Coronavirus in the Czech Republic II: School Closings & Bans on Events with 100+ People

As the Covid-19 continues to spread around all Europe with a special focus in Italy, to prevent, the Czech National Security Council applied measures at ten border crossings since March, 9 at 7 AM. Police, firefighters and customs officers are randomly testing the temperature to incoming drivers.

The Czech Republic also faces coronavirus outbreak in the country

The Czech Republic has 41 patients with the new virus for now, and the Czech Ministry of Health has announced some extraordinary measures. Therefore, from March 10, 18 PM, all public events with more than 100 people will be called off, while the previous ban covered only events with more than 5000 people.

Schools and Heritage Sites Closed

Effective from March 11, all elementary and secondary schools throughout the entire Czech Republic must close, with children staying at home. Universities around the country are also calling off classes indefinitely in the wake of the government’s announcement.

Regarding sports events such as football matches, the government has left it up to the organizers to hold the events without spectators or call them off entirely.

Also, the Czech National Heritage Institute has closed all state-run castles, chateaux and other heritage sites with all-year operation. Additionally, the main season that typically starts in spring with the opening of different castles around the country, postponed indefinitely.

Additionally, be aware that all violations of the emergency measures instituted by the Czech Ministry of Health could face fines of up to three million crowns.

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Sources: Prague Morning – Live Updates 

Photo Source: Pixabay

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