Coronavirus in the Czech Republic VIII: Restaurants, Bars & Stores Are Closed for the Next Ten Days

Due to a current situation regarding spreading сoronavirus around Europe, the government of the Czech Republic decided to take stringent measures which come into effect as of today, March 14, 2020. According to the information provided on March 14, 2020, there are 189 infected people in the Czech Republic.

What do you need to know about new measures by the government? They will last till March 24, 2020, and state that all stores are closed except for the ones that sell:

  • groceries;
  • computer technology and telecommunications, audio and video receivers, consumer electronics, appliances, and other household products;
  • fuel;
  • hygiene goods and cosmetics;
  • pharmacies and dispensaries of medical devices;
  • small pets; 
  • animal feed and other supplies for pets;
  • glasses, contact lenses and related goods;
  • newspapers and magazines;
  • tobacco products;
  • laundry and dry cleaning services.
Restaurants, bars, stores, gyms, and many other places will be closed for at least ten days.

In addition to all the above, it’s important to know that:

  • all restaurants, bars, cafes, eateries and food courts in shopping malls, fitness centers, dance studios, and other sports facilities, barbershops and beauty salons are closed;
  • banks, gas stations, and post offices remain open;
  • public transport will be operating normally;
  • weddings are allowed only with a maximum of 30 people, funerals may be attended up to 100 people.

However, loads of restaurants and bars offer take-away services, drinks to go and sometimes even a discount. Check the Facebook pages of various places to find out more information! You can also download the application Nesnězeno, where you can order meals online and help restaurants and cafes survive these uneasy times.

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