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Brno is an attractive European city and the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area. It has more about 400 000 inhabitants which makes it the center of attraction for the international companies. Considering the number of individuals, including students from all around the globe, who simply go back and forth, you may appreciate a few hints on how to find the right accommodation offers.

Brno is a beautiful city with more than 400 000 people living in.

Apartment for rent in Brno, costs between 9 000 CZK and 30 000 CZK depends on city area, kitchen equipment etc. Obviously, the apartment, which is closer to the center and better furnished, will be more expensive.

Make an appointment to know whether utilities are incorporated into the specified cost. If not they are around 3 000 CZK each month all things included. There is typically a deposit required by the landlord. The amount is equivalent to multi-month lease. Concerning the area, Brno has a decent open transport foundation so it is anything but difficult to achieve the downtown area regardless of whether you’re not living alongside it.

You have numerous choices on which we will have a more intensive look.

  1. You may get help from the organization you’re working for. Some of them can offer you a place to stay. As a matter of fact, a couple of organizations have a 1-month assertion for their newcomers with level proprietors and for this situation, you have the entire month to discover something unique.

  2. When you’re as of now nearby and had the opportunity to make companions, you can even ask them on the off chance that they know somebody moving out or who needs to lease possess loft. In view of the obstruction dialect, having somebody on location will assist you with the interpretation and it could accelerate all the procedure. Consistently there are many individuals leaving the city so consistently conveys numerous chances to locate your new home!

  3. Brno is an exceptionally prominent city for vacationers as well as for understudy/laborers as it is in the core of Europe. For the individuals who have a little spending plan or have no issues living with other individuals or notwithstanding for a brief circumstance, Facebook gatherings (Flatshare in Brno with no commission or Flatshare in Brno, for instance) are a decent choice to discover a room and have the preferred standpoint to talk for the most part in English. You can likewise check real estate sites which accumulate offers straightforwardly by proprietors so you won’t pay any organization expenses but it is just in Czech. Since there is a communication barrier, it is not the best option.

  4. Moving to another country can be exceptionally troublesome, yet no pressure any longer, to make your relocation more agreeable and less demanding, Foreigners can help you quickly, from finding a flat to help with moving and transportation. We at Foreigners speak English, we have a wide database, you have your own consultant, everything is easy! 

We are glad to help you with accommodation.

Also, there are numerous offers posted by proprietors who need to propose shared level/room, however, they are regularly distributed at last. This alternative is the most moderate and reasonable for the individuals who don’t plan to remain for quite a while or for the individuals who are meanwhile searching for something that could coordinate their desires better.

Nonetheless, be watchful! There are a few tricksters who demonstrate photographs that shroud imperfections or endeavor to get some cash from you even before you visit the flat or more terrible who may not appear. In this way, don’t send cash or sign any agreement before visiting the place.

For more information and fast help, you can always visit our website, or reach us via Facebook. Contact us directly at brno@foreigners.cz.

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