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When you don’t know the system of the post office, and can’t speak the language of the land, it can be an obstacle that stands in the way of you receiving a package from home, online shopping, or sending mail. I remember the first time I had to pick up a parcel from the Czech post office. I saw the machine where you select your purpose, and I didn’t have the slightest idea what option was right for me. I chose “Pensions A-K” (Duchody A-K) because my best guess was “Duchody A-K” meant “parcels with last names that begin with letters A-K.” 🙂

General Information

Post offices in the Czech Republic are generally open from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. during the week, from 8:00 a.m. – noon on Saturday, and closed on Sundays and holidays. When you enter a bigger post office, you will have to choose an option that fits your purpose for being there, and the appropriate number will be printed, depending on which counter will be able to help you. (Smaller post offices with a few counters generally handle everything at all of the counters.)

General translation of the services on the above image


When mailing an envelope or postcard, leave space at the bottom of the envelope because the postal services reading/sorting machines occasionally print bar codes on your mail.

Registered Mail

Here are some instructions on how to send a „recorded delivery“, to make it easier for you. – Get a form called „Podací lístek“ (small paper, which can be found in any post office) – Fill in your name and surname, your address, and the name, surname and address of the person you are sending to (as you can see on the picture) – Go to the post office and say (or write) „Dobrý den, prosím o zaslání doporučené zásilky do….(the country you are sending to), meaning: „Hello, I would like to send a recorded delivery to…“ Address Example: Jane Doe                  [recipient name] Ostrovní 320/62     [street name, block number / building number] 100 00 PRAHA 10   [postal code, city name, one to three digit numeric identifier for post office] CZECH REP.             [country name] Stamps (známky(pl) známka(s)) can be bought in bulk or as you need them. If you purchase them in the post office as you need them, they will automatically weigh the letter and put the appropriate amount on the envelope depending on weight and country.


I receive a lot of packages, and I know how confusing it can be collecting them from the post office. There seems to be little consistency in the practice. Sometimes you will need to show your passport/ID to pick up the package, and other times you won’t, but I recommend you always take it with you to the post office to retrieve the package. If you are not home when the package is being delivered (and it does not fit in your mailbox) there will be a slip left for you to take to the post office. (It will often say you can pick it up after 16:30 on the day you receive the slip.)

Example of Parcel Pick Up Notice

Depending on the country of origin, and value of the parcel will determine the process of receiving your package in the Czech Republic. If the goods come from an European Union member state, there is no customs or clearance necessary and your parcels will continue directly to your address. Consignments from other countries will be directed to the Post Office of Exchange Prague 120, Plzeňská 139/290, Prague 5 – Košíře, and go through the customs clearance procedure. If the parcel imported has the total value (not including shipping charges or insurance) of less than €150 or if the amount of duty payable, does not exceed €10 then duty is not paid. Neither duty nor VAT is payable if the total value of the goods (not including shipping charges or insurance) does not exceed €22. If your parcel does exceed these limits, you will receive a Notice of the Arrival of Mail from Abroad. You will be asked for more details about the parcel, additionally you will be required to sign an authorization form that allows the Czech Post to act as your clearance agent. (If you do not authorize the Czech Post to act as your clearance agent, you will have to go to Post Office Prague 120, Plzeňská 290/139, Prague 5 in person to claim your parcel) Once the package has been cleared, you will be informed via post and you can pick up the parcel from the assigned post office. You will have to pay duty fees, as well as fees for the Czech post acting as your clearance agent. You can find the price list here. Unfortunately, these documents are in Czech and they can be confusing to fill out or understand. Here are examples of the forms you will receive and their purpose.

Step-by-step 1. Fill out the forms above. We have provided directions in English on the form examples above to make things easier for you. 🙂 2. Scan them, and email them to, include number of the package in the subject line (podaci cislo, skladove cislo) and wait for confirmation via email.

  • These numbers for the subject line can be found on the Notification of Mail from Abroad letter that is included with these two documents.

Alternatively, you can send the forms via post to Česká pošta, s.p., Oddělení celní deklarace, Plzeňská 290/139, Praha 5, 220 00, but it will take more time to receive your package. If you plan on receiving packages from abroad often, you can fill out the form and send it via post to the Customs Declaration Department at Česká pošta, s.p., Oddělení celní deklarace, Plzeňská 290/139, Praha 5, 220 00, or scan it and send it by email to and the Czech Post will have the authority as your clearance agent until otherwise revoked.

  • If you are interested in sending parcels or letters delivery guarantee, tracking numbers, or as priority mail, you can find all the necessary information about registered mail here.

Helpful Words Balík: parcel (pl.Balíkové) Listovní zasílky: letters Hromadné podání: bulk mail Listovní služby: regular mail Obálka: envelope Příjem a vydaj balíků: send or pick up parcels I have these words written down in my agenda that I always carry on me, and I find it easier to write on a piece of paper what I need (envelopes, stamps, and where I am sending the letter/parcel) and hand it to the post worker. Although I have had some luck with post office employees speaking English, generally they don’t, and it makes the process easier if you have it written down (at least if you have trouble pronouncing Czech words, like myself.) Contact Info:

  • Information line: 840 111 244
  • For general information about services: 420 840 111 244.
  • You can send your queries, comments, wishes or complaints via email:

Helpful Links–id32624/ – If you have any questions or need any assistance, just stop by the office. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Post Office in Czech Republic

  1. Chelsea, I must thank you for writing such a much needed piece on using the Czech post offices. This is a big help to myself and many other foreigners living in CZ. I used to be afraid of using the Czech postal services because I don’t speak the language very well and didn’t know the services and postal rules but now after reading your blog I feel much more confident and prepared. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    I have ordered an item from Singapore. Its status is ‘ The addressee has been informed about placing the item into a temporary store and invited to present documents for proving customs value.’
    What do I have to do?can you help me? The value of the item is 188 euros and it is a gift. I havent receive any iformation from ceska posta. Ive seen the status in track&trace but now im worried about that because im from spain and i dont know what to do.

  3. Please, How long can a parcel posted via regular airmail get to Hong Kong from Czech Republic?

  4. Thank you very much, truly, for taking the time to write all of this, its really helpful.

  5. Thanks a lot, It’s so refreshing to learn the info about Post Office in Czech Republic, In our country, bar codes are only be printed on express singles, there’s no bar codes on ordinary letters.

  6. Just desire to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clarity on your pujblish is just great and i can suppose
    you’re a professional in this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to seiz your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  7. Hi,

    I am expecting a parcel from Czech Republic but I have got it delivered yet. My parcel tracking number is given below, which says “The consignment was accepted by post office of exchange in the country of destination

    What should I do? Please help me.

    Consignment type: Standard Parcel, Consignment weight: 3.61 kg, COD amount: 0 CZK, Number of pieces: 1 pc

    Date Event Postcode Place of event
    11.8.2015 The consignment was accepted by post office of exchange in the country of destination.
    28.7.2015 The consignment was sent to the destination country.
    27.7.2015 The consignment was posted. 10001 Praha 10

  8. Dear Chelsea,

    Thank you very much for your information!
    I went to the post office in Italská, Prague 2, to send a letter to England. I followed your instruction, and everything was great!

    So, basically I needed to post a paper to England, for my husband, and I did this:
    1)Talk to the lady in the counter:
    Dobrý den, prosím o zaslání doporučené zásilky do Anglie. Prosím obálku.
    (Hello, I would like to send registered mail to England. Envelope, please)
    2) She gave me an envelope, I paid 1 CZK.
    3) She asked me to fill in the small form (podací lístek)and get back to her afterwards.
    4) I filled in the podací lístek, also write the sender’s (on the left upper corner)and recipient’s (on the middle-right space)information (name, address) on the envelope.
    5) Got back to her, and paid 68 CZK, and she gave me back the podací lístek with a printed information in the above space (date, fee, etc).

    I realized that some Czech are cold/ rude, but some are just normal people; and this might be the same everywhere. My previous visit there was not nice; it was another lady, and she was not that friendly in treating customer (I talked to her in English, and clearly she did not speak English).
    So today I tried my best to speak Czech, and it worked well 😉

  9. Thank you so much. This blog is so helpful, otherwise i lost hope :p. No one around here really speaks English or even tries to help.
    I”ve scanned and sent the form for Application for Future Electronic Notification of Mail from Abroad, as I have received a parcel from abroad.
    But my question is it necessary to fill out the Power of Attorney (plna moc) form as well and send it to the email?
    What are the consequences of not using the Czech Post to act as my clearance agent?

  10. How long does it typically take an item to get through customs? Are items often stolen/lost in the process? My family in the US mailed me a large box, and it has been in Prague for about three weeks according to the mail tracker. We are all starting to get a little worried…

  11. i’m probably asking the same problem as most people,
    sent a parcel from Prague to Singapore..

    it’s been almost a month and i haven’t seen any updates since
    “The consignment was sent to the destination country”…..
    is this normal? what is the average time for Economy Shipping?

  12. Thank you!!!!! I have had my daughter’s birthday gift sitting in my flat for months. I have attempted to send it to her, but have left in tears- utterly, overwhelmed! I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon this wealth of information! May I have your permission to post this link on the FB -Prague Ex-Pat advice page? I KNOW the ex-Pat community would be overjoyed!

  13. How long does it usually take if our parcel is being held by customs (import) in czech?

    1. Mine took bout 1 week, and i had to write mail before i pick it up. I heard that it’s famous for charging a lot of tax for foreigners.. czech post is just horrible!

      1. I sent a package to my parents and its being held in customs. In the package really wasn’t much besides one windbreaker jacket and otherwise photobook of my kids and blanket with their photo on. I put the value of it as $50 and now it’s saying it’s held in customs. You mentioned that you had to write mail. I wonder what was the mail addressing, or if you wrote mail that you can pick it up? Can my parents pick that parcel up themselves, or how do I pay the tax if it’s needed to be paid? Right now, I have no idea what to do? Can I contact the Prague Postal service myself if by tracking number I see that it’s held by customs?

        1. Hi Jitka,
          Usually there’s a customs process and they should send you a letter that tells you exactly what you need to submit, where to send it, etc. Did you not get a letter like that? If not, yes, I’d recommend you contact the Postal Service (or better yet Customs) and ask for help.


  14. Hello,

    I am a student who currently living in Prague. Does somebody know if the post office can do a pick up delivery? I need to pick up a document in Belgium, and send it to Prague to my address.

    If somebody knows about it, I’d be much grateful.


  15. Hello
    thank you so much for this information. Please I want to know how long a letter or parcel from Prague takes to get to Brno.
    I have been sent a letter from Prague and is almost 2 weeks now I have not received it.
    Is it that it takes a longer time or what?

    1. Hi Martha! That’s strange that it’s taken 2 weeks. I’d say it typically takes a week at most if it’s a regular letter. Did they send it as a registered letter? If you do that, you can track your letter and make sure it’s reached its destination. Otherwise, you’ll always be left wondering because the Czech Post is not that trustworthy.

      It’s also possible it’s taking this long due to COVID-19 – maybe some of the post office workers are in quarantine. All you can do is wait if you haven’t sent it as a registered letter. 🙁

      If I were you, I’d try phoning your post office (the post office where they typically put your parcels if they haven’t reached you at home – for example for me, this post office is at the Main Station in Brno – Post office Brno 2), tell them your name and address and ask if they by any chance haven’t got your letter there.

      Let me know how it went!

      Take care and best of luck,

  16. This country seems to be soooo backwards when it comes to the most simplest of things. No wonder Russia beat their ass and took their country!!!!!! Whyyyyy, do they have to make EVERYTHING so damn complicated! Their processes are so confusing and complicated if you are not from this country, which by the way I am not! Thank goodness!!! Cannot wait to get back to my country!!

    1. Hi Mike,
      We’re sorry about this experience. Granted, some processes are way too complicated, but the country is working on digitalization, so hopefully things will improve soon. In the meantime, we’re here for expats. Let us know if you need any assistance at


  17. As about with anything in Czechia it is SO HARD to deal with these people, especially women! Are these folks brought up to be RUDE or is it that their lives are so bad they cannot help it? I HATE IT HERE! Beautiful country BUT THE PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Mike,
      Again, so sorry if you had a negative experience with Czech people. The Post Office workers’ wage is really low, so they get frustrated sometimes and demotivated in their jobs. It’s a systemic flaw. Doesn’t excuse their behaviour entirely, of course.

      We’re sad your life in the Czech Republic hasn’t fulfilled your expectations. If there’s anything we can help you with here, let us know at


  18. Hi, everybody ! You must pardon me but I am happy that is there plucky lady and keep these blog. I am from formal Czechoslovakia and live in Australia over 50 years. As I sending a parcels for orphans and elderly mainly still living friends I have enough of their exploitation. The main problem for me is that they requesting receiver of a gift to tell them the value and name the items in the parcel that even Nostrodamus will be difficulty to ques. Beside I sending custom form that my post office attach to the parcel and there is the items written and the value as well I stating it under my address in the left corner of the where is my Senders address written. For some of you a little information. The socialist regime been such good that allow these small thieves be in practice, and they can’t forget it as they been doing what they please then, and you been very lucky if you received pristine parcel, and nothing been taken as a souvenir by them. And to found out their skill in public relation try and call these number +420 954380 517 If you a lucky that someone will talk with you other way they will rudely hang up. I am sorry but I am shame on their behalf. They do not respect Express Post and keep in their store room for weeks even bothering to inform the recipient. If they do not reform then they will lose business from abroad. Respectfully Eva

    1. Hi Eva,
      Thanks for letting us know about this story!


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