Location is Key: What to Consider When Choosing a New Home

Choosing an apartment or any kind of home might be challenging and stressful in the beginning, especially when doing so in a foreign country. How do you know you’re making the right decision? Let me help you with that, so that hopefully after reading this, you’ll be much more comfortable making a choice.

Some of us like to make lists to structure our thoughts and be clear on the numerous criteria. Although one might think that the apartment’s assets are the most important aspects in making a decision, the real number one on the criteria list is the location.
It doesn’t matter if you are a student or have a job, it is always best to search for a place near your school or work. It will save you time and money.
Let’s go through some specific scenarios to paint the picture.

  • Public transportation: fees, traffic and stress. Just imagine living close to your school or work and not having to use public transport. Transportation fees on a daily basis wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Additionally, you would avoid stress of potentially running late due to traffic.
  • Lunch and breaks: Especially as a student, you might live on a tight budget and having to spend money on restaurant food is much more expensive than eating at home. Simultaneously, spending lunch breaks at home with your partner is so much nicer than eating lunch alone somewhere near your office, isn’t it?
  • Another scenario: you forgot your laptop charger or something else you’ll need during the day. Can you imagine how practical it would be to live close by and just quickly go and grab the charger within minutes? Very practical indeed!

Perfect Combination of Location and Apartment Assets


Perfect Combination of Location and Apartment Assets

In Brno, there are many great locations for living. There is one location, or more specifically an apartment, which we recommend to have a look at. Foreigners is a proud exclusive partner of Cyrilska Loft Apartments. These apartments are close to the city centre and also right next to the Impact Hub (coworking place with a global community and lectures), Vlněna Business Centre, restaurants, shops and so much more. We offer a beautiful duplex apartment at this remarkable location.

This apartment
is not only great thanks to its location but its assets and features as well. Split into two levels and yet being an open space, it is fully furnished with a distinctive and stylish interior design. Moreover, the apartment is filled with natural light thanks to the big French windows leading to a balcony. Another great advantage of this apartment is that as a tenant you are entitled to borrow a car for personal use.

If this peaked your interest and you want to know more about this rare opportunity, visit our website and contact the consultant.


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