It was so sweet to see two people move into Domeq and fall in love with each other. They moved out of Domeq later to go live together in a bigger apartment. I am happy with losing tenants this way 🙂

How do you cope with stress at work? Any advice for our readers?

Don’t forget to breathe! Try to thoroughly organise all your things you need to do, because I strongly believe that stress is very much connected to chaos. And always know your priorities!

How would you describe your job in three words?

Challenging, colourful and… I know it’s far more than one word: “becoming more professional at what I do”.

With your demanding job it’s surely extremely important to take a rest! What do you usually do in your spare time?

I love making malas, that is a meditation necklace. Also, I’m very into travelling, drawing, and creating all kinds of art stuff.

What is your favourite city to visit?

Definitely Amsterdam! It’s mostly because of the rivers and canals, and there’re so many beautiful flowers everywhere! Architecture is amazing in Amsterdam as well.

Last but not least: Veronika, what inspires you? 

It’s mostly the little things, tiny details of life which we so easily neglect. I tend to put more attention to this than other people and I always find endless beauty in brief moments like the smell after rain or falling leaves in autumn. It’s all about small yet precious details.

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