Domeq’s Got Something for Everyone

A residential house that’s modern and stylish, but still cozy and inviting? It’s this combination that makes Brno’s Domeq unique.  While convenient for people who like to be a part of a big, multicultural community, it also manages to hold on to a feeling of comfort for those who prefer spending time on their own.

I’ve already written about how easy it is to socialize at Domeq. Now a little bit activities for those residents who prefer spending time alone.

Most of us are students or  employed – or both – which means that a lot of us spend every day staring at screens and laptops. Domeq helps you spend your working hours or study time wisely. You don’t need to go to a cafeteria, library  or  stay locked away in  your room, where  it’s easy to lose focus. Domeq’s big, bright lobby  is perfect for remaining focused and creative due to an abundance of  space, light and bright colours. Plus, the comfortable couches and sofas are ideal for relaxing, reading a book or listening to music.

If you enjoy working out in the fresh air, Domeq’s got you covered. The house is situated in the middle of a big park where you can  go jogging, exercise  or just cleanse your mind.

Domeq’s other perks include  two big terraces where you can watch the sunset or sunrise. In need of a quick cup of coffee?  Grab one downstairs in the lobby. Need to switch up your daily routine with a few hours of shopping? Domeq is located only 5-10 minutes from the Vaňkovka shopping centre, where you can always find something for yourself, your friends or your family. Domeq is just a few minutes away from Brno’s city centre, which is truly beautiful  during those special times of the year. For example, during the holiday season,  it’s definitely worth it to visit the decorated city centre, ice-skating rink, Christmas markets or just have a look at the beautiful Christmas tree.

Living in Brno is already a great experience, but with Domeq, making Brno feel like home is the easiest thing in the world – your future friends are all around, waiting for you downstairs 😊

Read more about the possibilities of accommodation in Brno  on our blog. In the next post, you will get to know more about how you can spend your time at Domeq if you like being a part of a big community.

Lenka Shynkarova

I am a Ukrainian traveller and photographer who explores the Czech Republic. So, let's do it together! And don't forget that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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