Home Alone: Quarantine Edition

Stuck at home? Quarantine is turning you into a miserable existence? I’m asking you that because it almost had its toll on me!!! But one thing I’ve learned by living on my own is that you can always find a way out if you keep your mind occupied. So I decided to provide you with a seven-step list to overcome your moodiness over this lockdown.

Let’s start:

Step 1

Cheer up! Studies have shown that if you start smiling out of nowhere, you’re going to feel better eventually!!! So what you need right now is happy thoughts! Just close your eyes for a few seconds and concentrate on a moment you felt extremely good. Like when you found that green T-shirt that you love in the back of the drawer, or when you destroyed that hamburger on your trip to Germany. 

If you’re positive enough, you manage to form a brighter environment around you!

Step 2

Clean EVERYTHING! I imagine that this step is unnecessary to mention, but just in case. Even if you’re such a lazy person, under these circumstances, I guess you understand that you need to keep your surroundings sterilized! Clean your apartment thoroughly, disinfect the door handles and the switches and always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (did you need a pandemic in your life to do the obvious?), especially if you had to go outside to the supermarket earlier.

Step 3

Go once at your local supermarket to stock your home for at least a week, but please DO NOT OVERDO IT!!! Leave some toilet paper for the rest of humanity! That is a vital step because we need to minimize our interaction with the outside world in order to control the coronavirus spread.

Be more like Pikachu, wear a mask and stay safe

Step 4

Try to eat healthily. Especially now that you’re not getting as much vitamin D as you need, you have to provide healthy nutrients for your body, and if you feel kind of weak maybe you’ll also need to take some supplements like vitamin C.

Step 5

Be creative! Try to find your inner Picasso, your own Bukowsky, your Gramatik, and your Travolta. You don’t need to be good at any of it. After all, you’re completely alone, so nobody’s going to judge. Any of these activities (drawing, sketching, writing, singing and dancing) tend to have an immediate effect on your mood. They help you release accumulated energy and put your thoughts into words or even drawings. After this session, you’re gonna feel like a brand new person. Look at me for example. Just draw some protected pokemons.

Step 6

Stay active! Even if you’ve never exercised before in your whole life, it’s never late to have a fresh start. Probably now you need it even more than before since your daily movements are restricted from your bed to your couch and backward. I would recommend you to take a look at YouTube exercising videos for beginners. There’s a wide variety to choose from and I’m sure that you can find one that suits you. There are even exercising videos with no equipment or only with stuff you have at home. Another option would be online classes at Facebook, since many closed gyms go streaming now, to motivate you to work out from home.

Step 7

Pass more time with your loved ones. Whether that’s going to be in person if you happen to live together or via Skype. You could even send them photos via WhatsApp. Fortunately, our technology is advanced enough and can overcome the physical distance, in a way.

I hope I managed to help you out a bit during this uncertain period that we’re dealing with and remember, always think positive!

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Photo source: @daikoumaria, pixabay


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