Census 2021: What You Need to Know as an Expat in Czechia

The 2021 Census is coming sooner than you think, with its online phase starting at midnight on 26–27 March and the paper phase starting on 17 April. According to the Czech Statistical Office, everyone must be enumerated, including expats. What do you need to know? How to get ready? What questions should you expect? Will the forms be in English? We know the answers!

Do I have to participate?

The Census is a national survey that takes place once every 10 years. Everyone must participate in it (with rare exceptions). If you’re a foreigner with permanent or temporary residence (for over 90 days), you must get enumerated as well. If you fall into this category, you must be enumerated even if you’re currently not in the Czech Republic

This includes persons who are in the decisive moment (midnight from Friday 26 March to Saturday 27 March 2021) present in the territory of the Czech Republic.

The 2021 Census will be held both online and on paper.

You do NOT have to participate if you’re a diplomat or if you’ve been staying in Czechia for less than 90 days

There’s no need to worry about having to fill out your forms in Czech because the 2021 Census will also be available in 7 other languages – English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Roma.

Getting ready – online versus paper form

This year’s the first year Czechia is allowing people to participate in the Census online. According to the official Census 2021 website, you can participate from anywhere with internet connection. If you’d like to participate online, you can either do so on the Census 2021 Website or by downloading a special mobile app called Census21 (which you can access on both Google Play and App Store).

You can begin filling out your online Census form at midnight from 26 March to 27 March.

To access the online Census form, you’ll need a valid document issued by the Czech Republic as well as your date of birth.

If you’d prefer to fill out the paper version, you will be able to do so from 17 April. The paper Census forms will be distributed by the Census enumerators in person. The enumerator will arrive on a pre-announced date to meet you outside of your building. You will receive a notice with the date of the visit in your mailbox. 

Keep your eyes peeled, because the date might also be posted on the notice board or on the front door of the building. 

These paper forms will be also available in hotels, boarding houses and hostels, and other establishments like dormitories and children’s homes. You can also get the paper Census at any Census contact point as well as selected branches of the Czech Post.

Once you’ve filled out your paper Census, you should send it in the envelope provided to you at any post office or via mailbox. The postage is free of charge.


The deadline for filling out the ONLINE FORM has been extended to 11 May 2021.

The deadline for the PAPER FORM is 11 May 2021.

If you fail to enumerate altogether, you may be fined up to 10 000 CZK, so make sure to keep these deadlines in mind!


The questions will cover several important areas. For example, there will be questions concerning your dwelling, your living situation, and your family situation.

Do you know the area of your dwelling in square meters? The number of rooms? The type of heating? It might be a good idea to contact your landlord or check your Rental and lease agreement and find out before the Census begins.

The form will also contain questions related to your first residence after birth, so you might want to call your mum and ask her if you don’t know this information.

Other types of questions include education, co-habitants (you will need to fill in data on all persons living in the dwelling with you), and work (including your field and your position).

Keep in mind that some of the questions included in the Census are voluntary and you do not have to answer them if you don’t feel comfortable (for example your ethnicity and religious beliefs).

Filling out the form for others

According to the Census 2021 website, you may fill the form for others as long as you have their consent. Keep in mind that you will need to know all their personal data and also have a good knowledge of their living situation.

Working from home during the pandemic?

Some of the questions on the Census form concern your place of work. You should fill in the actual address of your workplace, even if you’re currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You should apply this principle to all of the other similar questions – as if the pandemic wasn’t happening.

Getting Help

Are you worried about filling out your Census form and the FAQ section on the Census website didn’t help? Are you having trouble finding out answers to some of the questions concerning your dwelling?

Foreigners specialise in helping expats in Czechia deal with all kinds of issues. The 2021 Census will not be an exception. Make sure to contact us if you need a consultation. You can contact us by filling out this form, calling +420 533 533 787, or emailing us at info @foreigners.cz

Article source: scitani.cz, czso.cz

Photo source: pixabay.com

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