Coronavirus: The Czech Government’s Plans For Releasing Some of the Restrictions

With the numbers of new people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 slowly decreasing, the Czech government announced new plans for opening some of the shops, services and institutions that were previously closed because of the pandemic. These plans were introduced to the public at a press conference on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. It is, however, still just a draft version which means that certain dates can be shifted depending on the situation. 

So, are you wondering when you’re able to get a new haircut from a professional hairdresser? Or when you can visit your favourite restaurant again? Or maybe you are more interested in visiting some galleries after such a long time of being quarantined? Then let’s see what the government came up with.

Here is the plan:

April 20

  • Craftsmen and their workshops (e.g. locksmiths, shoe repair shops, joiners, etc.);
  • Farmers markets;
  • Car showrooms and car boot sales;
  • Outdoor training activities of professional athletes – only in smaller groups and with the public being excluded from these activities;
  • Weddings up to 10 people – with specific hygienic measures in place.

April 27

  • Stores up to 200 square meters – except the ones in shopping centres.

May 11

  • Stores up to 1000 square meters – except the ones in shopping centres;
  • Driving schools;
  • Gyms and fitness centres – however, only the ones without services like showers or dressing rooms.

May 25

  • Restaurants, pubs, buffets, cafés and wine shops with service from windows or in gardens;
  • Hairdressers, pedicure and manicure salons, tanning salons and beauty salons;
  • Massage, regeneration or recondition services;
  • Museums, galleries and exhibition halls;
  • Zoological gardens – only the outdoor areas.

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June 8

  • All stores located in shopping centres;
  • Stores over 1000 meters square – the ones that are not located in shopping centres;
  • Restaurants, pubs, buffets, cafes and wine shops;
  • Hotels and other accommodations – their restaurants and cafes included;
  • Taxi services;
  • Tattoo and piercing salons;
  • Theatres, castles, palaces and other cultural institutions;
  • Cultural, social, sporting events up to 50 people;
  • Recovery events etc. for children under 15 years of age;
  • Weddings – under specific hygienic conditions;
  • Zoological gardens – including their indoor areas.
Can’t wait to visit your favourite cafe again? Now it seems that you only have to wait until June 8 when all cafes should be open again.

During June

Other restrictions will be released during June depending on the current epidemiological situation.

Academic and educational institutions

The new changes will also affect schools and universities that are all currently closed. First to open are universities, however, this only applies to individual activities of students in the final year of studies and only up to a maximum of five people – these activities include particularly exams and individual consultations. It will be also possible to enter libraries or study rooms, but only individually for the purpose of receiving or submitting study literature.

From May 11, students of secondary schools and conservatories in their final year of studies will be able to go back to school, however only in order to prepare for graduation and final exams. Students of elementary art and language schools will be also allowed to go back to school on the same date as well, though only individually. Full classes for students of these schools will start on May 25. From the same date, primary school students will be allowed to partake in organized leisure activities in smaller groups under specific hygienic conditions preventing the virus from further spreading.

Other restrictions regarding education will be lifted depending on the situation in the Czech Republic. It is expected that some of them will be released during June – for example, occasional educational activities should be allowed in smaller groups of pupils at primary and secondary schools during this time.

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